Top 10 Final Fantasy Games Of All Time

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Final Fantasy is one of the most prestigious, high quality franchises of all time. Recent events such as the release of Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIV and the repeated releases of Final Fantasy IV have impacted the brand name adversely, but it cannot be denied that Final Fantasy is one of the most important, more high quality franchises in the RPG genre. The series spans fourteen mainline games (till now), and a plethora of spin-offs that cover everything racing to mini-game compilations to music games to even strategy. Considering such a vast number of games, you’d think that most of them would be crap. However, you’d be wrong, considering that when Final Fantasy gets it right, it’s unsurpassable.

And it gets it right a lot.

Below is a list of the ten best games with the Final Fantasy brand name attached to them. Enjoy the list, and tell us what you think about it in your comments below.

10. Final Fantasy XII

Several people say Final Fantasy XII is where it all began- the downfall of the series. It is said Final Fantasy XII’s story is bland, its characters are boring and unimaginative, its protagonist is bad and looks like a girl, and the list goes on. To an extent, those things are true. The story, though still good for a standalone game, doesn’t live up to the series’ pedigree for delivering high quality stories, and the characters are pretty forgettable, and yes, Vaan does look like a little girl. But that’s not where Final Fantasy XII shines the most. It’s the game’s gameplay that truly stands out. Breaking away from the series’ turn based formula, and even ditching something as simple as random battles, Final Fantasy XII introduced an all new non turn based formula that offered an experience as deep as any. And with the Gambit System and the License Board to boot, the gameplay turned out to be the deepest in any Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy XII may not be the perfect Final Fantasy game, but it’s definitely one of the best.

9. Final Fantasy VIII

Okay, there was a huge backlash against Final Fantasy VIII (as well), and fans did not like it (as well). Many people said the story was a bit disappointing when compared to the rest of the series, and the school drama setting did not please anyone. But it cannot be denied that Final Fantasy VIII was, after all was said and done, a very high quality Role Playing Game. And those who can look past the initially jarring and slightly irritating school drama setting of FFVIII see that the story, too, was really good, and that the characters were some of the most memorable ones in the Final Fantasy universe. Just like Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy VIII has its flaws, but it’s a darn good game nonetheless.

8. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Like almost every single Final Fantasy game ever, there’s a huge backlash against Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. People say the game somewhat ruined the legacy of Final Fantasy VII, that it had an unsatisfying battle system, a disappointing story and forgettable characters. I, somehow, found that most of these allegations were wrong- the story was pretty good, and lead into Final Fantasy VII very well; the characters were great, especially Angeal, Genesis and Zack, and Sephiroth was awesome as ever. Yes, the battle system was pretty bad, and the game was very linear, and it was short as well, but it was a great game nevertheless, and till date, one of the best PSP games.

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  • DixieNormous

    Completely agree, ff6 is by far the best of them all, would have stuck 9 a little higher on the list as i do have a soft spot for it but nonetheless this is a list i can’t, wont and don’t want to argue with.

  • ashley

    i like ff7 very much bcuz it was very well made and graphics wrer amazing though didnt like the ending tifa and cloud should are considered as couple and they should become a couple in the end

    • Jonathan


  • Eikichi

    FFVII is horrible, don’t trust hype. Gameplay sucks., mechanics sucks, not to mention graphic is unbearable, worst I’ve ever seen. FFI had better. Scripted plot, nothing else.

  • I know i can take this list seriously when FFX is on top 3… realy are you fucking kidding me? The story makes no fucking sence, the voic acting is horrible and the levling grid is one of the worst lvling systems ever… all tho the cut scence are realy realy good and the battle system is close to perfect given that its time based i ask myself who the hell though seymor was a good idea? He is as threatening as team rocket from fucking pokemon as you end up killing him like 4-5 times.
    And why the hell is tidus the main charecter? Why would u have a pussy whining about he’s dady issues as ur main charecter? It would make much more sence to make yuna or auron the main charecter not a whini litle bitch like tidus.

  • Jacko

    Aside from switching ten and 4’s positions I agree completely with this list well done

  • Duncan

    I think you were spot on with all of your reviews!! 😀 The list looks perfect

  • Pinking Lily

    FFVI be the number 1 is forgivable,however FFIX is on the 6th spot?Hell no I’d rather die than do that.And why do FFVII always closer to number 1?My list is (From 1st to 10th):FFIX,FFVI,FFXII,FFIV,FFVII,FFVII,FFX-2,FFXIII,FFV,and the last 1 is FFII.Actually the last is FFI,which a really really exhausting game where I never ever will beat the game as there’s no map at the beginning or at mid game,no one ever tell you where to go,NPC only tell you something important once and thats it,you’ll ruin your life if you miss just 1 important thing.Also there’s no sign or even a boundaries to stop you from lost from the main game.Now im really lost that all of my character are lvl 25,fighting monster that give around 100-250 EXP over and over,and morely,the game’s random encounter is TRULY ANNOYING.

  • Sushi

    ffx in 3rd spot hahahaha?, 1 (for starting it all), 4 and 8 and 9> 10.

  • Ducked

    I’m glad Crisis Core made the list. Zack is one of the best developed characters in the series. The story was great, and the soundtrack was by far the best!

  • Matt

    FF6, while great, is the most consistently overrated game in the history of human civilization. With that said, I know of no other game that has ever brought the story, characters, and ground-shifting impact of FF7. Honestly, 7 is in an entirely different realm of play.


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