This is What a 1980’s Xbox, PSP and GBA Would Look Like

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Ever imagined that if you bought an Xbox, PSP and GBA in the 1980’s, then how will they look like? Well, we have got the images for you. So without any delays lets take a look.

Please click the image to see it in a browser and use back-next to navigate through them.



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  • So now brown/wood equals old stuff? Weird and dumb, 80’s consoles weren’t like they were cut out wood. Never seen a NES, Commodore 64 or a TurboGrafx 16?

    I still have a classic purple Nintendo DS-like Game&Watch system.

    Kids these days, probably we will see the same article about 90’s consoles too.

    • Gotta agree with the above post.

    • I agree too.

      This was just a kid trying to be funny… FAIL

    • Gotta agree with the guy that agrees and the guy that pointed out that wood textures do not equal retro gaming.

      Cute, but meh.

  • This is stupid. The first and third pic don’t look like 1980’s electronics. More like 1880’s. These must have been made by someone who was born in the 90’s.

  • Haha, stupid article. Only thing wooden back then were the TVs; we still have a huge wooden TV with a round screen from back in the 80’s.

    Not even consoles in the 70’s were wooden. Magnavox was plastic.

  • Like the guy before me said, how does making them out of wood mean they’re from the 80’s? I dont get it.


  • The GBA looks very 70s, as it is obviously inspired by early Atari consoles. The rest look like something out of the 50s. 80s stuff was really angular and plastic. Look at the OG gameboy from 89.

  • Freakin retarded and useless article.
    It’s time people get jail time for publishing stupidity on websites.

  • How exactly would you close that Gameboy? If the atari-like joystick sticks up like that, you’ll implode the screen when shutting it XD.

    And Wood =/= 1980s

  • Nice work on the images. The Xbox and PSP really do like they came from the 50s. The Gameboy looks cool, but doesn’t represent any particular time period.

  • these are pretty poor shops. You can tell by the pixels. and having seen some poor shops in my time.


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