The Witcher 3 PS4 Loading Times Are Around 40 Seconds, New 1080p/60fps Videos Show Stunning Details

Also includes a short video of Geralt standing on top of one of the highest mountains in Skellige.

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The Witcher 3

New details and information from The Witcher 3 is being revealed as we approach the game’s launch. First of all Neogaf user darkkain who got his hand on PSX Extreme, a polish video games magazine, has revealed that the PS4 version has long loading times whenever the main character dies or if the player selects to fast travel anywhere. The magazine revealed that it takes around 40 seconds to the load game back.

CD Projekt have acknowledged in the past that there will be loading screens whenever the player dies or selects the fast travel option but did not mentioned how long it will take to get back into the game. Hopefully this will be fixed in a day one patch.

Moving ahead we have two videos that show how stunning the PC version looks. The first video is over 15 minutes long and shows the game in all its glory in 1080p and 60 frames per second. The video was captured by Youtube user Jesse Cox. The other video captured by Youtuber RockAlone2k, although short,  shows Geralt standing on top of one of the highest mountains in Skellige.

The Witcher 3 launches on May 19th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Czy w Wiedźminie 3 można wejść wszędzie? Wspinaczka na jeden z najwyższych szczytów Skellige zdaje się to potwierdzać. Mam pozwolenie z CD Projekt RED na opublikowanie tego unikalnego nagrania, całość pochodzi z kwietniowego eventu zorganizowanego w Warszawie w siedzibie developera.Więcej tutaj:

Posted by Rock Alone on Saturday, May 2, 2015

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  • Petch V

    of course.. its bloodborne all over again

    • AvanStrike

      nope, it’s not…

    • Petch V

      Didn’t it took BB 40 secs before patch?

    • Psionicinversion

      yep you could go cook your dinner while bloodborne is loading

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Only if your dinner consisted of zapping a pop tart in the microwave. Which for you it probably does.

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    PS40 Seconds again. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic. I’ll laugh anyway though :^)

    But PS4 owners are so used to playing the waiting game. This one will probably have 20FPS and screen tearing as well like all the other ones (Not CDPR’s fault. Sony’s weak hardware. It must feel insulting having to squeeze your magnum opus onto frail underpowered consoles that cannot properly display it’s majesty)

    60FPS Ultra looks stunning. CDPR excelled themselves with the PC Version and no wonder they are saying it’s the ultimate experience for Witcher 3. Maybe they will be able to make enough to keep Cyberpunk as a proper PC Exclusive and not have to worry about such weaksauce consoles.

    • AvanStrike

      are you a 12 yrs old or just a very immature adult? hm…I don’t know but I will laugh at you anyway 🙂

    • MrVux007

      dont feed the troll

    • Dustin

      If your that insecure, maybe you should try therapy… or making friends.

    • andy

      Like Xboners are with the broken “waiting” for the game to install off disc and any patches for the game refusing to let the game run until they are downloaded and installed and since launch too??? Yeah, PS4 owners are the waiters, the people who have had no issues like that since launch.

      Have you seen the loading times on games like Killzone Shadowfall (literally 5 seconds from the PS4 menu to main menu of the game since launch), Infamous Second Son or Driveclub??? THAT is another thing that is so next gen about the console.

      Oh and why are you picking up the lower resolution Xbone version then if that is your case??? We know the PC version looks great on hardware that hardly anyone including yourself owns. And we will all be picking up the game on Steam when it comes down to less than 5 quid. So why you buying Xbone version anyway, is what I want to know????

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      My PC was doing 5 second load times in 2012 and is doing 2 second load times in 2015 since I added a SSD. What’s so next gen about the PS4? Oh wait, nothing.

      And all you can yell is “B-B-BUH XBONE” in response. I never even mentioned it. I wouldn’t even touch such a weak and pathetic thing, just like the PS4. That’s how pathetic and last gen the PS4 is. It’s so bad you have to deflect to the other consoles problems. Another typical Andy post. Can’t even defend his garbage console and starts making things up in his deluded head.

      I will be laughing at you as I run this on my PC better than your PS4 can just like I am playing GTA V in 60FPS at better settings than the consoles right now. If the PS4 is so “Next gen”. Why isn’t it running GTA V at 60FPS anyway?

    • Yo Mama

      OMG, please suck a d*#k and die.

    • AvanStrike

      hahaha you act so high and mighty because you will play a video game…on PC? you do realize you ain’t special and MILLIONS of people have PCs?

      I will enjoy gaming on both PC and consoles

      Now go back to your basement!

    • golgarta2905

      What is your Problem?

      Is it to hot in your Country?

      Go cool down.

