The Last Guardian Is Still Very Much In Development

I need this game, purely to satisfy my curiosity.

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The Last Guardian

Alas it’s true, one of those games that everyone views as an anomaly is indeed still in development according to the games  former Executive Producer Yasuhide Kobayashi. When he appeared recently at the Tokaigi Japan Game Party 2015, the interviewer that was speaking to him about his career and 20th year of PlayStation asked him to writer down some words for his fans.

He continued to pick up his pen and scrawl down, “Hitokui no Owashi Toriko,” which is the Japanese name for The Last Guardian. He followed up by saying ,”don’t ask me anything please!” as he was likely pre-empting the impending questions. Going on to say, “Everyone loves these words too, isn’t it? Truly, I wonder when it’ll be time. I want it to be soon.”

We already know that the game is in development, and we don’t know what state it’s in. Who knows when Sony will play this particular card, but I know that I’m still looking forward to the game, albeit with a great deal of caution.


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  • Starman

    They’ve been saying this since the PS4 was revealed. Up to this point , we haven’t seen anything … so again …SPARE ME …

    PS: Team ‘ICO’ , they’re all gone , but Sony wont reveal it and these fanboy websites know it , but wont go further into it , because that would be another image (right hook to the jaw) knockout blow for Sony …and how good (if it ever really gets a release) will it be without the ORIGINALS…

    • TheAdjustmentBureau

      Your comments are so rude, negative, and opinionated that they are just irrelevant and stupid. Do you actually think when you type? I smell fanboy.

    • Starman

      LOL , that sound’s good , but the truth hurts …. The real team ICO is gone son …. chew on that , do your research before you comment …

    • TheAdjustmentBureau

      team ico worked on it before they left so everything was already in place for the new one. So they are going off by wheat team Ico did already….chew on that

  • TheAdjustmentBureau

    What will come out first, this or FF15!!!! LOL hahaha Seriously though this was announced years ago and still has been released yet. I say Keep on Keeping on though because of history. Team ICO has made incredible games. Shadow of the colossus had one of the best story lines and didn’t even have much dialogue in it, simply brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to go around defeating enemies one hundred times as big as yourself. Whenever this game comes out, it’s gonna be big and a great game, can’t wait!! Yeah they said they would show us stuff last year and didn’t, but the proper time place and whether the game is ready are in order. Remember, patience is a virtue.

  • Shubhendu Singh

    Just stop!


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