War Thunder Dev: “PS4 is a Very Powerful Gaming Machine”, Dev Kits Had 8 GB GDDR5 to Start With

‘We created playable demo for GamesCom with little difficulty.’

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We recently got in touch with Alexander Trifonov who is the international PR for Gaijin Entertainment, the developers behind the upcoming free to play War Thunder. We asked Trifonov about the benefits of using the unified architecture of the PS4 in order to bring complex aerodynamic simulations, to which he replied:

“PS4 is a very powerful gaming machine thanks to its closed architecture, and every day our dev team is getting better with it. This includes aerodynamics, physics, damage model and many other complex calculations. Thanks to our game being online, we can continuously improve the optimization of our engine to achieve maximum performance.”

We had recently reported that how the developers of Warframe took only three months to port their game on the PlayStation 4. We asked Trifonov whether development is easier on the PS4.

“We got the devkits in a couple of months before Gamescom, and we created playable demo for the show with little difficulty. Overall, it was far easier than with current generation.” he said.

Looks like Sony’s claim of easy development on the PlayStation 4 is indeed turning out to be true. Furthermore we also asked him about the debate that has been made over how much RAM the PS4 allocates to game development and whether it really make that big of a difference for development. Trifonov declined to comment on the same but he did revealed something interesting about the developer kits.

“Actually, we got our devkits only this summer, and they had 8 Gbs already.. Anyway, you can’t have too much memory!,” he said.

War Thunder is a launch game for the PlayStation 4 and will support cross platform play with the PC players.

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  • Tim

    Can’t wait to get a PS4, the launch games and exclusives look absolutely fantastic, and £350 is such a perfect price. Unfortunately, I live in the UK, where retailers have sold out of launch PS4s. I spoke to a person in a games shop and he said will be very difficult to get hold of a PS4 in the UK over Christmas 🙁

    Hope Sony send some more PS4s our way in the UK. Please. Pretty Please.

    • WellWisher

      Exclusives? Really? I’m sure it will get some stellar games but I don’t see any fantastic exclusives yet. Killzone could be good though, I’m glad it’s more colourful that it used to be.

    • suckbox

      suck box one has no exclusives btw. ryse looks like dogshit and runs at 900 p on inferior HW . KIlooks like shit and has 4 character. It is a no brainer that PS4 will have the best exclusives

    • WellWisher

      You’re not convincing me of anything, I think next gen is a waste of time and money so you’re just proving me right.

  • Guest

    Too bad their game doesn’t reflect it! Overhype and underdeliver!

  • kreator

    Anyway.. XBO FTW!


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