The Witcher Dev: 6 TFLOPs Puts Xbox Scorpio On Par With Gaming PCs, But It Will Eventually Be Outpaced

Although he does think that PCs will have caught up to it and possibly even overtaken it by the time it launches.

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xbox one scorpio

Microsoft have truly created a beast with the Xbox One Scorpio- the upcoming console is slated to be the most powerful one ever made. And though we don’t know much about it yet, we do know that Microsoft are explicitly aiming to make it the single most powerful machine of all time, with 6 TFLOPs of GPU power.

And it sounds like developers are pretty excited about all of the Scorpio’s possibilities, too. Speaking to GamingBolt, CD Projekt RED’s Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, who is working on Gwent as the Narrative Designer, stated that if the Scorpio had been available back when The Witcher was being developed, the game would have looked even better- it would possibly look as good as it does on PC right now.

“For sure [the Scorpio] will have better looking games,” Tomaszkiewicz said. “If this was available when we were working on Wild Hunt I would expect similar quality that we have on PC right now or even better maybe.”

He also talked about how the Scorpio would stack up to PCs, noting that while the Scorpio may come off well against high end PCs right now, PCs will probably have caught up to it and overtaken it by the time the Scorpio actually launches next year.

“This is my personal opinion: I don’t know that much about it. I think PCs are growing and developing super fast,” he said. “New graphic cards are being released very often and more often than the new consoles being released. So I think it will put Scorpio on par with the PC is that we have at that point. But I think PC is growing so fast that it’ll outpace [Scorpio].”

Which sounds about right to me, honestly. The Scorpio may sound freakishly powerful right now, but by the time it’s out, PC gaming technology, at the very least, will probably have caught up to it. Not that that will stop it from being the most powerful console ever made, though.

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  • Psionicinversion

    sorry Phil but PC’s are already past it, next year it will get devastated. Sure the average PC wont but in generally speaking, yeah….

    • Pramath

      Why are you addressing this to Phil? He didn’t say this.

    • Michael

      That’s okay because pc is ms area too.

  • Swan Lee

    Well yeah it is obvious PC’s will outpace a fixed hardware platform, but it is still nice to have the most powerful console that is at least in line with Med-high range pc’s. This is nothing but a good thing for the Xbox Brand

    • Psionicinversion

      its more high end than mid range tbh it will be good for people that dont want to spend money on a pc

    • Trenter

      no it’s not more high end. If it were an nvidia gpu with 6 tflops then it would be near high end but it’s an amd gpu and their 6 tflops offerings are very nearly low end now.

    • Psionicinversion

      Talking about with console optimisation will get higher than that. There shouldn’t be any bottle necks in the system this time so should be ok

    • Dynasty2021

      You idiots have been saying that about consoles since day one.

      Optimization? Where? Every console game runs like crap.

    • Psionicinversion

      I’m a pc gamer I’m just not blind. The current consoles have lots of problems with them. Next xbox should sort them out unless they put jaguar with it then its screwed

    • Trenter

      The cpu will be a major bottleneck if it continues using the jaguar cores. Zen is off the table according to the rumors.

    • Mr Xrat

      Scorpio will be low to weak medium range by the time it eventually shows up in 18 months. A year after Neo, probably twice the cost, no exclusives – a “good thing?” Stay on Twitter so you can cry about the never-ending comedy that is the Xbox brand’s blundering into irrelevance, Xgimp. 🙂

    • Cenk Algu

      What about weaker NEO? What will happen to it in 18 months? Very low Piece of sh***?

    • Eddie Battikha

      Ull be very surprised when u see the final specs for NEO very soon, and for them to have a year head start sales are gonna be boomin.

    • Cenk Algu

      Lol! You are funny.

    • Mr Xrat

      It’ll be half the price and have actual exclusives. 🙂

    • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin
    • Tomaterrrx

      Lol stop trying to predict the future like it’s already a fact.
      You can’t compare Scorpio to a PC like that. There are differences. Games on Scorpio will be more optimized on Scorpio than it will on PC meaning that it probably won’t mean that Scorpio will play games at low settings. Also, if Scorpio is going to be playing games at low-mid settings like you say, then how will the PS4 Neo cope with it’s rumored 4.2 tflops? (yes, I know it’s a rumor but it’s the closest thing we’ve got to the ‘true’ specs of Neo)

  • mark

    caught up? pc is already infront of that right now, nevermind in a years time.

