Top 10 Must Play iOS Games of 2012

We have top 10 iOS games we think you should definitely play this year. These are something that have been critically and commercially successful and are completely fun to boot as well. We have tried to make the list varied and give something to different to people who play different genres. Some of the games were released last month like NOVA 3, and some of them are quite old but fantastic nonetheless.

iOS games were always treated as something inferior due to how simple the games are, but some of them here like Chaos Rings 2 offer a lot of flexibility to the player and contain a lot of content as well. The thing with Chaos Rings 2 is that, it’s something from a niche genre – JRPGs – but offer players on touchbased devices like iPhones and iPads a lot of flexibility when it comes to play games with a lot of depth.

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