Top 20 Couples In Video Games

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Duos are not made just for co-op play. Duos in video games support each other, compliment each other’s existence in such a way, that each of them become not just a game character, but a person we feel we can connect with.

We write this article as an ode to all those duos. But please remember that by Duos, we do neat mean just the romantic couples. We mean two souls in a single body.

Jak and Daxter (Jak and Daxter)

The demolition duo. Jak and Daxter are really and awesome twosome- with Daxter always getting into trouble, Jak doing the same, and both of them up to the task of saving each other’s ass at any time, they make for a great pair. Let’s just hope a proper installment in the series comes along soon. There have been several rumors that the duo may return on the PlayStation 3 at some time, but it seems that Naughty Dog are busy with Uncharted 3. Rest assured just like you, we want to see more of these two!

Tidus and Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

The famed kissing scene above exemplifies the passion and love between Tidus and Yuna, the popular duo seen in Final Fantasy X. Many call them the best couple ever in the Final Fantasy series, and a few even call them the best fictional couple they have ever seen. Here’s hoping we’ll see more of these characters in upcoming Final Fantasy games (unlikely, but one can always hope).

Master Chief and Cortana (Halo)

Halo fanatics, and others, all say this- Master Chief and Cortana are in love. I know that is kind of dumb, since Master Chief is a bad ass war dude, and Cortana is an AI, so it’ll be a bit tough for them to indulge in “couple-y” stuff, but still, that’s what people say. And really, I think these two would look great together. Parts of the trilogy, especially where Master Chief finds Cortana in Halo 3, show that these two would make a great couple.

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  • Dr Nefarious and his butler

  • Saw Dom and Maria (a cheesy couple sub-plot in a game about a bunch of roided up dudes running around screaming profanity while curbstomping/chain-sawing/blowing there way through literally thousands of enemies to reach whatever goal they are assigned to, while saying “Resonator” much more than neccessary) and stopped reading.

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  • obligatory WHAT, NO…

    oswald and gwendolyn? (Odin Sphere)
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    Zidane & Garnet (FF9)

    it probably shouldve been Zack(Not Cloud) and Aerith since Aeris was only rly in love with Cloud due to their similarities.

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  • Squall and Rinoa most definitely. FFVIII had some really amazing cutscenes to help support that.

  • rak33n

    lmao jak and daxter were like a couple they need to make a ps3 version asap

  • tareq salah

    clear and leon are good. but to me enslaved monkey and his girl were the best couple ever. and darkness game had an emotional couple.

  • Zelinkftw

    Pffftttt Link and Midna? Link and Zelda is the favourite amongst Nintendo and the fans. This is outdated. People, play Skyward Sword and Spirit Tracks.


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