Twitch Says That Microsoft Had The Most Popular E3 Conference This Year

Numbers don’t lie.

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While people on forums and enthusiast game websites will tell you that Sony won E3, it appears the mainstream thinks otherwise. After reports that Microsoft led in mindshare following the conclusion of the expo, it appears that another analysis has cropped up, which indicates that Microsoft had the most popular showing at E3- at least at the time.

Twitch revealed that the most popular press conferences being streamed from its site – the biggest host for streaming anything gaming related – was Microsoft’s E3 press conference, where viewership peaked at 840,000 viewers. Neither Sony nor Nintendo managed this kind of a showing, though, bafflingly enough, EA managed to post similar numbers too. Guess the allure of Mass Effect must have been high for most people.

Of course, it is to be remembered that while Twitch was one way to watch E3, it was still just one way: all three console manufacturers, for instance, allowed the conferences to be livestreamed on their current home consoles, and set up dedicated E3 portals, where you could watch the show. These numbers, then, might give us something close to the true picture, but they might not necessarily give us the true picture itself.

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  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    There we go

  • Mike Norris

    Yea people are a curious lot.I watch it,it’s not like i am going to buy an Xone right now.I do know MS has this holiday locked up sales wise tho.While Sony has 2016 locked up,i really want to see GT7, Tokyo game show would be a great place to show it off.

    • Premature Procrastinator

      “Sony has 2016 locked up” Really? I didn’t think Sony has shown much apart for 2016 apart from uncharted, sfv and last guardians tenuous “sometime in 2016” release date. Xbox on the other hand has quantum break, crackdown, scale bound, recore, killer instinct season 3, cuphead and probably forza horizon 3. I wouldn’t say Sony has 2016 locked up at all.

    • Mark

      I gotta agree……& u forgot Gears 4, lol.

    • Premature Procrastinator

      There, fixed lol, it worries me I forgot it though, that’s my favourite series!

    • Kinect

      You mean that game that is being rushed in less than 2 years, and the trailer looked worse than The Order 1886. ROFL

    • Mark

      Yeah, the same game without the black bars that will sell more than ur favorite exclusive….rofl

    • Anthony

      Gears 4 was so dark, it might as well have black bars. The game looked as boring as the order 1886 honestly. I don’t see how you can bash the order and praise Gears 4.

      I wouldn’t get your hopes up for sales. Gears Judgement sold badly.

    • Mark

      Please stop comparing those 2 man…..u didn’t like the demo fine. But there’s a huge Gears multiplayer fanbase that enjoyed it and are hungry for it. Not that I could give a dam lol, but the series sold more than any PS3 series, right behind Halo. And yeah I think Microsoft’s smart enough to keep black bars outta our games haha. The Order was worse than the dump I just took, no need to convince me otherwise.

    • ShoNuff

      You weren’t the only person unimpressed with gears 4

  • bardock5151
    • Kinect

      Nice try but that article doesn’t account for people who type in PS4 and PlayStation as seperate words. Such stupidity.

    • bardock5151

      Nice try kid. Do you reckon they accounted for people using X1, Xbone or XboxOne? Or doesn’t that matter because it won’t suit your argument?

    • Anthony

      Your comment didn’t make sense. Nobody uses Xbone, X1, or XboxOne in headlines or searches. Many people use PlayStation 4 and PS4.

      Your article is also dumb because it didn’t include all social media.

      This just looks like Xbox fanboys desperately looking for something to cling to.

    • bardock5151

      Your comment makes no sense, you are assuming that anybody searching for PS4 related content will vary their search terms, meanwhile assuming the same isn’t true for the Xbox?

      Just read what you wrote, it’s pretty f#£&in stupid. Better yet think before you type something next time.

  • *Also On PC

    And in the end, PC won E3

    • Anthony

      Many games aren’t coming to PC and most people prefer to play on consoles.

      I allways see you in the comments obsessing over PC and posting the same lies and pictures. Get a life.

