Top 10 Highly Anticipated PS3 Games For 2012

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2011 has been a great year for gaming, and even more so for the PS3. With games like LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse and Resistance 3, along with all the brilliant multiplatformers, this year has been great for PS3 owners so far, and promises to be even more so, with more very good looking titles coming out in the near future. But the PS3 shows no signs of stopping, and it seems that 2012 will be an even bigger year for Sony’s home console than ever before.

Following are the games that we believe are the biggest, best looking PS3 games announced so far for 2012- multiplatform and exclusives alike.

10. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

The famous platforming Sucker Punch franchise from last generation is returning, and while it may not be in development at Sucker Punch’s studios, who’re working hard on the inFamous franchise right now, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time looks great, and definitely will be one of PS3’s hallmark exclusive titles in 2012. Sly and gang are returning for their fourth adventure, their first on the PS3, and while we do not know much about this game, we expect it to meet all our expectations. Developed by the talented Sanzaru Games, who handled the Sly Collection and the Secret Agent Clank PS2 port, Sly 4 definitely seems to be a very interesting game, and we’re looking forward to it a lot.

9. Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal was originally supposed to be release in 2011, but with its release date pushed back to 2012, it will be adding even more strength to the PS3’s already superb 2012 exclusive lineup. Twisted Metal is a return and a reboot of the franchise called, well, Twisted Metal. The same, exhilarating car combat will be making a return, with all new characters, all new vehicles and all new weapons. While not much is known about this game right now, we know that it will be a great lot of fun, and we’re sure it will be one of PS3’s best 2012 titles.

8. Metro: Last Light

Metro 2033 was one hell of a game, and while it did have some broken and unpolished mechanics,it was, without a doubt a beautiful game. It had unreal visuals, rivaled by little to no games, a really interesting premise, and was one of the most atmospheric games we at GamingBolt have ever played. Metro: Last Light looks even better. It seems to be retaining all the wonderful things that made us fall in love with 2033, and removing the flaws and adding a few tweaks of its own at the same time. We have only seen a few screens and videos of Last Light till now, and already it looks like one of the most interesting games of 2012. Looking at the lineup in store for next year, that’s saying something.

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  • Who wrote this article? You should be Fired !!!! Where is HITMAN & COD9 !!!

    • Shubhankar Parijat

      COD9 has not even been officially announced yet. We know it will be released next year, but we cannot list it unless it’s at least been announced. And while Hitman: Absolution looks good, there’s only so many games we can list on a top 10 list (hint: 10 games). I assure you, had there been an Honorable Mentions section, Hitman would have been included for sure.

    • i think a Honarable mention isn’t enough for a game like Hitman Absolution. It was 1 of ps2 most popular games, every1 knows it and many ppl waiting for some new killer contracts.

    • Shubhankar Parijat

      We don’t know how good Absolution will be yet. I’m sure it’ll be spectacular, but then again, who’s to say the ten games listed above won’t be?

    • i agree the graphics on “the last gaurdian” are bullshit! that should not be #1

  • 1st 2nd &3th

  • Aye and what about Guild Wars 2?! that’s supposed to come out at the start of 2012!

  • how do i get a pic on the left?

  • Looks awesome, much better than any of the last – gen nonsense on the 360. Gears Of Bore 3 is crap and Cliffy B cried over it’s bad review scores, LOL. Pwned.

  • StarHawk over Bioshock & Mass Effect 3? That’s just crazy talk. Both games are on a whole other level compared to StarHawk. In 5 years when you look back at this gen of consoles and games that defined them, Those 2 will be at the top. WarHawk and StarHawk? Maybe the latter, MAYBE. WarHawk? No.

  • Wow

    Who ever wrote this article must have been high.Where the hell is prototype 2?

  • star hawk last guardian what the fuck is this mass effect 3 i gonna fucking ravage those that is really retarded




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