Top 10 Games Of 2011 So Far

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Half of 2011 is done with and so far we had an amazing year for video games. There have been a ton of games released with mind blowing experiences. It’s safe to say that 2011 is shaping up to the best year for video games ever.

One question that definitely arises is: ‘What are the top games of 2011 so far?’ Its a tough one to answer but worry not, we have got you covered. Today we present to you a feature where we have listed the top 10 games of 2011 so far, without which your life is incomplete.

10. Killzone 3

Platform: PlayStation 3

Our Score: 8.5/10

Killzone 3 had a lot of shortcomings compared to its highly successful predecessor, Killzone 2, but it had enough action and amazing gameplay to hook players on the screen. Featuring an intense plotline, a colourful world, brutal boss fights and an intelligent enemy AI, Killzone 3 is one of the best first person shooter experiences we had this year.

9. Dead Space 2

Platforms: PS3, PC & Xbox 360

Our Score: 9/10

Dead Space is easily the Resident Evil of this generation. With Capcom focussing on a more action oriented approach with its recent Resident Evil games, Visceral Games have taken this opportunity and have grown in stature and prominence. Dead Space 2 is not a hell lot of different compared to its highly successful predecessor, because it does not need to be. Dead Space 2 includes a solid multiplayer component, an indepth look in to the life of Issac Clarke and more necromorphs. Doesn’t that sound awesome already?

8. Section 8: Prejudice

Platforms: PC & Xbox 360

Score: 9/10

For as little as $15, Section 8: Prejudice is a steal. With a plethora of first person shooters hitting the market every year, Prejudice offers something fresh and more content at a very low value. The predecessor was criticized for a number of reasons and fortunately the talented team at TimeGate Studios put their head down and turned out with an amazing shooter with an intent to satisfy gamers rather than make a ridiculous amount of money. Superbly designed maps and a ton of modes will make sure that Section 8: Prejudice will suck you right in.

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  • Bas

    Infamous 2…? And it’s certainly better than Killzone 3. (Killzone 2 is way better.) Can’t say that about the others like Section 8 cus I havent played it, but did play half of LA Noire and Infamous 2 is better than it imo.

  • I have to agree that Infamous 2 belongs somewhere on this list. As far as L.A. Noire… While I respect what it did as far as presentation and atmosphere, people have to step back and admit that it can be a downright boring game. I only managed to make it approx. 1/3 of the way through the game before I returned it.

    Ocarina of Time was an amazing game…back when it originally came out over a decade ago. If we are going to agree that a rehash of a game over a decade old is one of the top games of the year so far, then that’s a sad commentary on the quality of modern releases.

  • LBP2 was probably one of my biggest disappointments in gaming. Got the Platinum trophy in the first one, loved the game. The 2nd one as far as campaign goes was AWFUL. The story line was just so bogus. Got almost to the very end and just gave up and sold it. Awful experience. Nothing memorable at all, crappy level design, crappy theme.

  • I was about to rage thinking this was another console user list ignoring the pc. Then I saw (rightfully) Shogun 2 on the list and became very happy.

  • C’mon, seriously a remake is number 2 of your top 10?

  • Ben

    Don’t like the list it’s very biased, but I need to accept that. L.A NOIRE was a boring game, and Infamous 2 deserves a spot. stellar game. I also don’t think Ocarina of time deserves the spot anywhere on this list because it’s a remake so there is nothing different other then the graphics.

  • Uhm, KZ3 doesn’t belong on this list, The multiplayer is the shining point of this game, the single player is complete arse…..The entire game held your hand from beginning to end…every level felt like a tutorial… this, kill that guard on the left….shoot this….hide in these bushes…I think a blind person could end this game….because they tel you exactly how to do everything……Singleplayer = 4/10 Multiplayer = 9/10

  • I was getting pretty excited to find out what #1 was going to be, after all, it seemed to be a damn good list. But seriously? LBP2? I don’t know why you even decided to put it on the list! And I am especially perplexed that you even had the audacity to put it as #1!

  • Zac

    I love how everyones getting mad on this when people need to realize that any list that is ever made is a bias list…the way they would have to do this ia put abunch of developer from different companies in a room and vote ha…but seriously people …getting mad over a list…com on now…games are already wasting my life and reading through people complaining about the games we play is too….but yea love ya gaming bolt


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