    • Mark

      Haha I know right. Still I can’t wait for this thing. Good stuff for console gamers like me

  • Alistein

    Chances are a lot could change between now and next year, all we have is a vague idea of what Scorpio is the dpecs might be different when it releases might be better or not. With them going full Windows 10 now it’s certain to be very pc like probably even have switchable parts.

  • Riggybro

    It doesn’t launch until 18 months.

    At this stage in technology a 6 teraflop GPU has just been engulfed by a generational leap in technology (GTX 1080). In 18 months a 10 teraflop type GPU will then be the mid-high range. The likely (under-clocked for heat considerations) Scorpio GPU will just be an ok mid range GPU.

    That’s 18 months for ya though. A long time in technology.

    • Dynasty2021

      And it won’t pump out 6 teraflops anyway.

      The PS4 and Xbox One specs are giving worse performance than the PC equivalent hardware, so no reason for this to be any different.

    • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

      Sonycucks are crying about exclusives being the most important thing despite them screaming about now anti-consumer they are two years ago. And don’t forget that Nintendo will make one game a year better than any of the garbage Sony excretes out.

      They are the worst fanbase for a reason.

    • Makaveli2

      I thought it was the other way around. I thought since its easier to optimize games for consoles due to the hardware being constant and never changing they generally are able to get more out of the hardware then equivalent powered PC.

  • Paul

    I think we have to be realistic here, the RX480 has just been released which puts it in a similar ballpark to what Scorpio is in Tflop terms, even though I think Scorpio will use a cut down Vaga chip, the RX480 is a $200 gpu today and there are already much powerful gpus on the market like the 1080 and in 18 months the gap will widen more so I think the best that Scorpio can hope for is mid range PC specs if not less unless Microsoft pulls a rabbit out of it’s backside.

    • Ruth Hayward


    • shadowhedgehogz

      Eh, even the 980Ti is still very powerful and probably more powerful than Scorpio.. 980Ti is as good/slightly better than 1070.

      1080Ti will be out late this year or early next year, will wipe the floor with all GPU’s and be a large upgrade from 1070/980Ti. 1080 is overpriced like the 980 was.

    • Tony Colgan

      1070 is faster than 980ti

    • Paul

      That was the point I was getting at saying the RX480 is in a similar ball park with performance to Scorpio already means Scorpio is likely going to get left behind quite a lot by the time it’s out in 18 months.

    • Hvd

      nope it will use vega rx 480 can do 4k well so the next card is vega nad next cpu in fx zen thats how they will get 4k on it.

    • nismo370z

      youre an idiot

    • Hvd

      lmao suc* it ponie



    • Trenter

      The near 6 tflops of the rx 480 and the 6 tflops capable gpu in the scorpio are the same architecture and are comparable. It doesn’t matter if scorpio ships with vega because it is still shipping with a 6 tflop gpu which is mid-range now and will be low-end in 18 months.

    • Hvd

      the rx 480 isnt 6 tflops its 5.5.

    • Trenter

      Yes? Microsoft has more than likely rounded up to 6 tflops because at the reveal they said it was around 6 tflops. However, I did say “near 6 teraflop 480.” The difference between 5.5 and 6 tflops is not going to be noticeable when comparing the same architecture.

    • Hvd

      rx 480 is 5.5 tflops ms never said its around 6 they said its 6 tflops confirmed.also the rx 480 isnt a 4k gpu however vega is and is most likely what they will use.

    • Trenter

      A 5.5 tflop gpu is as much a 4k gpu as a 6 tflop gpu, there isn’t enough of a difference to be noticeable. Vega will not be substantial change in architecture so you can expect 6 tflop vega gpu to perform slightly better than a 5.5 tflop polaris gpu. The biggest difference is memory bandwidth, 320gbps will allow the scorpio gpu to stretch its legs a little further, that’s only if the rx 480 is bandwidth starved to begin. Most games will probably upscale to 4k from a slightly lower res. Hopefully they forget about 4k and try improving actual rendering quality with the extra power. If they continue using the same 8 jaguar cores then we can expect the cpu to severely hold the gpu back, in that case the new power budget can only really be used to improve rendering resolution because it takes the cpu out of the equation.

    • Hvd

      you havent seen vega yet.polaris isnt a 4k gpu its more of a good 1440p gpu.vega is next releasing next year thats why they are wating.fx zen and vega will be the next console.