    • Hailey

      Still slow at 2 second loading time. When it loads in a nanosecond let me know. :p

    • TheChosen

      Majoras Mask has loading-times of just 0.25 s…If your New 3DS is equipped with a brandnew UHS1/3 Micro sd-memorycard!

    • Hailey

      That’s a good loading time for sure. But keeping in mind that MM is hardly a cutting edge game and not graphics heavy nor does it have a huge world.
      Still, I wish all games would load so fast.

    • Nostalgic Broom

      lol we all own PCs. You’re not special. No matter what your mommie tells you.



    • Bloodborne

      you ain’t special and MILLIONS of people have PCs! Geez!

    • viruzz

      So you are looser then?!

    • Eli Harel

      I’m always embarrassed when I find out there are people who actually take the platform wars to this level. Who are you guys? Too many people don’t seem to game just for fun anymore (and I’m a PC owner).

    • Lars Anderson

      I really hope Cyberpunk is PC exclusive. Screw consoles.

    • ryan perry

      Jeez kid, you must be fun at parties.

  • andy

    40 seconds? INTERNET EXPLOSION!!!!! Oh wait, this is a multi-platform game and The Witcher 3 so its fine ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
    After all, AC Unity got away with its over 1 minute loading times………even after 5 patches but again, not a PlayStation exclusive so you all know how you are supposed to react to such a thing.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Laugh at the consoles some more? Sure.

      40 seconds. LOL

    • NL37

      Even though I will be getting this on ps4, cant help but laugh At ur comment haha

    • Great, another PC nutjob.

    • d0x360

      He’s not a pc nut job he’s a Sony fanboy who often makes pro pc comments despite not actually owning a gaming pc. Although I can’t blame him, I street viewed his address and he lives in a ghetto so if he had a good pc his neighbors would probably just steal it.

    • Guest

      No, he’s a PC fan, that just F-ed over the largest PS Poor fan on the net.

    • d0x360


    • Guest

      Oh yes, he’s not the original YAFOW who’s name is now Revolver Ocelot.

    • Kronos0999

      You are just an idiot and the only laughing you will be doing is when some one is f-ing you up your hole.
      PS-who f-ed you so bad that you are still traumatized??

    • Psionicinversion

      thats hilarious…. next gen grass only on PC 😀

    • Guest

      PS Poor people like andy are crying like the b*tches now that are realizing more and more that they have low IQ and fell for the lies and overhype of a dying corporation.

    • don’t think it’s so bad when you have a large open world and once you’re in that world it doesn’t load anymore!

    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      And Bloodborne is like that too. The reason why Bloodborne got slammed for load times is because of dogsh*t bias journalists looking for clicks and PC and Xbone fan boys.

    • zeemonkeyman

      I thought it was more the fact that the game is damn hard and you die often so waiting for it to load for ages every time you die could get quite frustrating…

    • true but to be fair, no one gave the game a bad review because of that. so I wouldn’t call anyone an Xbox fan boy if they still have the game an excellent review.

    • Guest

      Cry some more that you can’t afford a system that plays games properly. It’s funny how PS Poor people like you still can’t deal with the fact that you bougt a Pau per system.

  • misho8723

    They weren’t playing the final, release version.. they played some older build.. why this information isn’t in this article, I don’t know

  • Kronos0999

    I think 40 seconds is fair enough if there is not loading screen except when you die or load the game,cause the map is big as hell.Even GTA 5 has over 40 seconds of loading on PS4 and witcher 3’s map is 1.5x of San Andreas i.e GTA 5.

  • Kronos0999

    In the first video there is a haystack,can you use the Igni (the fire sign) and set it ablaze??

  • Kronos0999

    The most phucking video of witcher (ever) was the second one.

  • Psionicinversion

    1080p 60fps…. only on PC,…PS4 idiots probbaly exploding thinking there version is 60 fps hahahah bunch of idiots

    • Ali Hamza

      Uh everybody knows it’s 30 fps on consoles

    • Guest

      You would be surprised…

    • Ali Hamza

      I’ve been on the Internet long enough, so not really

    • Guest

      Then you would know that most people do not know that it’s 30fps on consoles….

    • Ali Hamza

      I’ve seen the comments on every post made on the witcher 3 and I’ve hardly seen anyone say “oh can’t wait to play this on my ps4 in 1080p 60fps” that’s more of a PC elitist thing cuz yknow 4k and 60 fps is more important for them than gameplay

    • Nubster

      Well I would have to agree with 0 percent of what you just said.
      1. I highly doubt you have seen ever post made on the Witcher 3 and if some reason you have then you must not know what IGN/Gamestop have in their comments…

      2. Think about it. How many people buy this game without signing up for some forums or dwindle in a comments section? Much more then %50 of total buyers. Hence, you would be surprised with the amount of people who don’t take time to look into the specifications.

