Titanfall 2 “Won’t Fit” on Nintendo Switch – Respawn Designer

So no, a port isn’t planned.

Posted By | On 20th, Jan. 2017 Under News

After Gearbox Software announced that Borderlands 3 likely wouldn’t be on the Nintendo Switch due to size constraints, it was Titanfall 2 senior designer Mohammad Alavi who denied the possibility of the multiplayer shooter ever being ported.

Speaking to Drunk Tech Review on YouTube, Alavi noted that despite personally liking the console, it wouldn’t be receiving third-party support because it’s “so underpowered”. Alavi was asked whether Titanfall would arrive on the Switch, to which he replied, “F**k no! No, you’re not going to be able to fit Titanfall 2 on the Nintendo Switch.”

This has been the usual story for Nintendo hardware according to Alavi even as the company caters to handheld users and “the kids”.

Alavi has a point. Even Electronic Arts’ next iteration of FIFA will be a “custom” version built for Switch, most likely because it won’t be able to handle the same version released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. What are your thoughts on the Switch’s power? Let us know below.

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    Be deader quicker than the wii u at this rate.

  • Why Nintendo choose to stay behind all the time?

    • Dougdec92

      I really don’t know, they used to be the leaders

  • J Alves Cordeiro

    This is the kind of declaration that a responsible game designer would never give. It happened before on Crytek, for example, and the person was fired back then. We are in a game generation that suffers from serious instabilities – despite the media counterproductive lures. Nintendo has more than a century on the business for a reason and that should be taken in account before such kind of suspicious comment from a person in the position of Mr. Alavi.

    • Mavericks

      Get real, Switch is underpowered and uses an ARM processor. Devs will not spend time trying to fit 7 x86 threads in 4 ARM cores.

  • Dougdec92

    Well the way he went about it was not the best but if we are to use the legend of Zelda output res as a factor and the kind of power it brings then we’re going to get custom versions of other games or those games broken down to allow the switch to handle. They could’ve have kept their switch concept and put some more powerful hardware into the dock especially, that could’ve served them better and they could justifiably have sold at a higher price.


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