The characters of street fighter as zombies

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Well Capcom are best known for their zombie based games, but did you guys ever thought how our heroes & heroines will look in Street Fighter if they were infected by the infamous Umbrella virus? Manuel Augusto Moura, a Brazilian illustrator has made these awesome illustrations of Street Fighter as zombie. Have a look, they are absolutely scary.

Thanks, Cuded.

  • Eric

    You’re not right, dunce. It’s Akuma, Ken, Sagat, Blanka, Guile, Ryu. No Vega. Not even M. Bison, so don’t try to pull that one.

  • Konic

    Saw it on Reddit days ago.

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  • http://Website Robert

    “Manuel Augusto Moura, a Brazilian illustrator”

    Isn’t this the guy who was the illustrator for that Zombie BBQ game for Nintendo DS? He is good.

  • Justin Germino

    Pretty creative artwork, zombie street fighter may have been a fun beatem up game.

  • Aaron Ray

    I would definitely buy a zombie street fighter video game or better yet a street fighter vs. capcom zombie video game.

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