    • Trenter

      I know polaris isn’t a 4k gpu. Scorpio doesn’t have zen cores, that’s what some fanboys were claiming but it’s just not true. If a 5.5 tflop amd gpu struggles at 4k, then a 6 tflop amd gpu will also. Vega or not it just won’t make a difference unless amd have done a complete architecture overhaul, which amd themselves have said that navi is the new arch while vega is still gcn. 4k at 30 fps will be achievable in many games but to me that is not an acceptable amount of performance to be considered a good 4k experience.

    • Hvd

      news flash vaga and zen fx are going to be available next flash the console isnt made flash they have plenty of time to put vega and fx zen in the console.

    • andrew159159

      Vega isn’t going to be a magic potion, metaphorically. If it, as you say, runs at 6 tflops it will not be able to run at 4K.

    • Trenter

      Newsflash…it doesn’t matter if it’s vega it’s still a 6 tflop amd gpu which is only slightly faster than the polaris rx 480. They’re as directly comparable as possible, they’re both gcn architecture.

    • nismo370z


  • Doggystyle

    Comparing the Scorpio’s power to a PC doesn’t mean a damn thing when you come to realize that the Scorpio only plays Xbox games.

    That 6 teraflops Xbox can’t play your steam library. Duh. Whats the point?

    • sgt_hammertime

      Millions of people don’t have a “steam library”…So what’s your point?

    • Doggystyle

      Xbox’s game library is sh**. Thats my point. All that comparable PC power means nothing if you can only use it to play a crappy library of weak Xbox games, and a bunch of lame 3 year old sports games on EA access. The framerates will all be locked the same across all Xbox console versions. Scorpio’s power means nothing. Xbox games on Scorpio will all be one flavor unlike the graphics options found on the PC. Its all for nothing. Its still just a console that upscales games just like the previous ones.

    • sgt_hammertime

      why do you seems so angry there buddy? don’t burst a blood vessel.
      as far as I know pretty much all the AAA games are also on console including xbox…..unless you’re talking about some niche games. and when you think about it, there’s a reason those games are niche.
      and I don’t see what EA access has to do with this but all I know is for people who wouldn’t otherwise buy certain games EA Access is a pretty sweet deal.

      edit: what’s up with the stealth edit?

    • Doggystyle

      When I say “Xbox’s game library is sh**.” That’s not anger, thats honesty. And when you realize that, as a rule, all Xbox games must play at the same framerate, across the board— meaning that all framerates must be locked the same, even if its as low as 30fps—the only thing that you will get from the Scorpio’s power is increased resolution. Its not as good as a PC. Its not comparable. Its just Microsoft PR hype. And I’m sure you remember what all that hype did for Quantum Break, don’t you? It lead to major disappointment.

      The truth is, after Xbox Scorpio is released, you can expect all Xbox One games going forward to look like absolute crap because of severe degradation.

      In other words, MS is basically forcing you to upgrade to either the Xbox S, or the Scorpio, if you want to enjoy the best graphics on new games after Scorpio’s release. Oh and have you noticed that they have been completely silent on whether the Scorpio will support the Kinect? Hmmm……

    • sgt_hammertime

      it’s pure anger while being so far from honesty. I won’t act as if I know what Microsoft as devs have planned like you who seems to think he knows all things. I mean after all I believe Phil had already stated he won’t mandate how devs use the scorpio for better visuals or more resolution.
      Scorpio is a better and more powerful system, which will give better looking games with more fluid gameplay will match some high end PC visuals while only being a fraction of the cost.
      quantum break is a good game and I can almost guarantee you haven’t played it, but ahead hate away.

      edit: more stealth edits?

    • Doggystyle

      If you think that Scorpio will only be a fraction of the cost, you’re a damn fool. And once again, thats not being said in anger. Its being said as a matter of fact.

    • sgt_hammertime

      YOU are the fool for pretending as if you know the future or what price point the console will be sold at. it’s also complete idiocy to treat one’s own opinions as if it’s facts.
      the 360 was cheap while the xbox one was sold at a premium, now the xbox one is at the same price point the 360 was in, therefore it can be reasoned that if the scorpio will be in the same ballpark price as the launch xbox one premium price.
      you dont’ know if the console was sold at a loss (as a matter of fact it was rumored to not be but at a break even). you don’t know how much software the company has sold physical or digital in the US or around the world to justify or prove that ridiculous statement of yours.


      Exclusives are going to PC because they have realized that they have alienated the largest install base in gaming and are trying to win some back.

