The Division On Xbox One Running At Sub 1080p Resolution – Rumor

The report if true, is disappointing.

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The Division Old 1

Earlier this week the embargo over a hands on event for The Division was lifted and we got a ton of new information about the game. We also got a long look at the game and just how it is supposed to play but there is one piece of bad news for Xbox One players that has started circulating.

YouTuber Jackfrags recently posted a video of him playing the game at a recent Ubisoft press event. Over the course of the video, he let slip that the graphics don’t appear to be as impressive as he thought they should be. “The Xbox One version looks good, no doubt, some really nice weather effects. It’s definitely not native 1080P though and it only runs at 30FPS. There were moments in combat where there were a lot of players on screen and explosions, I could definitely feel the FPS dropping below 30 and chugging a little bit. I did try the PC version and will comment on that soon, but I’m definitely gonna be playing the game on PC when it launches,” he stated.

It seems that the trend of lower resolution games will continue on Xbox One and it seems like it’s something that won’t be fixed anytime soon. The Division is due out on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 8.

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  • ShoNuff

    What no xbotmk1 ? He’s gets a stiffy for Xbox articles

    • Mr Xrat

      This won’t come as a shock to anyone by now.

  • red2k

    Probably it will going to be equal on PS4. The heavy PC options shows that this game was created for DX systems as a main target. The game looks amazing no reason to be disappointed. Let see how work the FPS.


      Don’t be stupid, Ubisoft already told that “Snowdrop” engine will work better on PS4, and also said that will have no parity between both plataforms like AC Unity….

      “”That’s not correct. PlayStation 4 is the more powerful hardware and we feel it is easier to develop for. Snowdrop works better on PS4 and even if Microsoft do want us to shift lead platform that’s not something that has happened.” said Massive Entertainment.””

    • red2k

      Really you give me an article of May 17 of 2014??? With no SDKs for Xbox?? Lol


      The same way that SDKs are improved on Xbox, it is improved on PS4 as well genius…

      Btw… Dev: “PlayStation 4 is the more powerful hardware and we feel it is easier to develop for. Snowdrop works better on PS4″… So…

    • mj

      Sonys SDK improvement has been minimal compared to the Xbox Ones.

      And the dev has said EXACTLY what I have been saying since day one, its not that the ps4 is so much more powerful…its that its easy to develop for. They can get what they want out of it without much effort, and on the Xbox One (with its system, ESRAM, etc) it requires more work and the devs, who have boses who have a bottom line to worry about, are not going to cut into their profits by spending more time and money to make the game hit 1080p when 900p is hardly any different.



      If you not know, 900p is almost 40% less pixels than 1080p, and that’s a huge technical difference…

      And 900p gain 20% more performance compared to 1080p, how was said by ND Devs about Uncharted 4 multiplayer), so…

      Btw… “Sonys SDK improvement has been minimal compared to the Xbox Ones.”

      What lead you to think that?!?

      Microsoft marketing?! ..Everyone knows that Sony don’t speak too much about these technicals improvements…

      Xbox One has 7th cpu core unlocked now?!?!… PS4 as well, so…

      Pixels count…

      1920×1080 (1080p) = 2.073,600 pixels

      1600×900 (900p) = 1.440,000 pixels

      1920×800 (The Order) = 1.536,000 pixels

      Technical Comparison

      Ryse Sons of Rome:

      Marius: 85k polygons (only Marius have high polygons count in all the game)

      Anti-aliasing: 2XMSAA

      The Order 1886:

      Galahad: 100k polygons (all the main characters have the same count as Galahad, and are many parts that we have FIVE chars in the same screen) #500K

      Anti-Aliasing: 4XMSAA (DOUBLE of Ryse)

      And the best part: graphically it’s PHOTOREALISTIC, and a whole gen ahead of Xbox One can do…

  • Chaaka Boom

    Good because resolution is meaningless on consoles with their upscalers. Battlefront may stink but its the best looking game on either console and its sub 1080p on both.

    • mj

      Ryse is still one of the best looking games and it’s 900p

    • Mr Xrat

      Ah, the ol’ “Ryse looks great!” meme. Nice to see you losers still pushing that.

    • mj

      Ah the old Sony fan boy who let’s his virgin hate blind him. Thanks for keeping the steak alive.

    • White Wolf

      The Order looks pretty fantastic, even if the game itself was pretty meh


      Graphically The Order is the best one… By far…

  • mj

    How many times do we have to repeat that GRAPHICS and RESOLUTION are not the same thing. And he’s an idiot if he thinks he can tell if it’s sub1080, 900 vs 1080 is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two.

    And even if it is running less, The Division has been in development since before both the Xbox one and ps4 launched. Doubt they are going to go back and change things to take advantage of the new development kits that have come out since.

