Titanfall 2 Expectations: PS4 Version, Current Gen Only, Better Single Player Experience And More

Titanic expectations await.

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Titanfall had created a sensation with its pre-release gameplay footage as we had awaited a game in fidgeting anticipation, and the game had delivered right upto our expectations. But had it? No doubt Titanfall had made it big with its crafty gameplay techniques and the fast paced shooter had struck many as a truly worthy of their currency bills game. Even after making such a mark in the industry, the game had lacked some in some aspects; it was even a disappointment with regard to certain aspects that go into making a truly excellent game.

Whilst it ‘s true that no developer can make each and every gamer satisfied with their work, developers at Respawn have quite a canvas that remains unblemished which they can utilise to make the second installation of the game truly enrapturing and all the more exhilarating. Here’s a list of features and additions that we feel can make Titanfall 2 something that could make other FPS franchises like CoD and Battlefield go soak themselves.

15. More Titans

Titanfall_Frontier's Edge_02
Titanfall as it is introduced us to colossal mechs ripping through through enemies relentlessly. It is super fun to pull off awe inspiring moves in those nippy, chaos wreaking mechs, but you ultimately end up thibkibg the same though, ‘What if there were more?’.

Having a wider variety of Titans with nuanced abilities would make the gameplay a lot more interesting as every different perk would prompt players to try out new strategies against their opponents to to take them down.

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  • GHz

    Page 11. Those controllers look so good together. 😀

  • bardock5151

    Why bother with the ps4? According to certain fanboys its a crap game that can be had on the PC.

    • rodney patrick

      exactly,thats all they kept saying knowing they was hurt ps4 didn’t get it

    • Christopher

      Please don’t generalize the entire ps4 fanbase because a couple of people were saying it’s crap.

    • bardock5151

      it was a sarcastic comment. And aimed at certain fanboys.

    • Christopher

      Oh okay. Lol nice one.

    • bardock5151

      I do need to start using tags for sarcastic remarks, it gets me caught in arguments quite often unfortunately lol.

    • SixRavenX

      First off, it would be dumb not to include it for both next gen consoles, if only because the PS4 has a larger user base at the moment. It would be foolish to limit the potential buyers by over 50%, when all that extra money and popularity would only drive the series onward and upward.

      Second, just because some PS4 snobs said Titanfall was crap doesnt mean its the general consensus among the rest of us. I personally would love to have played it, and almost considered going to the Xbox One in order to play (glad i didnt now tho).

      If they do the sequel the right way with a proper campaign mode and the like, and cater to next gen only but both consoles, it has the potential to be a top selling game going forward. Most current gamers love fast paced play on games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, so I cant imagine how fun it would be adding giant mechs into the mix (the ASTs in Advanced Warfare multiplayer are so underpowered its ridiculous).

  • I don’t think this game needs a sequel, the hype is completely gone…
    Anyway, if they’re going to add a 4 players split screen mode and a coop mode, I may buy it for PS4.

  • rodney patrick

    LMFAO keep dreaming sonyfanboy ,MS is not going to let this game slip away from them. they got to much money to let that happen fact

    • Patrick Cushing

      We are talking about EA here and we all know what EA wants, that is more money and bringing this game to PS4 will make them more money.

    • Lonny

      I don’t think it will be up to MS this time. Respawn was not happy they lost sales with it not being on the PS4.

    • Goodacre

      just like they had too much money to let Bungie go?

      you can’t run a business like it’s your own personal piggy bank. they have to make decisions that are financially beneficial. this is why games like CoD, GTA and Minecraft aren’t simply “bought out”

  • Lonny

    One thing I’d love to see is a mech only combat without pilot ejections. The other thing is less AI and more players. Though we could be in trouble if it comes out for PS4 because that will force EA to use their servers for this game instead of MS servers. We all know how horrible EA servers are just look at Battlefield.


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