  • XbotMK1

    This is hilariously flawed BS meant to ignite fanboy wars. Gamingbolt, you guys are such trash. There are more ways to view E3 conferences. Twitch views mean absolutely jack sh*t. Numbers don’t lie.

    We can all play this game.

    YouTube views for PS4 “E3 announcements” from PlayStation channel.

    FF7 Remake – 11,000,000 views
    Uncharted 4 – 4,000,000 views
    Horizon – 2,500,000 views
    The Last Guardian – 3,200,000 views
    Street Fighter V – 1,000,000 views
    R.I.G.S Project Morpheus – 400,000 views
    Dreams – 250,000 views

    Ratchet and Clank –

    YouTube views for Xbox E3 announcements from Xbox channel .

    Halo 5 – 3,000,000 views
    Forza 6 – 500,000 views
    Rise of the Tomb Raider – 250,000 views
    Hololens – 100,000 views
    Backwards compatibility – 70,000 views
    Gears 4 – 450,000 views (But that is from GamesHQmedia which is the highest I found)

    Before E3 the Xbox One and PS4 were about neck and neck in the U.S on Amazon and most retailer online stores. But after E3 the PS4 has been dominating Xbox One according to Amazon, and online sites for Bestbuy, Target, and Gamestop.

    This is called selective reporting. You’re only picking out bits and piece of information that show favor towards Xbox like Twitch views and specific social networks and searches. Xbox won absolutely jack sh*t.

    • *Also On PC

      The PC won E3 John Derp. The numbers of games announced for PC don’t lie :^)

    • Jecht_Sin

      Too bad for you that Tomura expressly said that the are no plans yet to port the FF VII remake to any other system. It’s first and foremost a PS4 exclusive. Then, maybe, one day things will change. You know, it may go to Nintendo NX after all. 😀

    • *Also On PC

      Too bad that Square Enix said most of their game sales were on PC last few years. Looks like that will have a “Duration”

      I await the tears when it’s announced FFXV will be releasing on PC day and date with the POS4 version :^)

    • Dude says that numbers don’t lie, then lies with numbers to prove the other numbers are lies. That’s some impressive spinning. Well done.

      Nothing you wrote is statistically meaningful. So you just wasted your time and everyone else’s. Also, FYI: Minecraft = 3.9 billion YouTube views per month, every month. And we have a winner!

    • XbotMK1

      LOL Care to prove were I lied?

      Minecraft is an old game and it is available on PC and the PS4. What does Minecraft have to do with E3?

      How many views did Microsoft’s E3 conference announcements get?

    • Your insinuation that YouTube views somehow mean anything, particularly that Sony “won E3” because their paltry number of statistically non-representative online video views were slightly higher than Microsoft’s paltry number of statistically non-representative online video views–that is the lie. It’s statistically meaningless. All you did was go on a 291-word rant about how you don’t understand statistics.

      What does Minecraft have to do with E3 2015? Did you even watch the show? Holy bias, Batman, his blinders are thick! Minecraft was featured on stage at the Microsoft press conference in a ground-breaking demonstration of holographic computing. If you do a content analysis of mainstream news coverage following E3, it was actually the most talked about story. It alone “won E3”, actually, both by your flawed metric (YouTube views) and by scientific valid metrics (content analyses). The mainstream press wasn’t talking about a multiplatform remake of a two-decade-old niche game that is years away from completion. They were too busy talking about the future of the most popular video game of all time.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Sony won E3 period. :p

    • Not even close. Sony’s 2015 E3 conference was one of its weakest in years, actually. Compared to the onslaught of exclusives, new IP, new features, new hardware, new partnerships, etc. that Microsoft dished out, it was actually pretty embarrassing to watch Sony’s conference.

  • Jecht_Sin

    No, it just says that MS conference was the most popular on Twitch at the time of first broadcasting. And don’t make me start about the fact that MS conference was during the day in Europe (6.30pm CET), while Sony’s conference started in the middle of the night (3am CET).

    But nice try Gamingbolt, as usual.


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