What happens when you use Unrelenting Force Shout In a house Full of Weapons

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Check out this amazing video from Skyrim, which shows the physics in action. We’re not sure whether its the PC version or the console version but the framerate comes down to a crawl due to the awesomeness. In this video, the guy uses the maxed out Unrelenting Force shout in a house full of weapons.

Now how he managed to collect all those weapons, we don’t know, but it looks awesome.

Shouts are the best things about this game, and it is in full display here. This was the same guy who amasses all the weapons, and had to succumb to fan pressure of using the shout on them. Here is the result.

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  • oh…how amazing….NOT.
    pretty boring and senseless.
    why not doing something intelligent instead like showing how to smith the dragonscale armor or how to brew some cool potion? this is more like some kind of stupid kid is showing his even dumber friend: hey, check this cool stuff out.
    this, gamingbolt, is a fail.
    and you are abusing such a great game like skyrim, shame on you.

    • you’re a fail. shame on you. wtf did you think was going to pop up in the video. look at the title moron.

      how do you confuse smithing dragonscale armor or how to brew some “cool potion” with “what happens when you use unrelenting force shout in a house full of weapons”. if you wanted to watch videos of dragonscale armor and brewing cool potions, you shouldnt click and watch a video titled “what happens when you use unrelenting force shout in a house full of weapons. you are the biggest fail on the internet. you lose at life.

    • The best things about Skyrim and the other Elder Scrolls Games are the stupid things like this you can do. You wanna know how to craft something look it up on a guide. I’d much rather see the physics engine in action or pots being placed on peoples’ heads or an arrow being shot off an npc’s head William Tell style than some guy saying HERP DERP first you get smithing to 100 then you find a dragonscalez and that’s how you craft dragonscalez gaiz.

  • Clearly the PC version version “[E] Take”, and means it safe to assume that he used at least one of the console commands to spawn the weapons and give give himself unlimited shouts.

  • Ali

    Obviously PC, take a look at the video, says E to take

  • if you pay attention to the video, where it says “E to pick up bow” it iplies PC version since the consoles don’t have keyboards

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  • Probably recorded with FRAPS? It always give framerate issues depending on what you are recording and no matter how powerful your PC is.


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