Top 20: Greatest FPS Games of All Time(Part 2/2)

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Ok guys, here is part 2 of our recently done feature Top 20: Greatest FPS Games of All Time. You can check first part of the article here, where we had put down Top 20-11 FPS games, that makes Top 10 games yet to be revealed. Without any delay let us unveil what we think are the greatest FPS Games ever made. Hope some of you guys agree. Here goes the rest of the list.


10. Deus Ex | Developer: Ion Storm | Released: 2000


Dues Ex took the FPS world by surprise on its release. It offered a complex, strategic gameplay that truly amazing. Players action directly impacted the storyline. The plot made frequent hairpin turns as friends turn into and everything was dependent on how you played it. Ability to upgrade your skills and bunch of other amazing tricks meant it had the ingredients of a true classic and assured that it touched the greatness in FPS genre.

9. Counter Strike | Developer: Valve Software | Released: 2003


Counter Strike is one game that everyone played, even if they didn’t play games overall. It started out as a Half-Life mod but soon turned into the most popular online shooter ever in the history of gaming. Its appeal lies in its simplicity. Simple, round-based, terrorists vs. counter-terrorists gameplay with a combination of weapon purchase system, and its overall elegance and perfection meant there was no stopping it. Its contribution to online gaming satisfying millions of fans cannot be denied.

8. Duke Nukem | Developer: 3D Realms | Released: 1996


This game, for its time, was revolutionary because it combined its environments with never-before-seen levels of interactivity e.g. functional mirrors, functional toilets, and many more movie references. Gameplay and interactivity that it offered are still unmatched. It was a game in its own league and set the bar real high for the shooters to come. Whenever there is a list made of top revolutionary FPS in gaming history Duke Nukem will always be right up there.

7. Quake | Developer: id Software | Released: 1996


Quake was one of the best-looking games of its time. Quake introduced us to true 3D gaming. Due to 3Dfx used for Quake, games became not only three-dimensional but also textures were improved too. Perspectives looked correct in Quake and the gameplay gave birth to the keyboard-and-mouse gaming combination which required to aim left, and right, up and down while moving your character forwards and backwards. And also the soundtrack inspired the mainstream music in games that came after it. Quake was truly a masterpiece.

6. Bioshock | Developer: 2k Boston | Released: 2007


A collective gasp spread throughout the gaming community when Bioshock was shown for the first time to the public. Bioshock was more of an experience than simply a game. With amazingly innovative RPG style gameplay and a refreshing storyline and presentation, Bioshock marked a significant turning point in the FPS genre. Bioshock gave the players an amazing amount of freedom regarding how they want to approach the game e.g. you could blast the enemies straight away with great variety of weapons or with powerful genetic abilities or may be hacking turrets and security bots and turning them against you enemies, possibilities were endless. Bioshock was without any doubt a true modern classic.

5. Doom 2 | Developer: id Software | Released: 1994


Doom 2 was a revolutionary game for its time, and still an absolute pleasure to play to this day. Doom II undoubtedly set new standards for a shooter. But its main contribution was helping pave the way for the FPS genre among masses. Having a wide range of weapons and enemies meant this game was one hell of a ride. Doom 2 still rules the hearts and minds of hardcore gamers of that generation.

4. Halo: Combat Evolved | Developer: Bungie Software | Released: 2001


Halo: Combat Evolved developed by Bungie was released on November 15, 2001 as a launch title for the Xbox, and was considered the platform’s killer appetite with more than five million copies sold worldwide as of November 9, 2005. Halo soon became a household name and helped establish the Xbox brand. Its contribution, in bringing the console audience towards FPS genre and actually making them realize that a good FPS can be done on a console, is immense. From an engaging story and characters  to awesome controls and soundtrack, Halo had everything that console gamers wished for. Many game magazines have praised Halo as one of the best and most important games of all time.

3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare | Developer: Infinity Ward | Released: 2007


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare captured the hearts of gaming community the day it was released and become the biggest phenomenon of this generation. People were first stunned by the single-player campaign it offered but then son realized that the multiplayer part of Modern Warfare is even more fun, in fact more fun than any thing out there. A combination of new RPG-styled Perk abilities, weapon upgrades, and amazing controls meant Call of Duty 4 was onto something big and it shows when you consider its 12 million+ astonishing sales worldwide.

