Watch Dogs Head To Head Comparison: Xbox One Has Vibrant Colors, PS4 Has Better AA

We also compare the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

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As with every AAA game out there we first do an initial test followed by a full blown tech analysis. After Wolfenstein: The New Order, next on our list is Watch Dogs. In this initial test we have compare the same scene across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions [PC will be tested in our final verdict]. But instead of inserting screens, we have published high quality GIFS [the most popular media format ever since the new consoles were announced!]

Around two weeks back, Ubisoft confirmed that Watch Dogs will run at 900p resolution on the PS4, and 792p on the Xbox One. Both the versions run at 30fps.  The PS4 and Xbox One version also employ a custom AA solution, Ubisoft confirmed to GamingBolt. On closer inspection the Xbox One version seems to have vibrant colors and better black, the PS4 on the other seems to have the perfect balance and better anti-aliasing. The last gen versions on the other hand are pretty similar to each other although the level of detail is downgraded. But it’s still amazing that the last gen versions do hold up against the new versions pretty well.

Watch Dogs will release on May 27th across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. For more on the game check out hub page here.

Note: Each of the GIFs below are 20 seconds long so they will take a bit of time to load. Here is hoping that you are on broadband.


Xbox One:


Xbox 360:

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  • Bizio

    You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant, PS4 is a close environment and you can’t compare a PC with similar hardware. Uncharted4 will blow you and your PC away; developing down to the metal is something that’s almost impossible for PCs, cause they have so many different cpu and gpu; nobody will ever squeeze a powerful PC. Also multiplatform games never show the true capabilities of a console, most of all after 6 month from Launch. And what about Sony being second? second at what ? PS4 is the most succesful console ever(first six month), it’s squashing XBone and WiiU everywhere and will offer a far better experience than PC. PC is the best for those geeks nerds comparing res and fps on benchmark…

  • Ubisoft use the ps4 as it’s lead platform to develop this game. (on next Gen consoles). Now everyone says the PlayStation has better AO that maybe true but what I can’t wrap my head around is why does the Xbox appear to have more dynamism especially on the trees in the comparison videos. The PS4 trees color looks stale and stagnate and the Xbox version shows the trees vibrant and swaying with the wind during the same seen.

  • MattS71

    Looks like a GTA: white boy style type game!

  • Jecht_Sin

    They look all the same to me..

  • Michael Norris

    Ps4 version looks sharper as well.

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    Xbots in full damage control mode. Stand by for excuse making and name calling lol.


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