Top 20 PC Games that You Should Play Before You Die

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Every year we get to hear that PC Gaming is dead, but for some mystical reason PC gaming delivers a fight back punch every year with some cracking games. Trust me my fellow readers, PC Gaming is in no way dead and along with the revolution of consoles, PC Gaming will always have a place. Through this article we give a bow to 20 PC games that you should play before you die. Let’s take a look.

Editor’s Note: Due to the plethora of great games on the PC, it’s almost impossible to mention all of them in this top 20 list, but you can always state your favorites in the comments below the article. Also due to the awesomeness of these games, I thought it will be unfair to rank them, so the listing is totally random.

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic

Release Year: 2003

Released way back in 2003, Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic was a role playing game developed by Bioware and published by Lucas Arts. For it’s time, the game was one of the most influential works on the Star Wars Expanded Universe and did a clean sweep across all major categories including Game of the Year 2003, Xbox Game of the Year and obviously PC Game of the Year. Can the next game in the series best this classic? We shall wait and see.


Release Year: 2007

Valve does make some interesting games, don’t they? I mean who in the world could have thought that guns can create mystical doorways? Valve did.  The game was released in an awesome bundle package The Orange Box. Portal is all about a women named Chelle and artificial intelligence that guides her, GLaDOS. The game was unique not only for it’s well thought level design but for the implementation of physic’s analogy like linear momentum and gravity. Valve is releasing Portal 2 next year on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Mass Effect 2

Release Year: 2010

I was initially going to list the original Mass Effect, but the sequel blows away the original in almost all aspects. Featuring superb voice acting, excellent facial animation and an intriguing game play Mass Effect 2 was an epic role playing game for PC gamers this year. Mass Effect 2 was a gripping experience irrespective of whatever choices you take throughout this juggernaut.

Half Life

Release Year: 1998

Very few know the fact that Valve was set up by former Microsoft Employees and the guys back than were having difficulty in finding a publisher for this game. What was the reason? Many Publishers thought that Half Life was way ahead of its time and surely they were correct. Often recognized as the first in the 3D Action genre, Half Life essentially laid down the foundation for modern shooters. The game also saw a release on the PlayStation 2 three years later in 2001.

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  • nice one, not even one graphic adventure title. Where you even aware that this genre was the king of PC games before first person shooters? No lucasarts, no sierra, no zork even!

  • Really interesting article! I enjoyed in it. Thank you

  • Counter-Strike
    valve 🙂

    • tareq salah

      hell yeaaaah that game is still the best mp shooter ever. it was wild. i used to go to (internet cafe) to play it before i had a computer.

  • rak33n

    i wish my system could play mass effect =/ put the consle version is really good !

  • uri

    the mass effect games i cant get enough of them seriously havent played a game that much since kotor 1, 2 and xenogears also FF7.

    there’s a ton of crap to do plus the good bad versions of it, also the replaying thru again and again luts you net better gear also the difficultly levels are well balanced the hardest setting is’nt like halo’s where you insta die but you may as well be a living breathing human with shieilds and body armor plink plink plooff pluck… dead.. lol

    the kotor games are a must there just all around good games.. man i had so much fun with those games.

    fallout 3 spoiled me / us i believe tho with the character creation i honestly think at this point its been like 4 years later now.. that that feature should be normal in any rpg. i can spend a hour or 2 just making a character … even more options would be good fallout 3 for example just did the face would like as much in depth body options as face and some.

    i never finished baldurs gate 2 and the expansions where you were the son / daughter of a god in your own dimension…, but im almost tempted to go back and play it again i had gotten really far into it back in the day and my save file ended up corrupted i was pretty mad about that never played it since. the bg series were great games tho very deep story and engrossing lots of stuff to do and find makes exploring actually worth doing i know in the first one you can actually run across drizzt if any one whos a D&D fan or knowledgeable in that area.. spells are fun to use and used to look pretty any who i remember casting fireball and not knowing it was a big aoe i roasted a few guys of my own on accident lol..

    also i think the bg series was the first to lut you use your character from the first game and xfer it into the second game gear and all.

    as for sc2 i really think sc1 was better this ones just prettyer alot of the mods are half a$$ and poorly done the eastern version of the content is alot better and theres a ton more mods some Fps and rpg even. rather then just defence and hero battles like we get on the western servers.

    mm one last comment since im sure this is getting huge.. i played wow on and off for over 8 years now in total i think i played about 4 years just over the 8 years.. any ways.. i honestly think that wow with out expansions was better, burning crusade was fun for a time but i had a ton more fun doing the dungeon 1 set runs and dungeon 2 quests and the old 40 man dungeons for tier gear really made you put your time in and at the end of the day when you had the tier gear or even pvp gear really back then you felt like you earned it.

    like i said burning crusade was fun for a bit but wotlk was just bad in my personal opinion i was bored out of my skull with that one honestly oh i played my dk even wrecked a few people in the 50-59 bg’s, even got it and my pally to 80 but it ended up just being on disappointment after another for me at least. the fun and community was gone. now theres cataclysm i played it for a little while i just couldnt bring my self to level cap a character i think my pallys stuck at 83 still i just got so bored with it honestly the dungeons were meh.. and once again your old gear is garbage.

    to there credit some of the new dungeons are newish versions of older dungeons. which i did like.

  • uri

    gonna keep adding cause i played most of these lol..

    diablo… i played the demo cause i was like 12? when it came out and couldnt afford a box copy of it.. i played it every day all day it took up tons of hours i even had to save as much as possible doing odd jobs for my folks and grandparents just to purchase diablo and boy did i get my money worth i even did a copy of the mage in some homeade gear i made up in art class.

    deus ex i didnt even know about back in the day but i played it a couple years ago just randomly googling great pc games lists lol..

    i dont really agree with the quake / unreal games i dont think the fps genre really got good till later. never played crysis didnt bother to spend money on a new comp or upgrade an existing one just to play it.

    dont really agree with the age of empires either the first one was fun ill admit and having the ages stone/brones ect.. was kinda neat but the games lacking that little oomph that makes a great game in my own opinion any ways.

  • Bioshock, Mafia, Max Payne, Silent Hill…

  • NO homeworld that changed Space RTS and relic studio ever, you’ve mentioned most other relic games company of heros and starcraft II but homeworld is one game to play before you go to the great beyond! and worth crediting in this list

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  • Reilly

    System Shock 1 and 2 D:

  • NoName

    Fuck Jrau!

  • bhanu

    love age of empires.
    wonder why elder scrolls is not on the list


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