2. GoldenEye 007 | Developer: Rare Ltd. | Released: 1997


GoldenEye 007 released back on Nintendo 64 was a true milestone in FPS games. GoldenEye was a simply an amazing title on all fronts and is till day regarded as one of the most inspirational title in multiplayer gaming. GoldenEye had a winning formula offering an overall package yet to be matched by any other FPS. If it wasn’t for GoldenEye we might have not seen such hits as Halo or Call of Duty yet.

1. Half Life 2 | Developer: Valve Software | Released: 2004


It’s difficult to find a game more spell-binding than Half-Life 2 out in the market especially at the time when it was released. Its one of the most compelling experiences you’ll find in any genre let alone FPS. The moment you find yourself riding that train, gamers knew that they were in for something special. Half Life 2 had some of the most memorable cinematics and an awesome cast made it even better. Half Life 2 tops our list without any hesitation due to the sheer amount of influence it made on the genre at all levels.

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  • Daíthí

    I know this is all just your opinion but I think there’s a couple missteps in there.

  • nomad

    doom must to be the number 1

  • Bernardo

    I’m happy since HL2 is number 1.

  • nutbear96

    Shouldn’t Timesplitters 2 be up there? And maybe just maybe Killzone 2? I know I love L4D but surely TF2 should replace it.

    One minute Timesplitters is the best FPS game ever the next EVERYONE FORGETS ABOUT IT!!! And then they make Timesplitters 4 but then the devs go out of buisness and then they come back and do nothing 9 months and then say they are working on another game AND NOT ON TIMESPLITTERS 4 UNTIL THERE IS A NEED IN THE MARKET!!!!!!

    WELL FUCK THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dextrous

      what about BLACK from criterion studios, that game re invented the fps genre

  • AA7

    Glad to see Deus Ex represented on this list. Personally it would be higher on my list, but overall a respectable list.

  • Keener

    Wow, sorry, I think this list is horrible. Bioshock at #6 – it should be more like 15, and no Killzone2?

  • Dshuff

    I think this list is pretty good. I just hate fanboys that scream Killzone 2 all the time! I played Killzone 2 and i really didnt like it that much…thanks though, for actually putting Goldeneye up there.

  • MWH


  • Dextrous

    What about BLACK, from Criterion studios that game rocked the fps genre on ps2 and probably looks better than all the halo’s put together

  • villy

    cuz u dont like kz2 it shouldnt be on the list i never was a big fan of halo but i understand why its there so a great game like kz should aswell

  • The reason why Killzone 2 is not there, is that it didnt do nothing revolutionary. But HL1 should be at first. Since it was first fps game with proper story telling and strong characters.

  • John

    For N64’s Goldeneye 007 they used the cover image from the Gamecube’s “Goldeneye: Rogue Agent”, which was pretty bad as far as FPSs go.

  • Johan Liiv

    Half-Life 2 I agree with you. That game, together with the episodes, is one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in recent memory. Though the rest of the bunch I would’ve changed a bit. First, the first Doom as number 2, mostly because it played so well for its time, and its definitely the most influential FPS of all time.
    With the third spot, I definitely agree. Modern Warfare was and is one of my most favorite FPSs ever. After Modern Warfare, I would’ve put BioShock definitely before Halo. Here, I’m not counting influence, or popularity. I just think BioShock is a far, far superior and better game, thus it should be higher on a “best FPSs of all time” list.
    Other than that, nice list.

  • Fairly good list. Doom 1 should be there, though. I don’t necessarily agree with the numbering, but at least Doom II, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D are on there. No Half-Life 1…

  • TheTruth

    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Jungle Storm for PS2 was the greatest FPS of all-time. It was based on skill, not luck like the re-spawning spray-n-pray games they churn out to feed to mass of idiots infecting our society today.

  • doom its the number one!!

  • God this is bad!

    MW3 should be 1-3 just as BF3 And MoH!

    • Shubhankar Parijat

      Uh, please see when this was published. :-/


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