The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison Video Released

A crisp and clean, although short comparison of the two platforms.

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the witcher 3 wild hunt

As if you needed told, the upcoming title from CD Projekt Red, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, is quite the looker. It sports a really rather impressive design aesthetic that is only made better by the impressive visuals on display in the game. But which version looks best out of the two console builds on offer?

Well, there are objective differences that are there for sure, not only in resolution either. The PlayStation 4 build looks much sharper and is a little brighter than its toned down, less crisp Xbox One counter part. You can stream the video below, or you can download the comparison video from Gamersyde for the best results.

Don’t go into this expecting a long and drawn out comparison of features though, it’s a simple vertical split with each build being displayed on either side. The footage on display is that of Geralt’s rescue of a trader from an invading Griffon that makes off with a dead horse.

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  • Deeboy

    Another test before the day one patch. Why bother?

  • Rueffinkiddinme

    XB1 appears to have a slight edge over PS4

    • why you trippin homie?

      “The Playstation version looks much sharper and is a little brighter than the toned down, less crisp xbone version.”. I would have to agree. Lol. Not sure how you see the bone having an edge at all…unless that’s what YOURE gonna play it on. Haha. Still time to trade it in for a real console, my friend. Cmon, join the masses.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      A real console? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      It’s still garbage.

      Still time for him to trade it and build a superior new PC.

    • why you trippin homie?

      Yes, i said console. Why you trippin homie? Is a PC a console? I don’t think so. Go see a doctor about your Trolliosis.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      PC is better than a console and is a superior experience in every single way.

      Sorry you love inferiority and mediocrity so much you bought a Sh*tstation Poor :^)

    • why you trippin homie?

      Every single way hey? Seems I heard a think about Mortal Kombat not being up to console standards just last week. Lol. So, you are flat out wrong, you are flat out wrong. Again, Trolliosis.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      MK X has been fixed. Unlike your rotten downgraded trash.

      Where’s Driveclub PS+ edition? Oh wait.

    • why you trippin homie?

      Rotten piece of trash? What does your family have to do with this?

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Can’t even defend your sh*tstation poor. How pathetic, console peasant.

    • why you trippin homie?

      Oh Gay Ben…go suck one, K.

    • Exposure Levels

      Can’t even defend your personal cumputurd. Do you enjoy your allways online DRM PC peasant? With your hacker infested PC peasants playing trash like DOTA and Candy Crush? Great exclusives!


    • why you trippin homie?

      You forgot about Minesweeper and Solitaire! Bahahaha

    • Hailey

      I think PS4 has a slight edge over XB1.
      I guess different people see different things.

    • why you trippin homie?

      Yeah right? Lol. Apparently seeing isn’t believing for a few chumps.

    • Rueffinkiddinme

      Just watched it again and XB1 still looks better to me. But if there are any differences they are minimal. The average person will not notice or care. Now I have a 4k TV and all my buds have 1080p and the difference is huge playing games or watching movies even though the actual mediais not 4k.

    • 4K Tv, that must be nice.

    • Hailey

      I also play on a 4K tv, 98″.
      I agree that the differences between X1 and PS4 are pretty minimal.

    • DiFiasco

      *watches 1080p/60 footage*
      not sure if serious?

    • Poor PS Poor people

      Complimentary badge against PS Poor people.

    • why you trippin homie?

      Bahahaha. Check out my gif to you.

    • XbotMK1

      Those fan boy goggles are dark.

  • liver4ever

    I think this will be a better on X1

    • Hailey

      I think this will be better on PS4.
      But I also think it will be even better on PC but not by a whole lot.

    • liver4ever

      I Believe X1 more powerful than ps4
      I think X1 like 360
      360 in 2007 after 2 years from launch most people think x360 weak compared to pc and ps3 more powerful but microsoft supported in that year 720p and launched games show the power of x360 like bioshock gow 2 gta iv DMC 4 RE 5
      all that happend after 2 years
      X360 gfx in first 2 years like Ps2 and Xbox original but high in resolution
      Think why Microsoft costs more than ps4 to build x1 3billion vs 200 million?
      why until now there nda on X1 ?
      where the Specifications of X1 ?
      why Microsoft costs on esram than Sony what costs with gddr5?
      Why X1 Support full Dx12 ?

  • Modi Rage

    You can see that the Xbox One version is slightly blurrier.

  • John Ramone

    … more time ….PC>PS4>…….etc…..i agree that different people see different thinks…but the facts are always facts..

  • GK15

    Looks exactly the same

    • Bigjoe275


    • Mark

      Hhaha. I saw ZERO difference in that video as well, but some people see a real diff, although both r pretty close in res (1080p vs Dynamic). Oh well, fun times for me tomorrow.

  • DiFiasco

    Wow – you actually see a difference there. Definite edge on the PS4. I usually think this videos are quite marginal but there’s a clear winner on this one.

  • Modi Rage

    You can tell the Xbox One version looks blurrier. The frame rate on Xbox One also looks worse.

  • Omar

    Its a shame that people are sounding trumpets over differences that are so minimal, thay can barely be noticed. Again, the games this gen have all looked closer to me than PS3/X360 days. Not sure why people want to boast about numbers on paper and not what’s visible, especially during gameplay. Just have fun on ur chosen platform.

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