      3. Yes higher resolutions and fps are important to PC gamers, but that is however, a given. It just so happens that PC gamers do not have to give up gameplay/storylines as a sacrifice, we get the best of both worlds. Being a PC gamer gives you the advantages and that is something that consoles will have to live with, aka being the less superior platform. So no, we get many of the same games as consoles which means we don’t think gameplay is anyless important

    • MrVux007

      Even tho witcher 3 could have been 60 fps on PS4… I don’t see the fuss about it,we still all get to play the with slightly less graphical quality and resolution…ps MGS V T PP runs 60 fps on consoles :-)(it all depends on game engine and optimization)

    • Psionicinversion

      Yeah it could of been 60fps if you set it all to low details and have no AA no anisotropic filtering no ambient occlusion, maybe 900p if your struggling.

      It’s got nothing to do with game engine and optimisation, when you want your game to run at 60fps you set the detail level and resolution to get the game rate you want. It’s like star wars battle front that’s going be 60fps on all platforms yet they havnt said at what resolution because they will do what it takes to get it to 60.

      Like hardline 60fps 900p because frame rate is the most important thing. Your deluded if you think witcher 3 could be 60 at the detail level your getting because they struggled just to get it at 30

    • MrVux007

      hmm i don’t recall any article of them saying that they struggled to get 30 fps…and yes the game development for the consoles mainly depends on the game optimization and secondly on game engine….get your head of of your ass,and stop calling people stupid cuz they have an opinion on things….

      its cool and
      all that the game will shine on the PC,but slandering other console cuz
      of it makes you look ugly…the difference is there,but its not
      huge…and yes i have experiance with PC and graphics….And again this game could have run with high settings on with 900p-1080p with 60fps,IF the developers are have the funds,knowledge and time. for example if
      a developer wants to write high performing code on the consoles, they
      need to write engines that perform tasks using highly optimized machine
      code. PC developers don’t do that today, and they can’t. You can write
      CPU machine code on PCs, but you need to stick to the very basic x86
      commands or the code will be incompatible with a lot of CPUs. You can’t
      write GPU machine code at all, because of the driver/OS system on PCs.
      But even if developers were familiar with writing highly optimized
      machine code for PCs, the specific architectures of the specific models
      of CPU and GPU would be unfamiliar to them.There’s one other thing that
      these consoles significantly do better than PCs right now as well, and
      that’s memory. While most gaming PCs have more total memory than the
      PS4/XBO, that memory is not really used much in current PC games. Most
      current games you’ll see using about 2-3 GB of system ram, and about
      0.5-1 GB of video ram. That would be a total of 2.5-4 GB of RAM, and
      already the consoles have an advantage, as they have around 5-6 GB
      available to them as developers, however, it’s actually more significant
      than that because of the unified nature of the memory. Since PC ram
      isn’t unified, a lot of the same data will exist in the system ram as
      well as the video ram, meaning there is two copies of the data. In the
      current consoles, there would only be one copy shared by the CPU and
      GPU, meaning the total memory necessary for the example game above would
      still only be probably 2-3 GB, opening up even more room for expansion.
      About <1 GB of that data will probably be exclusive to the CPU, so
      what you have is essentially a GPU with up to 5 GB of VRAM. Much better
      than most PCs, and that number will only increase as OS memory
      footprints are decreased over time.And becouse of that,the consoles can
      and will look good around high settings of the games……i rest my case
      and that is why consoles are less HW dependable….PC AND CONSOLES ARE

    • Psionicinversion

      So with those little tricks you can get 100% more out of it because that’s exactly what it need to get to 60fps. Actually it was the vfx artist that said they struggling to hit 1080p actually on ps4 last year not 30, frame rate easy at low res.

      Sure console ain’t PC it’s evident s cheap pc is better than it. Ok keys say you got all that ram free on console and put really high res textures in it…. How is it supposed to render them with those pathetic GPUs?? It can’t simple as that.

    • MrVux007

      ok your obviusly an enraged fanboy….smoke some weed,clear your head(once your remove it out of your ass)…then debate about things(things that you obviously know little about)….P.S. pass me the link where vfx artist mentions that….other parts of your comments are pure nonsense…if your actually read my comment,you would understand how they render high res textures

    • Psionicinversion

      It was a dualshockers article when he went to a game show and that’s what he said, it wasn’t an entire article on it but mentioned within it go find it boy…. Go find it, there’s a treat in it for you if you get it haha

    • MrVux007

      link or shhh 🙂

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah well sorry for having a good memory, obviously your indenial. Either way its running at 1080p now but no where near close to 60 though. unlucky

