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Seen any of these copycats before?

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Charles Caleb Colton said Iimitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While that may ring true for many games, and some games may pay homage to great games as they execute those imitations in great style for us to appreciate and enjoy. However in this list you will find that not all the games that were ripped off were bad, in fact they were quite good and really fun to play. But there are some games just rip-off almost everything they see in the original and they just reek of plagiarism. But you have to wonder, what makes developers come up with these kind of ideas, is it profit or simply for the heck of it?

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 Note: List is in random order.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

You know this was coming. Ever since the Shadow of Mordor’s gameplay was released, people from around the world, started recognizing the Assassins Creed/ Batman Arkham City gameplay features. Now I know that the game hasn’t been released yet and people are already criticizing the developers for ripping off gameplay features from our favorite games. But if the developers manage to execute those features well, then we may actually like the game.

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  • Dakan45

    actually dead space was mostly system shock 2

  • winter

    Dead Space wasn’t a copy of RE…

  • iampanax

    CS:GO is a copy of cod? Oh jeez besides the fact that CS has been out longer than cod the two are a lot different. CS uses hip shooting whereas cod uses iron sights. CS doesn’t have pointless kill streaks, perks, and regenerating health from crouching in a corner. CS uses an economy system where you have to spend money on guns, nades, etc. Cod uses a leveling system and rewards players for playing the game longer with better perks, skins, etc. Search and Destroy came from the Bomb Defusal (de_) mode in CS, not the other way around.

    I don’t mean to rant but damn man, do some research before you actually post something like this.

  • xXGrizZ

    Secret of Mana/Evermore? Is this author serious? There both made by squaresoft and are supposed to be similar and loosely connected. Thats why they used the the name secret of… Saying one is a rip-off the other would be like saying FFVII is a rip off of FFVI because it uses alot of its turn-based battle system and the names sound similar…

    • o3mta3o

      Why not add the entire “mana” series to the mix, they all share similarities.

    • Fernando Ignacio Moraga Muñoz

      i always believe that SoE. was a secuel to SoM…

  • born_naughty

    True Crime was a rip-off yes but I thought it was a great game in is own right. Combining elements from different games like Max Payne. I enjoyed it very much. I even enjoyed the sequel.

  • Saurian Dash

    “When you play the game however you can’t help but notice that Bayonetta reminds you a lot of Devil May Cry,

    You do realise that the Bayonetta system was designed by Hideki Kamiya? You know, the guy who came up with the system for Devil May Cry. It’s HIS system so shouldn’t he be free to iterate it as he likes, how do you come up with the notion that it’s a “rip-off”?

    Also, Bayonetta does not have a meter which rates your attacks, it uses a completely different system to Devil May Cry’s Stylish Rank. The Bayonetta combo system is closer to what you would see in a traditional vertical or horizontal shooter. The combo system is time based; you have 3 seconds in which to land another hit in order to keep a combo “active”, repeating attacks results in a score penalty which can be reset by using certain specific actions. The longer you keep a combo “active”, the higher you build your combo multiplier, it is a very different system to what was established in Devil May Cry.

    I know these lists are just a means to generate site traffic, but at least some degree of knowledge of the subject matter you are covering would make for a far more interesting read. Instead of accusing game designers of “ripping off” their own work, how about a feature or list where you cover the best systems created by these designers and explain their workings?

  • Hu Deegan

    “Crash Team was Racing or Mario Kart.”

    Yeah, pretty sure the game wasn’t called “Crash Team was Racing” -_-

  • takersrevengefanatic

    Yea definitely doesn’t know much, Considering Narc Came out in 1988, the first GTA game didn’t come out till 1997. Training Day came out in 2001 one. if anything their clones on Narc not the other way around

  • moley

    charging health system and two-weapon limit is something that is quite sad.. that was never an original gameplay mechanic anyway. Halo was not the first to implement thos features.

  • Sinmenon

    Secret of Evermore / Secret of Mana ? Devil May Cry / Bayonetta? Daikatana / Doom?? “Can this article get more clickbait ” I asked myself when I saw the Giana Sisters and Mario and how the author didn’t even bother to do research, otherwise he’d mention that back in the day Giana Sisters even had alleged lawsuit back in the day.
    This article is a ripoff.


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