Titanfall: Dev Explains Why You Can’t Shoot Through Walls

Just because some games have it doesn’t mean TitanFall should too.

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Despite the giant hulking mechs having the available arsenal, you won’t be able to shoot through walls in Respawn Entertainment’s TitanFall.

On the official community forums, the developer stated that there would be “No shooting through walls for this title. It’d take a fair bit of design work to do otherwise, especially with the power of the Titan weapons. From a realistic standpoint you would expect them to be the most effective at penetrating walls, but that would just make life suck for Pilots. Besides, there are other ways to root out campers.”

Which is a fair and valid point. After all, one of the strengths of the pilots in TitanFall is their movement and speed. If you take away their ability to hide as well, what chance do they have?

The developer also stated that, “Another title having a feature is not the bar by which we justify features.” This was said in regards to the number of games that currently do have bullet penetration through walls, like Battlefield 4.

“While I’m acutely aware of the benefits of bullet penetration in the tactical shooter genre, with the way this game plays I’m not sure what sort of design space it would really open up. It’s certainly not a feature I find myself missing and I don’t even think it qualifies as “something we would definitely have done if we had the time”. No doubt we’ll evaluate it further depending on our next project, but it’s definitely not a no brainer.”

What are your thoughts? TitanFall releases on March 11th in North America and March 14th in the UK for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • Vious

    looking forward to this game

  • Efrt

    This game is going to change the…game.

    • cozomel

      Pong is more signicant than this game

    • Miroslav

      Gee, a 6v6 multiplayer online game sure is innovative! NOT

  • dirkradke

    It’s one thing if you’re trying to be realistic it’s quite another story if you’re trying to balance the fun and fairness in game play. If the giant robots can blow anything up then there really isn’t a point to playing the match after a couple minutes.

    • bigshynepo

      I get the realism concept but they could’ve used heavy metal (indestructible) in the superstructure of the level and then concrete, wood, sheet metal for areas that could be destroyed by mechs, grenades, rpg, or at least shot thru by the smaller guns.

      Looking forward but still feel like there is some bad news coming before we get our retail copies (alpha textures still in place, released delayed back to march 25, ridiculous server load for the first few days). Hopefully the beta goes good.

      *fingers crossed*

    • cozomel

      See, your opinion i can respect, cuz its obvious you’re a fan, but you’re not delusional about it.

    • cozomel

      excuses, excuses, you people are such suckers!

    • dirkradke

      Why am I sucker because I expressed an opinion?

    • cozomel

      Not because you expressed an opinion. but because you believed it. BF has destructibility, yet you dont have the problems they used as an excuse. Its BS!

    • dirkradke

      It’s an opinion just like your opinion of me. I doubt I will any sleep over it.

  • Sunnycyde

    I hate bullet penetration in call of duty:ghosts so it’s nice to know that when I buy a xbox one and titanfall that the game just keeps looking and sounding more amazing. I’d be so happy if it came out for my ps4 but oh well I don’t mind getting an xbox as they also have some other exclusives coming that I’d love to try.

    • datdude

      Destruction of the environment happens on the battlefield. So for you to say you “hate it” in other games only points to you being that gamer who enjoys the unrealistic nature of games where you get hit with 20 bullets yet continue running, or can leap 10 foot gaps with ease. I prefer a little more realism and believability. In a game with 25 foot mechs it seems a strange decision to not include destruction in the environment considering the weaponry being used. So it’s more likely they simply can’t do it without something else suffering (perhaps framerate) based on hardware constraints.

    • Sunnycyde

      Lol I didn’t know u knew me haha. Seems to me u are a jealous fanboy who won’t be playing the game as your pc can’t run it and you don’t have an xbox one.

      So in ps4s The Order, it’s more likely the screen aspect ratio is wack with black bars top and bottom because they simply can’t do it without something else suffering based on hardware constraints, ah makes sense now why it’s only 30fps and features no multiplayer or co-op, if that’s the case, which it is since I, like you, know everything, then they should just say so. Because if you’re going to make a action title in this gen, do it big, or don’t bother. Same goes for infamous and it’s single player only. Now get lost troll, you fail lol.

