‘There Is Nothing False About Microsoft’s Claims About The Scorpio,’ Says Shadow of War Developer

“As far as we can tell, it will be the most powerful console ever created when it launches.”

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xbox scorpio

Microsoft’s Scorpio is going to be the most powerful console ever made, and, as they keep reminding us, the only one that is capable of native 4K rendering for video games. There is some doubt about the latter claim (the former one is empirically verifiable)- however, the fine folks at Monolith Productions, currently working on the highly anticipated upcoming Shadow of War, say that the Scorpio is indeed going to be all that Microsoft is hyping it up to be.

“We’ve found nothing false about their claims about the hardware. As far as we can tell, it will be the most powerful console ever created when it launches – unless somebody has an announcement I don’t know about”, Monolith’s studio head Kevin Stephens told GamesRadar. “I can’t speak for Microsoft, but from our point of view they seem very committed to, you know, if you buy an Xbox One, whether it’s a One, or an S, or a Scorpio you’re going to buy a game and [be able to] play it on any of them. That seems very consistent with our experience of working on those platforms.”

This is the first time we have heard a third party speak concretely on the Xbox One Scorpio- so far, our insight into the system is either from leaks, or from Microsoft’s statements themselves. At the very least, I suppose it is good to know that the Scorpio truly looks set to live up to its massive hype and billing, if nothing else.

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  • ShowanW

    wow!! finally a AAA 3rd party dev kinda going on record, about scorpio’s power…
    thats a good sign…

    • Mr Xrat

      A 3rd party dev getting its marketing paid for by Lying Phil.

    • ShowanW

      I already A sensible conversation with you is never going to happen…

      So im not even gonna both

    • Mr Xrat


  • Michael

    A true 4k console and not half-a## attempt like the pro.

    • Riggybro

      Yeah ha ha remember when they said Xboxone was “full HD”?

    • Holeybartender

      There was only 4k streaming when the Pro was made and the only 4k content available.It was a full attempt as possible at the time,Scorpio is still in development.

  • ProAssassin84

    It will be a Overpriced Paper Weight and Sony will drop the Price of the Pro to $300 and will make it look pathetic expecially with all the PS4 Exclusives. Microsoft has been playing catch up and are desperate and are in Panic Mode.

    • Holeybartender

      Cuz of Sony’s approach of Games,Games,Games not TV,TV,TV.

  • Mr Xrat

    “As far as we can tell,”

    So they know as much as we do. Hilarious!

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