Top 5 Embarrassing and Worst Moments of E3 2016

This year’s E3 was pretty good. Now let’s laugh at what was terrible.

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It wouldn’t be E3 without a standard amount of cringe to go with the press conferences. To be fair, some publishers like EA managed to recover immensely over last year (remember the Captain Brainz cosplayer?). Others seemingly went further off the deep end and somehow kept going. While “worst” moments of E3 2016 may be subjective, there’s no denying that these five moments were simply not good at best and embarrassing at their worst.

Jose Mourinho Appears, Does Nothing

FIFA 17 (1)

Legendary English Premier League manager Jose Mourinho made an appearance at the EA Play show in London. It was on stage with EA’s Peter Moore and it sort of made sense. Moore outlined three managers, called them the best, Mourinho comes out to defend his honour, gets a nice pop from the London crowd because Football and…then Moore starts asking for Ultimate Team money? And Mourinho says his son spends plenty on Ultimate Team in FIFA? Alright then? What started out as an “Oh look who’s here” moment quickly devolved into “Can we get this over with already, please?” Except for me because I don’t follow football and know nothing about any of these people. Moving on.

Screaming Bethesda Conference Woman


Prey announced? Dishonored 2 showcased? SnapMap updates for DOOM? Fallout 4 in VR? Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC? Contraptions for Fallout 4? Elder Scrolls Legends? No matter what Bethesda seemed to announce at its conference, there was one woman in the audience who was far more excited than the rest and wasn’t afraid to voice it at volumes that shattered the sound barrier. Even viewers at home could hear her over the buzz of the audience and it was fascinating to watch. Naturally Twitch chat fell in love with her because why not and she’s now associated with Bethesda’s presser, for better or worse. At least many of the announcements were great, right?

Sea of Thieves players won’t shut up

Sea of Thieves_01

Look, we get it – you want to show players having fun with your game. We can understand that a game about pirates out on the high seas, drinking ale and taking part in ship battles, with actual in-battle repairs that are needed, is supposed to be fun. And to be fair, the trailer which sets up Sea of Thieves looked pretty cool. However, the actual co-op gameplay between players? It was full of unfunny, loud and generally obnoxious commentary that detracted from every single interesting moment that would have been gleaned. I’m sure all of the players are nice people and they were told to just go wild on camera (within certain limits of course) and have fun. That doesn’t quite make for the best co-op gameplay. Also, if you really wanted to recreate the sensation of playing with friends, why not get actual Lets Players who have worked together and can improvise on the fly?

Ghost Recon Wildlands players REALLY won’t shut up

Ghost Recon Wildlands

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Ubisoft and its overly scripted co-op segments for games which seem to become even worse with each passing year. This year, Ghost Recon Wildlands was the target of this horribly scripted co-op play as the players involved gave updates on every single damn thing they were doing. When I’m in the middle of a mission in GTA Online, you know what I’m not interested in getting? Constant updates from my teammates. That’s because it’s inherently unnecessary to this degree. And need we remind every game developer out there that gameplay between friends does NOT equal stellar commentary for videos. Having this kind of inane commentary that feels so obviously fake only makes the game come across as dull and boring.

Ubisoft in General

Aisha Tyler_Ubisoft

Ubisoft generally makes no bones about trying to be exciting. Remember that awful conference that EA held two years ago that bored us to tears? Ubisoft’s conference afterwards felt fresh and funny and interesting even with Aisha Tyler’s cringey behaviour. Two years later and Ubisoft has seemingly become a parody of itself. Tyler’s jokes continue to be annoying and the added snarky comment would be nice if it wasn’t attached to everything she says. Of course, we’re not even getting to the David Bowie tribute at the beginning (which served as an announcement for Just Dance 2017), the incessant cawing of Eagle Flight, the excessive enthusiasm for Star Trek: Bridge Crew, the horrible commentary in Ghost Recon: Wildlands or the creators of Trials of the Blood Dragon just giving up on everything. Expect this to be the pattern for Ubisoft’s conferences for years to come and honestly, we can afford to wait.

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  • d0x360

    The guys who played sea of thieves tweeted and said rare told them nothing they just sent them into a room to play and those reactions were 100% genuine

    It might sound obnoxious to you but if you were playing and having fun with a group of friends you probably have reacted the same way…if not you have zero personality

  • PCMR Truth™ #BlockMeIWin

    The entire Sony conference when they confirmed they had literally nothing and showed 30FPS shovelware.

    Making Kratos a cuck to Pander to neogaf. Classic.

    • Cy

      Giving Kratos a kid and having him show actual human emotion beyond “I AM KRATOS I AM YELLING EVERY LINE OF DIALOGUE AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH RAGE!” is being a cuck, now? There are so many ways games and devs are pandering to the SJW crowd, but turning Kratos into an actual character beyond having a set of lungs and a pair of biceps isn’t one of them.

  • jakdripr

    Lol I don’t know man I thought that screaming woman at bethesda’s press conference was frigging awesome. Made everything even better. And Ubisofts presser didn’t seem that bad either, I’ve never understood why people hate coordinated conversation between people playing a demo so much. Much better than a group of people tossing out meme’s and bad jokes imo.

    Maybe it’s just because I survived e3 2010 with it’s Kinect nonsense, Laser tag bullshit, and just about everything in Konami’s presser, but everything else just seems chill in comparison.

  • Mr Xrat

    MS’ conference was embarrassing from start to finish.

    • Troy Marcel

      You are an embarrassment to the human race

  • Hvd

    for me these were the worst and embarrassing moments of e3.

    1# sonys entire press conference showing bad vr and cgi trailers of delayed games and games 2-3 years out is bad

    2# ea’s press conference with the exception of battlefield 1 and titanfal2.(what was snoop dog smoking)…we know

    3# bethesda conference was bad and that screaming lady. and the quake overwatch clone game.

    4# pc gaming conference was bad as well

    5# ubisoft was ok watch dogs 2 looks good.

    ms saved e3 this year with the xbox exclusives launching this
    year and not waiting till 2017 like some and the announcement of xbox
    scorpio won e3 for me.

    • Troy Marcel

      The only part I hated was the Minecraft part, it went on too long


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