      …patiently waiting for your defensive fanboy reply….lol

    • datdude

      This poor soul is one of those unfortunate types who has globbed onto TitanFall so desperately because there is nothing else to grab onto with dat bone, no matter how lackluster TitanFalls graphics/environment appear to be. The resolution and framerates are behind the ps4, and Sony’s first party devs keep winning goty award after goty award, so the desperation is understandable. Poor guy. He’s so desperate he thinks a 720p, 6v6, multiplayer only title is somehow a phenomenal achievement in gaming, to be desired by all. Sad. This guy is pathetically pointing to Infamous and The Order being single player only, apparently ignorant of the fact that most of the best games of the last generation, and in fact, of all time, are single player only titles. Bioshock, Mass Effect, MGS, The Witcher, God of War, etc. etc. etc., just to name a few. Name one multiplayer only title on consoles that matches up. Case closed critter. Nighty Night son.

    • cozomel

      Stop killing the poor kid, he’s obviously, “special”

    • cozomel

      Wow, talk about dumb as a rock, you went from dumb to even stupider. Listen kid, The Order devs are debating whether to make the game 1920×800 with 4x MSAA or 1920×1080 w/o MSAA and FSAA instead.

      1920×800 = 1,536,000

      with is higher resolution than Ryse, DR3, KI, BF4, COD or AC4 and plethora of other X1 games.
      Ryse only has 1,440,000 (1600×900)
      And guess what 1920×800 with 4x MSAA takes more bandwidth than 1920×1080 w/o 4x MSAA. So this game is techincally

    • cozomel

      “I hate bullet penetration in call of duty:ghosts ”

      blah, blah, blah, bulls#1t

      “it’s nice to know that when I buy a xbox one and titanfall that the game just keeps looking and sounding more amazing.”
      Titan is only going to be 720p, Amazing!
      its only going to be 6v6, even more amazing!
      alpha textures, Amazing!
      No destructibility, Orgasmic!

  • Hmm, is there any destruction in this game?

    • WhereAmI?

      Nope, the game will be fun, but it’s it’s also probably gonna be the most casual friendly shooters out there.

    • Seriously? A game with mechs but no destruction? Wow…

    • Sunnycyde

      Lol did you play the alpha? Obviously not as it is nowhere near casual friendly haha which is why it’s considered the next competitive game for MLG.

  • datdude

    Considering this game is multiplayer only and 720p 6v6 on xbone, it’s probably more likely the developer simply cannot implement destruction in the environment without cutting even more corners than they already had to. If you’re honest, and if developers are honest, they and we would love every game to be 4k capable, with heavy destruction and particle effects everywhere with 60 fps locked or even higher framerates. But there is always, to this point in development on pc or console, a trade off. It bothers me when developers just don’t speak the plain truth. The pr people have them so turned around not to say the wrong thing, they just offer platitudes time and again.

    • Sunnycyde

      lol you’re such a bad troll, it bothers me why the developers of Infamous SS and The Order hide behind their PR instead of just speaking the plain truth. The pr people have them so turned around not to say the wrong thing, they just offer platitudes time and again. Yeah e devs,chose the “cinematic” ratio despite all the hate and ridicule because it’s “better” lol, they chose no co-op or multiplayer in The Order and Infamous because “it doesn’t need it” lol cop out, and the order chose 30fps because “movies do it” lol. Love those lies they keep telling us ps4 owners and I love idiots like you who drink it up. Now I’m done showing you up, and won’t bother replying to your lame attempts at a rebuttal, no matter how defensive, fanboyish, idiotic, and funny they no doubt will be. 🙂

    • datdude

      Uhhh…Sony’s first party devs are busy making games that contend for game of the year awards year in, year out. Microsoft first party devs? All I hear is crickets…no awards. Just more of the same, year in, year out. Good luck with that.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Super butthurt with this guy.

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      Lol at ur so so so lame attempt at trying to troll. U r the worst kind, and there’s a special place for you to burn, its called titanfall!!!!! ( don don donnnn.. dramatic music)
      Now I’m done, lol chump goes the titan…..

    • cozomel

      Wow, datdude gave a smart and highly probablel comment that wasnt fanboyish at all, then you come along with your fanboy a$$ and spew nothing but pure fanboy crap and ignorance to the max. You must be very young, cuz you sound dumb as phvck! But then again all Xbox fanboys are. You’d have to be to think a overpriced and highly inferior system is somehow better than the competition.You’re fanboyism just screwed you over. Pathetic, thats all i have to say about you. And stay in school kid, you need it, now toodaloo moron!