    • Doggystyle

      LOL. Is that what they told you? I’ve got some swamp land to sell you.


      You’re a fanboy, you speak in fanboy terms. Whether you just can’t afford 2 consoles, which I can understand, or you’re to stupid to acknowledge there’s good games on both. I own both so I love all the games I get to play

    • Eddie Battikha

      What’s worse? Xbox games are too short or that their exclusives list is even shorter. It most blow that u guys will never experience a SpiderMan game ever again.

    • sgt_hammertime

      Actually Microsoft put xbox on PC accessible through their windows store. For them xbox is not just a device. So when they release a game that is available on xbox console and through their windows store and is not available through any other store then yes those are exclusives. Which anyway you buy you’ll still have to pay the same piper so what’s the difference?
      I think most xbox owners could give two shiits about about games being available on Windows store, I actually think it’s you PA fantards are making the big deal about it.
      By the way I play mostly on my console and don’t see that changing anytime soon.

      Edit: interesting comment about a multiplatform game turned exclusive. But whatever, it might others but affect me.


      Keep going with the Spiderman game like its something special huh. You’re kinda pathetic you know that right. I own a PS4 and I won’t buy it. If rock steady made it I might.

    • efnet

      Lol why you say angry all the time bruh?

    • Doggystyle

      I’m off my meds man. They say I can’t do drugs where I work.

    • Eddie Battikha

      U couldn’t of said it any better man, Xbox and Nintendo fans were so depressed when they heard that from here on every SpiderMan game is exclusive to Playstation.


      No they were not, I would be depressed if a good Spiderman game was coming. But since there has never been a good one I doubt this one will be

    • ShowanW


      Spiderman hasn’t been good since Spinderman 2… thats about 16yrs ago…

      No anger at all…

      I gave Amazing Spiderman a try on 360…

      I tip my hat off to Insomniac for giving it a go though…
      If anybody can do a good job, it would be them…

      but no anger…


      Let me guess your one of the ones that loves all PS4 games, even when 70% are shovel ware

    • Logan5

      Of course you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts. First, the EA Access vault currently has all of the 2016 sports games in it for “free” (subscription required). They are far from “3 year(s) old”, as you assert. Second, you have no idea what Microsoft’s approach will be regarding graphics options on Project Scorpio. You’re just speculating in the absence of facts at this point.

    • Doggystyle

      LOL, outside of Madden, they might as well go ahead and put the 2017 EA Sports games on there right now.

    • ShowanW

      Doggy come on my dude…

      You were going on about power just a matter of months ago…

      Xbox Gamers said it wasnt about power… where most PS4 players made it about that very thing…

      Now that Phil is at least trying to put the lack of power perception of power to bed… its about games now…

      And you do know that Xbox and PS4 have about 85% of the same library or so right?

      you’re still my boy though…

    • Doggystyle

      You still my boy too. I never see you online on PSN though Sho. Where you at brother? Turn that other box off and play some ‘good’ games. JK

    • ShowanW

      Once I heard about Neo rumors and all these sources confirming it… I took a gamble and sold it…

      The deal i got was too good to pass up on..

      Sold it to a co-worker for top dolla…

      I am itching to play some Uncharted though

    • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

      Resolution always mattered Sonycuck. You losers were too afraid to talk about PC when it was simply better 🙂

    • Hvd

      xbox has its own library thats free unlike sony bc.the xbox library will become like steam soon when i have a xbox scorpio i can play my 360 games on it,xbox one games on it and xbox scorpio games on it.

      same as pc my library will go with me ot every xbox console and unlike sony i dont have to

    • nismo370z

      youre an idiot and a liar

    • Hvd

      and you have no common

    • Makaveli2

      I generally dont have time to go back to old games because new games take up my gaming time already. Sure I get a bit nostalgic sometime and want to fire up an old game, but after playing it for like less then an hour Im done and want to jump back to the current new game im playing. I currently game on a PC and still have a working ps3, dream cast , gamecube and super nintendo. For the last yr I’ve been gaming on my PC 98%. I rather play r6 siege the street fighter 3rd strikenow.
      Also imagine the harddrive space you need to store all those games. So to manage space you dont save all the games on the harddrive. When you want to play a old game you have to wait download and install and old game. You play it for an hr, get bored of it, then you have to uninstall it to free up space for future games. Forget that.

