The Witcher 3 May Be Bumped To 1080p On Xbox One

But no promises though.

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Whether or not you enjoy The Witcher series of games, and honestly they are quite divisive, you really do need to admire developers like CD Projekt  Red handle their transparency in the gaming space. They’ve made their feelings known on all manner of topics, and now their addressing how well their game will run on separate platforms.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will run at 1080p  at 30fps on PS4 and it will run at 900p at 30fps on Xbox One. GameStar, the German publication who received the information and previewed the game, ranked the platforms in this order.

The PC was best, the PS4 build of the game was second best and boasts sharper textures than the Xbox One, but they aren’t as sharp as the PC’s “high” setting, and they ranked the Xbox One version the lowest of the three. At the minute, The Witcher 3 runs at 900p/30fps on Xbox One and CD Projekt Red are still working at getting the game to 1080p, but they aren’t making promises at this time.

Well played CD Projekt Red, transparency will win you many admirers in the gaming space nowadays.

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  • d0x360

    The xbox one e3 demo that we can all agree was gorgeous was running at 900p so regardless of what platform you own you’re gonna be happy.

    • Mark

      Only the mature agrees with u my friend……only the mature. Just imagine, 5-8 more years of this lol.

    • d0x360

      I hope this gen doesn’t last that long. I’d like to see new consoles unveiled at e3 2016 and launch that November at the latest.

      I doubt that will be the case but that’s what PC is for. I plan on building a new one around march or april. Intel x99 chipset so I can stuff it with ddr4 and hopefully by then nvidia 990gtx’s will be available. If not there is a new AMD card coming that is an absolute mind blowing performance as far as the spec sheet shows. Couple of those in crossfire and you should be good for quite a while. My goal is a build thats good enough to run occulus games at the recommend 90fps. As long as everything else runs at a solid 60 @ 1080p I’ll be happy.

    • Mark

      VR or HoloLens? HoloLens for me!!! Then again, why not both? Nah, the AR for me is mind blowing enough to shrink any excitement I’d have for anything else. This will happen; dudes will be playin chess at each other’s home thru those glasses. I knew this was coming.

    • d0x360

      I have no issue buying both lol. I’m wondering of the Microsoft solution can actually do full vr. If the objects its projecting aren’t transparent I dont see why it couldn’t but who knows.

      One cool thing they could do is games that use where you are dynamically like say…say you have a horror game that uses your house, yard etc. It could overlay visuals on your own walls and stuff. The only difficult thing would be how many rooms you have lol.

    • Mark

      Last preview I read, the objects were opaque (solid). They could support both, would be even more of a all in one marvel. And dude I thought the same thing. The horror apps for this would be absolutely game changing. The factor is all about believability, and reading that Wired preview, the author says their legs were quivering, on the Mars demo. So seeing Slender Man in my back room would kille me! Hahaa

  • Psionicinversion

    i hope x1 runs at 900p because it wil have the same ifnot more stable frame rates than ps4

  • BAD ADSc

    I don’t care about the resolution..
    All I wanna know is the game any good, the trend that resolution
    is all that matters is a joke.
    I brought resident evil hd remaster the other day and all they have done
    on that game was spruce up the colours.
    They didn’t need to do much, the game is just as epic as the day it came out.
    I want great games, resolution is something I don’t care for..


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