We Won’t Be Frightened Of Scorpio, Says Sony Executive

In the end, it’s all about games, he claims.

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xbox scorpio ps4 pro

The Xbox One Scorpio will end up being the most powerful console ever when it launches later this year. But Sony, the market leader, with 60 million units of hardware sold, and having their best lineup of games yet since the PS4 launched, are apparently not that worried about the impending launch of Microsoft’s console.

Speaking to Business Insider, Sony’s Jim Ryan said, “We won’t be frightened of what they do.” Elaborating on the statement, Ryan said that in the end, the success of a game system comes down to the games- and not only are most games that are on the Xbox also on the PS4, but the PS4 has the added benefit of a highly appealing lineup of exclusives as well, thanks to games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted.

He’s not wrong- in terms of lineup, the PlayStation does laughably outclass Xbox. The question is, is this something that Microsoft will be able to change this E3? I personally have my doubts that they do so, but all eyes will be on them come this Sunday.

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  • The Knight

    They’re TERRIFIED. When Scorpio comes and gamers see that the best performance and resolution is on SCORPIO, there will be alot of PS gamers jumping ship. MS will be back to retake the throne.

    • Riggybro

      Most people have already seen what 6TF performance looks like a couple of years back. You can just watch an old PC vid on YouTube.

      Would be good to see some original games.

    • Living While Alive

      6TF on PC (open system) is different from 6TF on a concile (closed system)…


    • Riggybro

      True. A PC uses a PC CPU. Console uses a tablet CPU.

    • Sp4ctr0

      PC use slow memory:
      – CPU bandwidth = 16-20 GB/s
      – GPU bandwidth = avg 100-220 GB/s
      – CPU to GPU bandwidth – 1.5 GB/s

      Xbox Scorpio use very fast memory (faster than GTX 1080):
      – CPU bandwidth = 326 GB/s
      – GPU bandwidth = 326 GB/s
      – CPU to GPU bandwidth – memory shared!

    • Riggybro

      Ha ha ha

    • WingsOfChicken

      Jesus christ, you really are stupid. Please go post this on /r/PCGaming on reddit and see how stupid you are.

    • WingsOfChicken

      hahahahhaha it has no games so don’t be stupid!

  • Starman

    The fact that Sony even had to come out and say that ….. shows fear and how insecure they’re about their product.

    • Mike Clyne

      The fact you posted that shows fear and how insecure you are in Microsoft.
      Sony isn’t showing fear in answering a question presented to them.

      There’s a few things here.
      First, if it’s all about power, that crowd plays on PC where if they put in the money they have 4k.
      Then, as history shows, the original Xbox was more powerful than the PS2, obviously (visually) so. Yet had no effect on PS2 sales.
      Even the 360, which was either equal to or even possibly more powerful (or at least slightly better running with third party games) which had a year start to market was ultimately beat by PS3.
      Now it wasn’t a slaughter in sales by any means, but the fact they were caught up to at all says a lot.
      Plus, there’s the question of how many sales of 360 were actual individual consumers and how many bought multiple consoles due to their consoles red ringing past warranty.
      There is a possibility that when you remove the fanatic Xbox fans who replaced red ringed consoles (since the Xbox One runs fine), that maybe, just maybe, the sales Xbox One has seen so far are all the fans it ever had.
      Which would be slightly good and slightly bad news for Microsoft. Good they maintained their hardcore, bad they failed to expand the base.

      And then there’s what Microsoft seems to want to center on. Visuals.
      On a TV, 1080p and 700p are low enough to make a difference the eyeball sees. 700p is noticibly blurry.
      Yet now we’re talking the difference between native 4k and upscaled checkerboarding for a consumerbase that is sitting on a couch or chair much farther from the screen than a PC gamer would be.
      When at that distance, the visuals you’re comparing are both super sharp, regardless of the technical difference.
      And again, those hyper sensitive to a numbers game of frames per second slight differences and pixel counts are better served PC gaming.
      The larger, mainstream level of console sales aren’t dictated by that. Sony is absolutely correct it’s games that matter. Since there have been consoles, the ones with the best first party or exclusive games has done the best.
      I have no loyalty to any corporation. I go to where someone best meets my needs and I do wish Microsoft would do better, have closer sales, because in those days when PS3 was still trailing, yet quickly catching up to 360, those were days when each console had the best sales, each trying to win us gamers over. Close competition always benefits the consumer.
      But as it is, unless Microsoft surprises with exclusive games, I don’t think Scorpio will be the sales changer they hope it is. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

      But then, Xbox was never really a leader. It was always a “me too.” They only sell close to what’s considered well in America, and okay in Europe. Sales are dead in the rest of the world, whereas both Nintendo and Sony are popular world wide.
      To this day, if it hadn’t been for Halo they wouldn’t even exist.
      This is it though, a make or break year for Xbox. If Scorpio does fail to at least put them somewhat in the neighborhood of PS4, they could be in big trouble by the time the PS5 comes around.

