Top 15 Things Fallout Players Hate About Fallout 4

It’s a great game but there are a few things that still irritate in Fallout 4.

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Before you ready your pitchforks, we just want to point out that Fallout 4 isn’t a bad game. In fact, it’s one of the better games released in 2016. That being said, it has numerous issues, ranging from odd gameplay design choices to a less than intuitive interface. Not everyone may agree but here are the top 15 things Fallout players hate about Fallout 4.

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Mass Dismantling

Gathering “junk” in Fallout 4 has taken on new meaning with building settlements, giving you something to create when you decide to break down said junk and create, say, security turrents. However, after collecting heaps of junk, you’ll often find yourself dismantling one item at a time. The kicker is that you can mass dismantle a bunch of items on the ground. Does the game ever explain this? Sadly, no.

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  • Ку Че

    Never had a companion hop in a power armor without me specificly requesting it. The mass dismantling is one of the 3 possible things you can do at first in a workbench.If it needs explaining, i guess you are american…

    • Cole_31337

      I’m an American also. The rest of us understand it the author is just a dumbass

    • K. Bett

      Never had an issue with power armor being snatched up by anybody unless I told them to, and it was always the first in dialogue to get them out

  • AJLoca

    You can keep companions out of your power armor by removing the Core when you step out of it. I read that on another site and it works.

    • Rosa Ballard

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  • TheDevian

    If you ignore those Pres-quests long enough, they fail, they are timed. The best way around it I have found is to not turn them in to him when you are done, and keep him in a place you don’t like to go. Do the mission, don’t go back, and it will still time out, and you won’t get a replacement.
    As for the Power Armor, if you leave the core in there, any NPC (who can wear it) can take it, even a raider, gunner, whatever.
    I still get stuck trying to get into the computers (or armor), more so now than ever before.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    I would say half the items are valid while the other half appear to be just there. Yes, they have some validity but that is like saying it is hot in the Summer and Cold in the Winter. In addition my only real issue with the ending after choosing your faction is most of those factions decide (based on missions) that all other factions need to be eliminated. I ended up using the Minutemen and that was the only faction that didn’t want to wipe everyone out except the Institute of course.

  • James Ogilvie

    I had a great laugh reading this. By page 3 I was “yeah OK..” By page 10 I was “oh dear you’re realllly scraping the barrel of excuses to hate something now aren’t you?” and by the end I felt like smashing the screen.

  • slap

    it wasn’t released in 2016, but 2015. Durrr

  • CubbieBubba

    None of these are even legit complaints. You don’t have to dismantle junk to build items, it happens automatically. (aside from weapons to get parts to make more weapons, but that is because you dont want it automatically dismantling your favorites)

    If you don’t leave the fusion core in the power armor, then nobody can get in it. You have to give a fusion core to a companion and tell them to get in. If you want them back out you talk to them and ask them to get out.

    As for the end of the game, it doesn’t end. Which is good news because you can keep playing.

  • Attacker732

    ‘…the perk system is much better’…? Fallout 4’s perk system was dumbed down so much that it felt like it assumed I was an absolute moron. Removing skills was a mistake in my opinion.

    Also, if having a voiced protag meant losing all trace of depth in conversations, the protag should have stayed mute.

  • McChills

    All these writers do is regurgitate the same stuff someone else wrote. Things that actually annoy me is not being able to craft, wait, or sleep in power armor. The exit power armor is the same button to pick something up, so you keep unintentionally exit your power armor. Game shaking and loud noises accompany you every time you jump from a height slightly too high. Really intense music starts playing loudly at really un-intense moments. All in all I absolutely love this game though.

  • Sonny Kohler

    God is this guy the biggest douche-bag ever.

    Get over it dude. It’s a game. And it’s a good game. So just friggin’ shut up.

    What an entitled twit.

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