‘We faced the same problems as the God of War devs,’ says Bulletstorm’s Creative Director

In our exclusive interview with People Can Fly, the developers of the upcoming, totally awesome game, Bulletstorm, Creative Director Adrian Chmielarz said that while creating Bulletstorm, the developer team faced a lot of problems the God of War development team would have faced. Why? Because both their protagonists are so bad-ass from the very beginning of the game.

We asked Chmierlarz about why “Bulletstorm seems to be centred around exaggeration- over-the-top moves and huge weapons.” He replied with: “The source of all this is the hero, Grayson Hunt.”

On Grayson Hunt, he said: “We faced the same problem as the creators of God of War faced; how do you make an engaging and challenging game with a hero that is a bad ass mofo from the start?”

“Usually, there’s this clear progression,” he continued. “You have amnesia, wake up in prison, and your first weapon is a knife – and then it’s the pistol, the machine gun, etc. But how do you make a game in which you start with a nuke? Not that you start Bulletstorm with the nuke, but I’m sure you get the point.”

He went on to say: “We knew we wanted Grayson to be a character empowered with awesome combat skills and abilities from the start, and the challenge was to feature a progress of that character. That’s how the “over-the-topness” of Bulletstorm was born. While most games take you from zero to hero, we take you from hero to destroyer of worlds.”

Destroyer of worlds, eh? Awesome. How I wish this game was out now.

Don’t forget to click through the link above and read the entire interview!

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