Uncharted 4 Developer Defends Industry’s Growing Use of Microstransactions

Naughty Dog says ‘you should pay for good work.’

Posted By | On 18th, Nov. 2015 Under News

Uncharted 4 A Thief's End

While there has been a bit of a backlash from gamers towards game companies that put microtransactions in their titles, Naughty Dog’s former community strategist Eric Monacelli has gone on record defending them. Speaking to MCV, about the post release DLC that will be added to Uncharted 4, Monacelli said that the games industry has made a number of changes of the last few years but gamers have always adjusted and come to accept those changes.

“Microtransactions tend to get a sort of negative connotation in the games industry,” he explained. “If you remember back in the day, people bristled when they sold horse armour [for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion]. It’s something that has always happened. But if it’s good enough content and you want to pay for it, why not pay for it? That’s what it comes down to.”  He pointed to the original backlash when microtransactions were first introduced in The Last of Us. While there doesn’t appear to be microtransactions beyond DLC planned for Uncharted 4, there are more and more games that are bringing this kind of extra paid content.

Rainbow Six Siege developers have also said they will be adding some sort of microtransactions when that game launches. We’ll have to wait and see whether or not there will be good enough work that Uncharted 4 developers feel you should pay for extra little tidbits until March 18, 2016 when it finally releases.

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  • Michael

    Wait, I thought naughty dog could do no wrong.

    • they are starting to show their true colors… and follow in sonys footstep when it comes to greed and arrogance.

    • kevin

      Except this guy doesn’t work for naughty dog anymore he works for infinity ward so yeah read the article next time but then again I don’t blame you this article is clickbait.

    • XbotMK1

      There is nothing wrong with what he stated you imbecile. Read his quotes instead of just skimming through the article.

  • how many time have you patched the broken and unfinished uncharted collection now???… good work kiss my b u t t !! its time to start pirating again, to reduce the arrogance of these developers.

    • kevin

      Dude have you even played the uncharted collection it’s had two patches with this second one improving the visuals a bit and in no way, shape or form was the collection even close to broken or unfinished lol that’s just fanboy talk or trolling. You want a truly broken collection that was broken for 6 months plus play the mcc which didn’t allow me to play mp for all that time and my sn is venomouscrane65 in case you want to play the oh you don’t even own an X1 card.

  • Mr Xrat

    lol some community manager who now works at Infinity Ward.

    Xbox scum are gonna have to find another limp excuse to whine about Naughty Dog.

  • XbotMK1

    This article is missleading. He wasn’t defending every use of microtransactions in the industry. He was simply defending the way “they” use microtransactions.

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