    • Riggybro

      Resolution is an important part of graphics. Ask to see a PC game (so you can change the resolution) running at 900p. Then increase it to 1080p. Then try 1440p.
      It makes a huge difference. If it didn’t then why own 1080p tv? Just get a 720p one. Save yourself loads of $$$$.

      The first thing I noticed when I plugged in my PS4 was the sub 1080p games – the jaggy edges and fuzzy anti-aliasing to try to hide it. And the lower you go under 900p the more pronounced it becomes.
      Of course if you are sitting on the couch halfway across the room or you are only comparing it to itself you don’t notice it as much.

    • Tech junkie

      It’s all based on screen size, viewing distance, and your vision.

      Comparing PC desk setup viewing distances to TV viewing distances in a living room are not the same.

    • Mark

      So, true! Console gamers dont get it.

    • Tech junkie

      I’m a console gamer and a PC gamer, but yes in general console gamers don’t understand the difference between resolution and other graphics settings that actually make the game look better.

    • mj

      Again, resolution and graphics are not one in the same. 8 bit Mario running I 4k is still going to be 8 bit Mario. There are more to graphics than the resolution, or how sharp the image can be. Textures are more important. And it is true, at a certain point the jump in sharpness (480 to 720, 720 to 900, 900 to 1080, 1080 to 1440) become smaller and smaller and impossible to discern. You do realize there were games on the original Xbox that had 720p/1080i resolutions, those looked nothing like what came to the 360 and especially on the Xbox One.

    • Riggybro

      On PC I regard resolution as one of the first graphics settings that I tinker with.

      Just because you cant adjust it on console doesn’t mean it’s not part of “graphics”. It’s not the same as graphics btw it’s a PART of what makes up graphics.

      It’s like saying colour is not a part of graphics.

    • VirtualMark

      You can easily tell the difference, if you can’t then you need your eyes tested. 1080p on a 1080p screen is 1:1 pixel mapping, which results in no scaling at all, and a very sharp picture.

      Any other resolution needs to be stretched over those pixels, resulting in a much blurrier image.

  • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

    We have been asking for 900p from the start.
    We never have agreed to them using DX12 or layer unlocked DX12.1 yet
    We have already proven we can do 1080p with Forza 6, Fifa 16, GTA5 etc.

  • Mr Xrat

    Don’t worry lads, the cloud will fix it.

    • Yolanda Macklin

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    • Tech junkie

      Don’t worry, resolution doesn’t matter on the 720p 32″ TV your parents bought you


      Sarcasm bro… Sarcasm…

    • Tech junkie

      I’m aware of xrats fanboyism. I’m also aware he is 16 and his parents decide what he plays.


      Your “720p 32 TV” comment doesn’t make too much sense then…

      Unless that you are talking about the Xbox One of course..

    • Tech junkie

      It makes perfect sense because it touts how great 1080p is and the Xbox is far worse than the PS4 which he can easily tell but he doesn’t have a display that supports 1080p therefore it is completely irrelevant.
      Also making him a lying fanboy 🙂

      Bottom line 50″ TV at 9′ impossible to see the difference between 720p and 1080p with 20/20 vision.

      32″ 720p TV at any viewing distance impossible to tell the difference. Actually 720p would potentially look better given native display resolution.


      This guy said that it have a 720p 32 TV?!?!?!

      Or is this just your guess?!?!

    • Mr Xrat

      Still pushing that strawman, loser? Keep at it. 🙂

    • Tech junkie

      Yeah, I’m the loser 😉


    How is a game running at 900p considered disappointing? All the current-gen Assassin’s creed games run at 900p

    Knowing Ubsoft history with current-gen consoles i’m pretty sure the PS4 version runs at 900p

    • asspwnedurmum

      Lol nope. Ps4 is 1080p.


      900p on your Xbone….

      AC IV Black Flag and AC Syndicate is 1080p native on PS4…

    • Sam L.

      Syndicate is 900p on both…

  • Mark

    Disappointing maybe to those in the console wars, but not to me! Game looks good, not great tho.

  • White Wolf

    I don’t understand why this is such a big deal, as they’ve said previously that they’re shooting for 900p on the Xbox One….

  • Bill E Weaver

    jackfrags was never given the stats of the game, he’s assuming it’s sub 1080p,lol. The devs haven’t made offical statement yet. plus i’ve seen several other video of ppl at this event saying it is 1080p/30

  • Guest

    I take his word for it as I’m 100% certain he squished his face on the screen and pixel counted for us instead of playing the demo like he asserts.

  • Hvd

    i still laugh at idiots that say the can tell the difference.they couldnt with battlefield hardline when the ps4 version was 900p and they at thought it was nothing has changed since then.

    go ahead xbox one will have the better frame rates then the ps4.


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