Ubisoft Explains PS4 Version of Assassin’s Creed 4, Will Have Superior Waves And Wind Simulation

DualShock 4 touchpad and Vita Remote Play will be supported.

Posted By | On 14th, Jul. 2013 Under News

We’ve heard from the beginning itself that Ubisoft would be implementing extra content into the PlayStation 4 version of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, developed by Ubisoft Montreal. When we asked creative director Jean Guesdon about some more details regarding the same, he clarified just what the extra content entailed.

“The PS4 version does not have any extra game content per se,” he said.

He further added that players can expect immersive graphics and superior waves simulation in the PS4 version of the game.

“Graphics, obviously, will be improved to give you a more immersive feeling: leaves and plants move with the wind, waves feel even more lifelike, sails billow in the wind, etc. Other than that, we do support the PS4 touchpad and Vita Remote Play, which means you will be able to play AC4 on your Vita through your PS4.”

We also asked if we would be seeing better wind simulation for the PS4 version, as already outlined for the PS4 version of Watch_Dogs. Guesdon responded that, “You will definitely feel the effects of our tropical storms, and of the wind blowing in your sails. That is what I was referring to when I was saying that the improved graphics helped us increase immersion. Wind is such an important element in the pirate fantasy that we made sure a lot of thought was put behind its representations in our game.”

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is currently set to release on October 29th for PS3, Wii U, PC and Xbox 360, with a Q4 2013 release for PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • Hollg

    As usual the title and story are deliberately misleading. The same was said on OXM concerning watchdogs and everyone assumed it meant better than PS4. Its comparing last gen to next gen. Unfortunately as seems to be the case just recently, in order to get more views, the ones writing the story are deliberately misleading the readers. Its becoming common now. Shameful, but common.

  • TheOne

    Please keep in mind that PSfan’s are normally the 15+ year olds, this means that they are too stupid to listen to reason…or to use the brain in a way that makes sense. (By the way I preordered both the PS4 and the X1), don’t hate the player, if you cant afford both systems, then hate the game…

    • Michelasso

      No, you’re wrong. Kids play FPS. And the FPS console is the Xbox.

    • christrules0041

      Why would you say that? I never run into kids on PSN but on XBL it’s all I find on there. Haven’t you heard about people saying, “I betcha since the PS4 is $100 cheaper kids will flock over there because it’s less expensive.” Those little kids are with Microsoft. To be honest I don’t remember the last time I ran into a little kid on PSN and I play games everyday.

    • Jayce Knitter

      That’s because you grew up…. BURNNNN!!! Now somebody cue a picture of Kelso!

    • christrules0041

      Truth be told I didn’t start gaming until I was 18. Lol.

    • Jayce Knitter

      I still rarely ever run into kids on XBL. It’s Call of Dookie that is a pigeon poo beacon for endless waves of kids that spout, “COD iz best game EVER made.” Or screams into mic after you rape him slowly and then declare you’re going to play Battlefield because raping little kids repeatedly is mediocre at best.

    • christrules0041

      Lol. I have to agree with you on that one. The only reason I play Call of Dookie is because a majority of my friends play it. I still find the time to go through the exclusives though. Usually find a way to drag them through it as well. LOL

    • Kayla Kinler

      I have to disagree with you on that one. I originally bought a 360 because of the major price difference. After it died on me outside of warranty, I bought a PS3 instead. There was a dramatic difference in the maturity level between the communities. Even on games such as Call of Duty, I found there was far less kids and rowdy teenagers on psn compared to xbl. Just go to Youtube and type dumb kids on COD and 90% of what you find will be on xbl.

      I have an 11 year old sister and she told me that all of her friends in the neighborhood are getting Xbox Ones. She is the only one getting PS4. On the other hand, out of my adult friends I only know one other person besides me that is getting an X1 (I have both X1 and PS4 preordered). Everyone else is PS4.

      To say that PSfans are normally 15 year olds proves to me that you haven’t played much on psn. It’s a fairly relaxed community.

  • Dakan45

    “will be improved to give you a more immersive feeling: leaves and plants
    move with the wind, waves feel even more lifelike, sails billow in the

    in other world you just get the same wind effect that ubisoft used in far cry 2.

    Big deal, you wont see any impressive visuals until 2014.

  • LarZen

    Horrible misleading article.

  • Dissolution0fEternity

    The bottom line: cross platform games will be very identical in terms of graphics. Frankly it doesn’t make any difference. I got my money on PS4. I own a 360 though.

  • JuneBug81

    Has anyone seen ANY footage, information, or detailed analysis of the current gen version of this game? Or the PC version at least? I’ve been scouring the net and coming up empty.

    I know next gen is exciting, but these games need to sell on the systems with the largest installed bases too, which means current gen. You’d think they’d be advertising what we can expect.

    At this point I don’t even know if the game will be seamless on current gen and PC or will have loading between land and sea.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Oh shut up. No one cares about last gen or Pc. Get out of here scrub

    • JuneBug81

      You cared enough to respond to a two month old post… a post that’s no longer even relevant since the game is out for those platforms now.

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