The Jaw Dropping Evolution of Graphics From PS1 To PS4

Remember your roots by going back to where it all began and into where we now are.

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Through the years video games have evolved steadily through hardware and system updates. When once we played as sprites roaming around a pixelated world, we now drive fancy cars, fly angry dragons, and build sky high cities in impressive worlds that take game companies years to develop. But how far have video games really come since the beginning?

In this edition we’re going over the PlayStation era of gaming and finding what defined and continues to redefine the gaming world as graphics continually leap forward and evolve.

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PlayStation One

Tekken 3 [1998]

Tekken was a fighting series like no other. It focused on fighting from a Japanese cultural perspective with amazing character models and polygon count. In 1997 Tekken 3 emerged onto PlayStation. It used some of the most advanced realistic tones seen in a fighter. Fluid movement that was not possible in 2D fighters pushed 3D games forward.

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