Titanfall Alpha New Details: AI Bots, No Shields, Frame Rate, Graphics, 6 vs. 6 and More

Find out more about Respawn Entertainment’s FPS from the recent alpha.

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30. Titanfall

New impressions have arrived for the alpha of Respawn Entertainment’s TitanFall. Gameplay is locked at 60 frames per second and it seems that 12 Titans battling among themselves is indeed chaotic and awesome. It’s been pointed that as far as humans go, 6 vs. 6 is a little empty. This isn’t to say it’s bad, but Respawn might want to consider a bump up to 8 vs. 8 somewhere down the line or maybe even a Titan Queue rather than lesser players. Nonetheless, map and level design gets top marks, despite there only being two maps. The game modes revealed include capturing three bases and holding them against enemies along with team deathmatch.

As for the combat, it’s been described as near perfect. There are no shields – which begs the question as to whether there’s any regenerating health a la COD. As for the AI bots, powered by the Cloud? They don’t do much to turn the tide and only exist as cannon fodder. At this stage, they neither hurt, help or kill players. Will Respawn work to suitably bump up their level of intelligence? We’ll have to wait and see.

Despite the solid frame rate, the graphics have been described as looking “over-sharpened” with an abundance of white outlines. There aren’t any destructible environments to speak of either. If you’ve been spoiled by the Levolution of Battlefield 4 (when you get a chance to play it, that is), you’ll be disappointed. Overall, frame rate slow downs only occur if there’s a network problem. Matchmaking has been described as an long process, but it is an alpha after all.

Nonetheless, TitanFall has all the makings of a hit. The alpha is restricted to the Xbox One but has seen a great response from players thus far. It will release for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on March 11th in North America and March 14th in the UK.

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  • dirkradke

    This is not my style of game, but even I can see the possibilities of doing something different than Call of Duty or the Battlefield series. All the previous MechWarrior type of games seem to have not taken off and Titanfall is probably the first that has a real chance at greatness.

  • Nintendont

    Alpha was a blast, can’t wait for release

  • I fully enjoyed my time with the alpha. The game is an absolute blast and a welcome change from everything we’ve been playing thus far.

  • Iron Ballz

    The alpha was amazing. This game will definitely be a COD killer. It’s sad to say, but the alpha felt like the game is way more ready to be released than BF4 that is already released.


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