The Witcher 3 New Details: Difficulty Settings, No QTE, Crafting, Locations And More

No 1080p for Xbox & PC players should use a controller.

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German gaming publication,, recently got the chance to sit down and play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for 12 hours and in that time they were not only impressed, but also only managed to reach level 7, pointing towards a lot of potential gameplay time.

The player said, “My two days with Geralt were one of the most beautiful, most exciting and overwhelming experiences I have experienced in my 33 years gaming life”. So with that in mind, here’s what we know now. The game will feature four gameplay modes, Easy, Medium, Hard and Dark, all of which alter the opponents skill, hit points remain unchanged. It would appear as though there is no level scaling as the player (who was level 7) was killed in one shot by a level 24 Wyvren.

Upon completion of your contract, you can haggle for more reward money by way of a mini game, but there are no details right now. Fist fighting will also make a return but not in the form of QTE’s. The games side quests, of which there are many, are all said to be well made and feature solid writing as well as branching paths for added replay value.  Unlike Mass Effect, dialogue choices aren’t represented as good or bad, this is a decision that players must make. On the higher difficulty settings of the game, potions are going to be essential but they can be increased and made more potent easier than before.

The best items in the game cannot be purchased and must instead be crafted. Any items that Geralt equips will be visible on his person. The No Man’s Land and Novigrad are one large gameplay area and it’s said to be “much bigger than Skyrim”, which was already fairly huge. The rest of the game world is made up of Skellige and 5-6 separate locations.

There are two huge cities in the game world, one is Novigrad and the other is Oxenfurt. Both of which are said to be buzzing with life. On the technical side of things, the Xbox One resolution will stay at 900p and will not climb. There is a day one patch for the game that is confirmed. There is more visual gore than The Witcher 2. The controller feels better to use than a mouse and keyboard, this was to be expected and Ultra settings noticeably improve the game worlds visuals.


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  • Mark

    Dam I only have a month before MK X drops, then this in May. I’m tryna finish Dragon Age man, I don’t want these games to overlap. And oh yeah, some people r gonna make a fuss outta the X1 version at 900p, but lemme tell u, Dragon Age is beautiful (in most areas), and runs super solid. So I ain’t mad whatsoever bout this…….will be my first Witcher, and it looks crazy.

    • Hailey

      Same here, finishing up Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4). It’s such a huge game so I hope to be done before Witcher 3 is released.

    • Mark

      Yeah I’m playin on Hard, I’d never beat KnightMare, that’s for those Vampiric hardcore PC players lol. But hard feels just right on DA. Doing the same on Witcher. Dam good times in 2015 to be had. And MK X is lookin really good. The controller response time and fluid combat got me pumped.

    • Hailey

      Yushies I play on hard too. Using the tactical camera once in a while but prefer not to.
      For Witcher 3, hard also but I wanna try the dark mode, it will be as scary as eff though lol. Way harder than Bloodborne! Lol

    • Mark

      Dude u sure u wanna deal with Perma Death on Witcher?! Yall can have Dark mode or Knightmare, heeeeck no lol. I’d cry if I was 120hrs in, and DIE! Nah man. The reward might be really good tho.

    • Hailey

      I’m a girl. :p
      I just wanna try dark mode but will prolly die in a few hours of playing anyways.

    • Mark

      Hahaaa my bad. But uh, eh Hailey, u got bigger ba**s than me lol. So u just wanna see how hard it is for yourself hunh? U know what, I might, just might…..nah ain’t wasting ma time. Haha. When Gbolt publishes their Witcher review, u should post ur thoughts in that commenst section……see u then.

    • Hailey

      Otays. :3
      I’m trying Bloodborne for the first time today and I’ve never played a souls game before. So if i find it really hard than i may not try dark mode for w3


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