There’s no ammo in MW3 [Offbeat]

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Editors Note: It seems that this post has been taken out of context and is being published as proof that Modern Warfare 3 will not have ammo. ย This is totally incorrect. As you can see we have posted this in the offbeat section, something which we found at reddit and should NOT be treated as proof/evidence that Modern Warfare will not have ammo. We have simply posted this to add humor to the website!

What?! ย There will be no ammo in Modern Warfare 3?

Thanks, Romanoff.

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  • Activision announced they would be taking out ammo and reloading from the game alltogether. Now whenever you fire your weapon, 1 dollar is charged to your credit card in exchange for a projectile to kill your enemies.

    • “This article was meant to be a humor/offbeat sort of image that poked fun at the difference in detail between the screenshots of the 2 games. “

  • I had seen this on Reddit myself earlier today and when I seen the title of the article, I almost flipped. I had thought that someone had seen this on Reddit and misplaced the lack of detail for an alternative Ammunition source.

  • Please watch the video again the magazine your looking at is the bottom not the top I watch how he loaded the magazine and he reverse the magazine before loading it.

    • Tim

      No, that clearly isn’t the case. Look at the tape (or whatever it is) on it, it is nearly at the bottom. He is looking at the top of it

  • Another reason that COD is a piece of shit when compared to real games. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Its hard to tell if it was the bottom or the top. We just see him getting the mag, then loading it, no bullet was ever shown, so we can make a conclusion to say it was the top or bottom. All we know is that we see a mag with no bullet, then the gun is loaded. Magic!

  • baw

    I kow this is a parody but it could have some truth to it in an ironic way. I can see a message coming up mid-game:

    “your credit card is empty please add more funds to purchase more ammunition. New purchases come with a free knife, offer ends in 3 days”

  • hahaha, lol, this is true aswell ๐Ÿ˜€

  • charles2029

    Bullets? We don’t need no stinking bullets!

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