Top 25 Largest And Biggest Open World Video Games Ever Made

Games can be pretty big, and here are some of the biggest!

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Open world games are becoming the norm, but most of the games releasing today aren’t anywhere near as big as some of the largest ones developed in the past. We did some digging and found the approximate sizes of the biggest open world games ever made.

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Xenoblade Chronicles (70,000 sq miles)

There is something truly magical about the world of Xenoblade Chronicles. Set on the bodies of two massive titans, the story revolves around the natural forces of the Bionis combating the robotic forces of the mechonis. Both worlds are polar opposites of one another, giving the player plenty of diverse locals and enemies to hack at. The world is vast, vibrant, and alien, almost begging players to explore every nook and cranny of its open fields and deep caves.

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  • HoldenMcgroin

    nobody will beat xenoblade

    • Kalas

      uhmmm Xenoblade X its more than 5 times bigger than Xeno wii xD

  • wayneraltman

    Ever heard of Minecraft? The world is MUCH bigger than ANY of these titles… Always wondered why the only people who LOVE Minecraft are any one who has ever played Minecraft…

    • Matic Leva

      Yeah, but Minecraft is procedurally generated while these games’ worlds are crafted.

    • Nayan Timla

      Daggerfall, also on this list, is also procedurally generated

  • James Mahoney

    Um…On the Daggerfall portion of the list, you’re just wrong, or have something worded very, very poorly. In Daggerfall, you are limited to exploring only portions of High Rock and Hammerfell, not even close to all of Tamriel. That would be Arena, the first Elder Scrolls game.

  • Oblivion was only 16km and yet it seemed far more vast than FO4, even when I had an agile character

  • brandon

    What about dayz ?

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