  • Thinkaboutit

    Im glad theres no bullet penetration. It always bothered me how you could shoot through a wall but a random umbrella would stop bullets in games like cod.

    • cozomel

      You’re glad there is no realistic bullet penetration because COD (which was made this same team) couldnt do it right?! Yeah that makes sense,… If you’re stupid!

  • john smith

    Xbox 180 will never reach the full potential of what a next gen console can do. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that multiplat developers will hold back and release inferior games just so the xbox is able to run them

  • Arnold Stallone

    Why not making all the levels in a desert? One single sand texture for 99% of the scenery, a few rocks and palm trees, and the dog borrowed from cod ghosts, for saving some textures and time.
    Huh, respawn? 4k, easily done.

    … they could make the walls hard to blow away.. like 30 rockets from a titan, for a single wall.instead of a single shot from a 9mm….

    The main reason is that all those calculations of debris would eat up at least 10% of all the xbox one power.it already miserably runs at only 720p… who wants destructible walls, at 600p? Anyone?

    Yes, I said miserably. Infamous ss runs at 1080p and renders a full huge photorealistic city, where each NPC will be a real face scanned from a real guy/girl from seattle, with destruction for most objects, walls, bridges, etc, whose debris will remain where they fall, for the rest of the game, on the ps4 memory.
    Not even talking about the incredible lighting, colors, whole living city, cars, effects, etc. And the crazy light effects from dalsin powers. True 1080p glory.

    How can titanfall run at 2.25 times less pixels,with simple scenery, 12 little players, and some canon fodder bunch of pixels called AI. Respawn, with all the resources freed by using the cloud, 1080p, should be easily done. What’s wrong, respawn guys? Why don’t you ask Activision so they tell you how to achieve 1080p?

    • ambientflier

      Infamous doesn’t run in 60fps, dumbass.

    • cozomel

      He didnt say it does you stupid assuming ph#ck! Damn xbots are dumb. And he’s absolutely right, NPc with real faces scanned on them, destruction for most objects (walls, bridges, etc whose debris stays where they fall for the rest of the game, incredible lighting, colors whole living cities, effects and all at 1080p. Unlike the highly unimpressive Titanfall. Now get a grip fanboy.And p.s. your the dumba$$.

    • CsanC

      Ahh! you mean that lego destruction effect that SS looks like when destroying parts of the city? I see that a lot of that in the lego games but without all that fogginess at 20 feet away from your character even if youre inside a building. Hmmm! radioactive fog maybe that goes thru walls!?? 🙂

    • Arnold Stallone

      it’s you who must have received too much radiation during pregancy.
      i don’t see any other reason for you to be dat ignorant fanboy.

    • Arnold Stallone

      thanks, man, you’re THE man 😉
      it will be his 15th game running at 720p. he must be so proud of next gen, lol

      Dik4all 6vs6 will be amazing, specially on small maps;
      *shoots a rocket, somewhere, without aiming: 4 kills*
      *a titan is dropped near a respawn zone: 200 kills/minute*
      *accidentally drops a grenade : 4 team mates die*
      *shot with sniper riffle: 1 bullet makes 4 headshots”

      all that with cloud power. Just wait until they start using the sun.

  • Psionicinversion

    I cant see titanfall being all that good tbh. ill reserve proper judgement till i play the beta but it just seems like team deathmatch, 6v6 CoD multiplayer, the bots stuck into simulate BF4 multiplayer and mechs which is the same as just getting in a tank in BF4. Just a mash up to seemingly create something new when it isnt. Dont get me wrong probably be fun for a cpl weeks then probably just get boring

    CoD Ghosts waste of time 9.5/10 pfft 4-5/10 and should receive an award for the biggest waste of time last year. Least you buy Battlefield for the multiplayer single player just a bonus.

    Games like the order seen someone here say sony gets awards for best in the year… why??? all the BIG titles on the consoles even PC are just rehashed rubbish with a new skin on. The Order is clearly a mix maybe 2-3 games currently out or even a reskinned version of something else with a different story slapped in a new setting, new engine and everyones getting excited about… no innovation cus they darent upset the winning formula so they stick to whats sells and not taking chances on something radically different. Indie devs are by far the best gaming innovators, minecraft cud prolly run that on a spectrum ZX and is massive.