    • Scared

      The fact that you posted a wall of text in reply shows how insecure you are in general.

    • Sp4ctr0

      I don’t care about exclusives. More than 95% of games are multiplatform and each of them looks and play better on faster hardware. If you want play Read Dead Redemption 2, Destiny 2, COD WW2, Far Cry 5 in best quality then you need Scorpio

    • Smart guy


    • Starman

      That dude is either an employee of Sony, or just a pathetic fanboy with no life …. because he can’t believe all that crap coming out of his mouth…

    • Smart guy

      He’s never make it working with sony. Even they know he’s too stupid

    • Mr Xrat

      Or they got answered the question and they answered it.

      Stay desperate.

    • Smart guy

      You mean ‘asked’ the question lol if you didn’t have so many alts you have to switch over to just to give yourself likes you’d be able to pay better attention to what you typed :))

    • Mr Xrat

      At least you’ve lived up to your username for once.

    • Smart guy

      Good one low life you never fail to live up to yours! lol don’t forget to give yourself likes! You’re 9 min behind on likes :))

  • PorHawj2016

    i really don’t care if Scorpio is more powerful than PS4 Pro because it don’t have any good exclusive games except Crackdown 3, Forza 7 and State of Decaf 2

    PS4 has alot exclusive games : God of War, The last of us 2, Days Gone, Spider-Man, Detroit Become Human, Knack 2, GT Sport, Death Stranding and More new IP games are unknown yet

    • Sp4ctr0

      I don’t care about exlusives – I want play Read Dead Redemption and COD WW2 in best quality. Scorpio have 2x more memory for games, much better GPU, faster CPU, better memory bandwidth. Its fast and have full backward compatibility with 4K scaling of old games like Red Dead Redemption 1.


    • Susanmsolis

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    • PorHawj2016

      lol COD WW 2.. screw that

    • Mr Xrat

      You’re an Xgimp, you don’t care about games at all.

      It’s not full BC, by the way.

    • WingsOfChicken

      So you don’t care for exclusives and you seem to care more about graphics and fps YET you plan to play on Scorpio when the PC does that better. haha funny.

      For the record, the backwards comparability issue is garbage, buying a new gen console doesn’t break my old one. At that, it’s not even backwards compatible; you’re downloading a game file….

      The fact is, exclusives sell a console and Sony doesn’t care if you buy or not.

    • shinningserpent

      so you must have inside info that ms wont be announcing new exclusives at e3.thanks for letting us know smart guy.

  • Mr Xrat

    What’s to be frightened of? An overhyped upgrade everyone’s bored of hearing about for a year, with a few mediocre new IPs and rehashes? It’s no wonder more people are interested in the Switch. Shitpio is a fart in the wind.

    • Sp4ctr0

      Sony is scared because 95% of games are multiplatform. All multiplatform games always look and play better on faster hardware. Gamers who want best quality in games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, COD WW2, FarCry 5, Destiny will choose Scorpio

    • Mr Xrat

      Rattling out the same excuses over and over. Xgimps are as boring as their few rehashes.

    • Smart guy

      You’re a fart in the wind :))

    • Mr Xrat

      Mr Irony strikes again. :))))

  • Gamez Rule

    Why would Sony be frightened of Scorpio when Sony stated this…

    “It’s been pleasing that in North America, we’ve been two-to-one against Xbox,” Ryan said in an interview with Time. “But in Europe, it’s really been fortress PlayStation by at least three-to-one in unit sales.”

    Sony have this gen locked down and a more powerful console cannot make that much difference. MS haven’t released any full console exclusives within the first Six months of 2017 so what’s the point of buying into the MS console. I have Xbone and being honest it’s now just sitting there as exclusive games and content have all been placed on PS4 while MS made new hardware instead of giving games. Oh well E3 is coming and I’m still waiting☺

    “One out of every five PS4s sold these days is a PS4 Pro” = This shows that a more powerful console doesn’t make a difference as otherwise the figures would have been the other way around…IMO more Xbones will sell more than Scorpio just like shown via PS4/PS4-Pro

  • SalvagedXBot

    What else would you expect him to say?

    I think it’s funny when Phil Spencer gives a company line he’s full of crap but not when this guy does lol.

    If Sony wasn’t worried at ALL they wouldn’t spend money on marketing deals with the biggest multiplat games coming out. They want to take away the message that those games will play better on Scorpio.

    • Luke Skywalker

      Makes sense

    • Smart guy

      It’s also fact 🙂


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