The Order 1886 Was Originally Meant To Be Massive In Scope, PS4 Amazing Platform To Build A Game On

Ru Weerasuriya reveals a few interesting details about The Order: 1886.

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The Order 1886 (4)

With only a few days to go before PlayStation 4’s first big exclusive of 2015 launches, a few new details about the game’s original vision have been revealed. It seems that The Order: 1886 wasn’t meant to be a linear third person shooter when Ready At Dawn started developing the game.

In an interview with Venturebeat, Ready At Dawn’s Ru Weerasuriya stated that their original intent with the game was to make it massive in scope but they eventually set back their expectations as one can only do so much. “When you start that way it’s both good and bad. It gives you goals to achieve, but it also gives you a lot of fear, about how much you can do. We managed that well, although I think we could have taken a little bit more time early on to get to the core of everything. Lucky for us, we did get to it eventually,” he said.

Although Ru does not reveal whether the game’s original scope was open world or wider levels, it seems to be an interesting idea that they could potentially play with the sequel. Imagine the game set in an open world? But perhaps the cinematic approach won’t work there.

As with most developers these days, Ru too believes that the PS4 was a great platform to work on. “That’s one thing I’m pretty happy about. The PS4 gave us an amazing platform to work on. We all had reservations early on, when it was being designed, about things here or there, but the reality is that those were addressed as we went on. That’s what was so gratifying about all of it.”

The Order 1886 comes out next week on February 20th exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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  • otherZinc

    So, The Order 1886 was “downgraded” from open or wider levels to Linearity. Thanks for admitting what real gamers already knew.

    • Psionicinversion

      yup basically if it was open world, it would not look any where near as good. no where near. people cant seem to understand linear games like this, driveclub, uncharted where you can micromanage and maximise the resources every step of the way.

      in open world you cant do that because you dont know where the player is going. SSD’s will massively change that, extreme low seek <0.1ms vs 7ms for 7200rpm drive and massively more bandwidth. SSD's will get very cheap over the next few years as flash ram is on lower nm processes, higher reliability, mass manufactured PC is always pushing against a tidal wave because multiplats need to work well on the consoles and in cases of texture streaming from the hard drive can only go off the lowest common denomiator…. the pathetic 5400rpm's in both consoles. Im sure they did they for noise. Stupid

    • DarthDiggler


      You are an A-hole.

    • Psionicinversion

      im not its true… since when have open world games EVER looked better than linear games at the same point ina generation? never

    • bardock5151

      He isn’t wrong. You just hate the truth.

    • DarthDiggler


      If you aren’t “downgrading” your game from the concept stages you aren’t really using your imagination. 🙂

      Most games get changed while they are being developed. That doesn’t make the game ANY less of a game.

      Could you guys be any more biased and any less informed?

  • Starman

    This whole game was a fraud(SUSPECT) from the reveal day …


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