    Theres a few really good one coming out that make you sit up and take notice but its not by any big publisher or studio and theyll probably be 10x better cus itll be more refrshing and probably arent tied to strict release schedules

    By the way 4K capable? why neither console has anywhere near the level of power required to render a proper native 4K game, could use an upscaler maybe but wouldnt be 4K

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Titanfall will be released March 11 2014…..and will be forgotten about by March 30th 2014.

    • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

      Ehhh I give up a few months as no new AAA game is coming out right after.

      And the dude is just defending himself. What else is he suppose to say. There’s just not enough power in the X1 or the game engine is just to weak to handle that. What a pathetic excuse, if a last gen game had those features then it should be standard. Don’t give me that BS in the quote. I’m not falling for it, but many X1ers will.

    • ambientflier

      Wow, you’re just as much of a troll here as you are on N4G…

      Yes, let’s make buildings destructible and take away the ability of pilots to hide and wallrun as soon as the game starts and mechs wreck all the cover, and then anyone not in a mech will die immediately upon respawn. Brilliant!

    • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

      Because a 6 vs 6 can destroy an entire map and cover all bases /s

      And mind you I don’t think there can be 12 mechs at the same time. And like you’re not skilled enough to find other cover. And like the developers are not good enough to create thicker walls or small underground tunnels etc.

    • cozomel

      Shut up stupid Sony fanboy, the devs said, therefore its fact /end sarcasm.
      Thank you, you are hitting it right on the head. These xbot will accept and spew back any bullcrap they are told. They get their marshing orders and spew themback well.

    • cozomel

      You’re calling him a troll when you’re a troll too, xbox fanboys are such hypocrits. You think you’re some angel?

    • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

      Lol people who can’t admit themselves are “X”. Well I am X and if you don’t like it don’t read it. Getting defensive much??

      And just because the devs said it..? Look at that part a little harder.

    • JJ

      You need to learn some manners and stop being arrogant. First of all, stop being abrasive just because the game isn’t on ps4. There is no need to reply to everyone’s comment, especially non-provoking ones, just to state a personal remark. I don’t know what you are trying to achieve,because they don’t care what you say even if it’s true, so you lose. And don’t call me a console fan-boy, I have a PC. Both Xbox One and Ps4 are good for their purposes, which one people prefer is personal opinion, NOT objective. Of course PC is best at everything.

    • arbbles berglers

      …this article isn’t even about destructible buildings. next time, try reading articles before you comment on them. or in this case, just read the *headline*.

    • TillMaster

      cant afford an xbox1? sad

  • arbbles berglers

    translation: “we couldn’t figure out how to program it in to the ancient source engine we built the game with”

    • cozomel

      Bingo, smart man! Now just wait for all the truth denying fanboys to start attacking you

    • Arnold Stallone

      as i said on my first comment, they could make it in a way that each wall needs like 100 -200 times more shots before starting being destroyed, instead of only 2 or 3 hits .
      so their argument is totally BS, as everything that comes from Penello, microsoft PR, and all the devs working exclusively with crosoft. they always need to lie, to hide the truth.

  • cozomel

    “Which is a fair and valid point. After all, one of the strengths of the pilots in TitanFall is their movement and speed. If you take away their ability to hide as well, what chance do they have?”
    And you believe this crap, you cant shoot through walls cuz its got a crappy engine from a crappy team. So instead of telling the truth they make up some stupid excuse and these stupid authors and fanboys believe it. You people need to learn to get of the nuts of the companies and speak up when you smell BS. If they had used the Frostbite 3 engine (or heck even the first Frostbite engine) they would have had beeen able to do destructible walls. Plus, truthfully the game is already pushing the X1 at 720p and only 6v6 players, so destructibility would have been to much for this game on the X1. Damn, the X1 powerful? impressive aint it?

  • Yep, playing in the Alpha I didn’t even think twice about not being able to shoot through walls. I was having too good a time playing and enjoying the speed and the crispness of the controls. This game is going to be great

  • Azzbullet

    For the idiots saying that the XB1 doesn’t have enough power to do this. Its coming out on PC retards. You going to say PC version cant do it either unless its on PS4?

  • Miroslav



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