Video Footage of PS4 Test Kit User Interface Leaks Out

Looks shiny.

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During the live stream of Zombie Studios’ Blacklight Retribution, the developers showed off bits of PlayStation 4’s user interface. The video was uploaded by YoutTube user MoejoeWins and he notes that this is apparently a very early build and is one of the first kits that came out. However this video lets us hear the sound affects and animation effects that we can expect in the retail version of the PS4.

In addition, he also mentions that the PS4 can recover from a crash game without freezing and games will run alongside other applications, a feature that the PlayStation 3 lacks. He also notes that the DVR will automatically start as soon as the game begins and application information is automatically updated as soon as the user connects to the internet.

Blacklight Retribution is currently scheduled to hit the PlayStation 4 as a launch title.

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Source: Youtube.

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  • Johnson

    Looks like crap, but that’s just $0ny. They have no innovation and just make a Metro clone rip-off that’s even more tacky.

    • Counterproductive

      This is not the interface that the production unit has, which has been demonstrated multiple times. Blacklight is on both Xbox and Playstation, as is Metro, neither of which is made by Sony. As for no innovations, how come the Xbone is doing its best to replicate the features Sony announced six months ago, and still can’t do it? I’m not sure what trolling you’re trying to go for here, but you’re really bad at it.

    • Megaman

      Sony is trying to replicate the 360 righjt now…if u think x1 is trying to replicate ps4 u dont no nothing about new hardwares or video games systems….how much times as sony replicate nintendo an microsoft????

    • GuyWhoKnowsHowToSpell

      First learn to spell buddy then talk okay. 🙂
      All of Xbox One’s TV features are a rip off of Google TV.
      Their main focus is movies and TV, not games. So Xbox One is kind of like PS3 when it launched.

    • Counterproductive

      5 minute video capture suddenly added, overclocking of the GPU to make up for the dramatic lack of power, adding the ability to disable the camera, reversing their decision about DRM because Sony blew them out of the water. They’re playing catch-up, and they’re doing it badly. There’s a reason Don Mattrick was forced to leave Microsoft. The Xbone is dead in the water.

    • Geraldo Andrade

      no dude my cuz works in sony he said that they parnered with facebook and it actually looks like the news feed plus thats the basic theme for ps cause in xbox u see more advertsment and on ps is always basic like pics music game and settings so fuck off i have a 360 and its full of crap BTW selling it right now for 100 on amazon since its such a stupid console i can get much of it but 100 ill be worth it to get a ps4

    • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

      its not the official thing so its cool if your bad judgement thinks that =/ ! Cant wait to see what the official thing looks like! Lmao, no innovation my foot!!! Damn sure better then what each console we have now has by a landslide!

    • pauperbecryin

      $ony is just a tacky copycat company now and PauperStation shows it more and more every single time.

  • luvthesnapper

    The PS4 didn’t crash, the game did……yah dink.

  • ProbablyNotButHey

    It doesn’t look all that different from the ps3 ui, in terms of color scheme, font, layout, just on the Z axis instead of X. Anybody hating on something so trifling is probably working for microsoft.

  • Zac Nedianu

    Its not even finished yet so why fight over it

  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    Did anyone consider that even if that interface ends up being on PS4’s that is just the offline interface, and when you connect to the internet you get the proper PDM PlayStation Dynamic Menu, newsfeed type homescreen, which has been shown off multiple times already.

  • Yassin Mziya

    No ads. UI’s done right


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