    • MrVux007

      30 fps is just fine hon(im not in denial,i know for past year or so that this game would be 900-1080p 30 fps)….. 🙂 besides its still the same game,but you are the same douche

    • Psionicinversion

      If 30fps is fine why did the almighty naughty dog come out and say once they tried TLOU R at 60 they couldn’t go back to 30fps, know why? Because 30fps sucks. Even though they originally said uncharted 4 was going be 60fps they later came out and said it might not be, don’t get your hopes up, 60fps is really hard…. Yeah it is when your using crap hardware. They will be using everything gpgpu, async shaders, the works and if they can’t do it nobody else can

    • MrVux007

      It’s fine to me dickwad,and again I’m not delusional I know that this game will be 30 fps…but it was possible on the current settings to make it run 60 fps … Learn once and for consoles are not hardware dependable as the PC….if they were,they would make consoles upgradable…that Is why they made it with “crap” if the UC4 gets 60 fps it will be great if not 30 fps will be fine…the game presentation (that was in pre-alpha) looks better even then the graphically proclaimed Star Citizen(wich will push high end PCs) to their limits,and yet we on consoles (with inferior HW)have the pretty much the same or better graphics….hahaha people like you will never learn will you ? People like you still think that the consoles are holding back the industry,when it’s the other way around…to finish this rant,Witcher could have been 900p to 1080p 60 fps with high settings on consoles….but it will not,most of the people know that and it’s completely fine …and people can go back and forth between 30 fps and 60 with no problem…it’s all about fps stability …stay salty 🙂 PS kojima Allready proved that High end games (MGS V) can run 60 fps,and he is a console genius (even better then ND),while CD projekt is mainly a PC developer…

    • Psionicinversion

      Hahahaha yeah whatever I’d it could be 1080p rock solid 60 why isn’t it??? SOE doesn’t 1 1/2 years trying get planet side 2 to and failed miserably, it barely does 30 hahaha

      Star citizen is going to destroy uncharted in visuals, not hard setting as uncharted reveal wasn’t very impressive. The first installment of the single player will be longer than uncharted and yes start citizen has quantity AND quality hahaha

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    So over a minute on xbone.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      The smell of damage control is in the air when you can’t defend the garbagestation 4 and blame the equally garbage xbone.

      4 0 S E C O N D S


    • d0x360

      Nobody cares what you saaaaaaayyy nobody cares nobody caaaaaares. Thank you.

    • Guest

      Hmm….. well… I do. #Rekt

  • Mats Leven

    xbone 60 second

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      There’s that damage control again. Blaming the xbone for the PS4 while both are garbage

      PS40 Seconds


    • Triton


  • Triton

    Meanwhile an Xbox with any external HDD probably cut that time in half.

  • Allen

    Well that’s odd. I just read that the game has no loading times. I call click bait article. No loading unless you die or fast travel and closer in map you travel the less loading.

    Besides even if, just like bloodborne can Prob. Be fixed with a patch

  • Prdarkfire

    I’ll be laughing at PC owners when they have to spend another 500$ in PC upgrades to be able to play the game with just a little bit better graphics than the PS4 and Xbox one. Just so they can say: Hey look we got more grass in our world.

    • Davy Jones

      + mods + 60fps. Continue being a peasant.

    • TheChosen

      Plus more drawsight.. better Lichtung,better and more Polygone,higher Resolution etc

    • zeemonkeyman

      Better lichtung?

    • PeregrineX7

      + Steam sales
      + more Steam sales
      + even more Steam sales that will actually save you money in the long term as long as you are willing to wait a few months for AAA releases to drop 50% for 2 days or so

  • d0x360

    40 seconds isn’t bad when you consider other than death or fast travel the game NEVER shows you a loading screen. Inside, outside doesn’t matter no pauses. Run across the entire world doesn’t matter. The big issue with open world games at least for me has ways been either pauses to load interiors or almost no interiors at all. Having a game where you can go anywhere into anything anytime is amazing.

  • sqalbeabbas

    don’t get the fuss over graphics, for me the most important aspect of Witcher series is its story line. I have read the books and the only thing I care is the how the game will deliver with respect to the story.

  • justerthought

    40 second load time on PS4. And that’s with loads of fast GDDR5 RAM to swop out the data fast. Imagine how grim the load time will be loading all that data into DDR3 RAM on the XB1. Oh wow.

    • Psionicinversion

      DDR3 is just as good as GDDR5 because the loading comes from the HD. That’s why in situations like that there can be significantly lower load times using an SSD. I bet an SSD will cut loading by 20 seconds. Not sure how fast a5400rpm burst mode is but could be about 100MBs burst 60-70MB sustained. SSD can read at upto 600MB although real world you’ll get more like 550MBs

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