The Elder Scrolls Online On PS4 And Xbox One Is Currently Running At 30fps

The Elder Scrolls Online is already running at a rock solid 30fps on PS4 and Xbox One.

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the elder scrolls online

The Elder Scrolls Online has basically been a love and hate affair. We at GamingBolt apparently loved it but the game does have its own set of issues but it’s largely an enjoyable title.  As you must be aware the game is also due for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and there is next to no information about how the new versions are shaping up.

GamingBolt caught up with the game’s creative director Paul D. Sage and although our discussion was mostly based on the PC version, we still managed to ask a few questions about the console versions.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a massive open world with a lot of things going on simultaneously. A gaming PC can easily handle those scenarios at a stable frame rate but what about the PS4 and Xbox One versions?

“So our targets are established in such a way that we provide the best quality experience. We are kind of internally running at 30fps already and we are going to keep seeing on what we can do to get the most out of the system[s],” Paul explained to GamingBolt. “You know, the big thing for us is in these large PvP maps is that we already have so many players on the screen. We just want to make sure that runs as smooth as possible and perfect.”

Since the console versions are still ways off from their release, it’s nice to see that the game is already running at a stable frame rate. Let us hope that they can crank it up to 60fps.

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  • Guest

    Another console peasant 30fps.

    • Guest

      PS4 is more powerful than most peasant PCs.

      Get mental help. It’s not healthy to hate pieces of plastic and people who like playing video games on them. Some severely mentally ill people are upset at PS4’s success and have to spread hate and lies, apparently.

      Keep squirting that angry futile mustard everywhere. You aren’t changing anything.

      8+ million PS4s and counting. Nothing you say will stop it, you are helpless. Keep lying and hating while everyone else ignores you.

    • Phage ling

      another pc fanboy

  • puxem

    “Let us hope that they can crank it up to 60fps”
    aint happening and you know it

    • Element Omega

      60 FPS: PS4 console exclusive feature :)> Like every other multi-plat title out there.

  • Dennis Crosby

    How many people are really welling to pay $60 for this game plus a monthly subscription?

    • maybe

      Remove the sub fee and i would. Huge fan of Elder Scrolls and finally being able to play with friends would be awesome imo.

    • Dennis Crosby

      They will have to or the game will fail on console honestly they should of went with a free to play model with pay downloadable content

    • justerthought

      Not me. Not ever.

  • justerthought

    I’m past caring about this game running at a 30fps frame rate. The game isn’t limited by hardware. It is limited by network bandwidth due to it being an MMORPG clone. The graphics and gameplay are severely gimped to fit down the network pipe of your ISP. I’m not paying a money grabbing subscription to play lower quality.

    Skyrim was the best game ever made even though it ran crap on PS3, so I wanted Skyrim 2 pushing the PS4 hardware to the max with even bigger more detailed worlds, not an MMORPG limited by network constraints with simplified graphics. The combat is laughable. Elder Scrolls Online is a complete fail.

    • Devon

      The Elder Scrolls 6………..not Skyrim 2…….

  • James Day

    Why does ESO need to be 60 FPS?

    I can see 60 required for twitchy FPS games, driving games or sports games but don’t understand the need for 60 on a RPGMMO.

    I would rather have a stable 30 and have the game run fluidly than try to push for 60 and have the game slow to a crawl when tons of action is happening on screen

  • Dex

    Is rather it look good in 1080p. FPS, it’s a MMO.

    Let’s say if they are only able to out them in a max of 20-30 fps at 1080p in both. Will anyone who plays the console over PC care.

    Roll out some sort of beta at least. This has gone past rediculous delays. Wasn’t this a launch title. Then June 2014. Now they are saying maybe 2014 or early 2015.

    The PC game PvE wise is enjoyable now. Lots of bugs were fixed but I don’t see this going far on PC. They need to launch it on console before interest swings to other console games.

    Make the adjustments and go 1080p. Worry about fps later as it should be played for years. *should

  • Daniel

    In this case, I’d prefer higher resolutions over frame rates. I’d expect the minimum achievable frame rate to be 30fps and no less.

    This is an MMO not a first-person shooter. Sure, 1080-60p would be great, but 30fps in this case is acceptable.

    I’m not even sure if I’ll be going back to ESO, anyway, and if I do, it’ll be in 1080-60p on my PC. Hopefully, all the bugs and issues will have been sorted out by the time the console release is out.

  • retaliate

    Looks nice, shame it’s being coded by a technically incompetent team though. I gave up after reporting bugs, providing solutions and watching ZOS fail to do anything to prevent the inevitable problems they would face for over a month.

    Totally lost confidence in ZOS.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Lucky when you buy the game you at least get a month free with the game


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