    • Hvd

      i hate r6 siege and any other esport with a an older gamer that likes consoles over pc.the pc is all about esports and since i hate them i dont care for pc gaming.

      pc is for esports and consoles are for gaming.

    • Makaveli2

      You mean pc is for true gamers and consoles for casual gamers. I’m an older gamer too I’m 35 and I grew up with pc gaming. Mario and what not was fun. But kings quest, police quest and monkey island is what got me into gaming.

    • Hvd

      nope pc is for esports dont you have a skin to buy in overwatch or something?

      ps im a 41yr gamer and have had many pc’s as well as consoles.i find console gaming better since i hate esports with a passion.

      no one would care about pc gaming if it wasnt for esports the pc would be dead.esports saved pc gameing in a way.

    • TPoppaPuff

      And Steam can’t play my Xbox library. Or modern EA games for that matter… So what’s your point?

      Your troll is strong. My self-control is weak. I fell for your bait. You win.

    • Dynasty2021

      Yes, us PC crowd so miss your generic Halo, Forza, Gears of War and…and…hmm, what else?

      There are 16000+ games on Steam right now on sale, more than ALL today’s consoles combined. An ACTUAL sale like “was £29.99, now £7.89”, not your console pathetic sales of “was £59.99 (LOL!), now £42.72”

      Enjoy your 2 or 3 exclusives.

    • TPoppaPuff

      None of it changes the stupid statement the original poster said.

    • Makaveli2

      I do honestly think Halo and Gears are quite overrated and would be pretty average games if they had came out only on PC. For a console shooter, sure I give it credit but thats only before halo only golden eye was successful as a shooter on console. As far as game play goes, its nothing new or great.
      Forza I would rate a pretty strong game even on PC though.

    • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

      The 4.14TF tablet CPU neo won’t be playing Steam libary either and you are left with Sony’s garbage to swallow like the mindless cuck you are

      PC always wins, Baby 🙂

  • omarcominyo


  • MattS71

    And to think we all used to be happy playing games on the original Playstation one

  • Hvd

    so then the ps4 neo at 5 tflops is much weaker then a gaming pc and the Scorpio thx

    The Witcher Dev….lmao

    • nismo370z

      nope its the underpowered xbox one that is weak,really weak.Enjoy you crapbox


      PS4 is weak AF as well. Just saying .4 Tera flops more is not crushing the competition ponie

  • BelAirBoss

    Comparing console to pc gpu power is not an apples to apples comparison. When are people going to stop making this silly mistake, over and over and over and over…….

    • William Fenton

      Yea, why are Witcher devs doing this? They really should know better than to spout this kind of meaningless dribble.

  • xboxmaster

    “f this was available when we were working on Wild Hunt I would expect similar quality that we have on PC right now or even better maybe.” sorry to break it to you buddy. but wild hunt now looks nearly identical on xbox, playstation and pc lol

  • William Fenton

    My head hurts with all the nonsense.

    The SCORPIO is already behind top-end PC hardware.

    The painful read of nonsensical statements like “Will look as good as PC”. Which PC? As good as two 1080s with an i7 running at 60fps 4k with mods?

    Not to mention the cringeworthy suggestion it could look better. You know, it could look better on PC as well, only it was held back BY CONSOLES.

    Yes yes yes yes, they needed console profits to make the grand game– but the facts are the facts, they made one base game limited to the console specs, rather than go all out on a high-end PC build.

    Oh, by then the 1080 ti will probably be out, and that will be just a bit more than ‘caught up’.

  • Quix

    I hope all the games come to PC do I don’t need to pay the constant upgrade prices twice over.

  • Rook HD

    almost all Xbox exclusives are available on pc, too. So really, the best combo would be a ps4 and a gaming PC. Even tho a gaming pc would be much more expensive than a xbox, but it’ll be worth it

  • Quindor

    Interesting, that’s the same stand point I wrote in my article about the new consoles a little while back. What’s high-end now (GTX1070 ish performance) will most likely be mainstream in about a year or just a bit longer.

    Hopefully they can sell it for a decent enough price to make it interesting!

    My article also has some hardware speculations and past observations from a PC gamer perspective. If anyone is interested, check it out over here:

  • BlueDream

    No revelations here.
    This has been the industry trend by definition for the last 30 years.
    “New graphic cards are being released very
    often and more often than the new consoles being released. So I think
    it will put Scorpio on par with the PC is that we have at that point.
    But I think PC is growing so fast that it’ll outpace [Scorpio].”


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