What The Elder Scrolls 6 or Skyrim 2 Could Learn From The Fallout Series

Fallout 4 isn’t even out, and we’re already looking ahead.

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Bethesda confirmed that a sixth Elder Scrolls game isn’t happening any time soon- that for now, they will be focusing only on the upcoming Fallout 4. It makes sense, and it also is in line with how Bethesda has acted in the past- for instance, full development on Fallout 4 did not start until Bethesda finally ended official support for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in 2013.

This kind of focus on one game at a time lends a unique feeling of progression to Bethesda’s games, where each new game seems to clearly imbibe the previous one, taking on its best qualities, and adding to them with iterations and innovations of its own. We can see it with Fallout 4, where it is a progression not only on Fallout 3, but also on Skyrim; so the obvious question that arises here is, what can we expect The Elder Scrolls 6 to take from Fallout 4?

It’s an interesting question, because a lot of what Fallout 4 does that is causing such a stir – base building, weapon customization, the new perks based leveling system – all seems to be an evolution of similar mechanics in Elder Scrolls, and specifically Skyrim. The two things that Fallout 4 right now seems to be doing far better than Skyrim are, however, important, and things that The Elder Scrolls 6 could stand to learn from- atmosphere and combat.

Combat was one of the weakest points in Skyrim, so much so that a full bevy of mods intended just to fix it still could not bring it up to par. On the other hand, Fallout 4’s combat seems to have some weight, and it appears as though it is finally where Bethesda get a handle on good real time combat- this is absolutely something that The Elder Scrolls 6 needs to do.

Equally important is the atmosphere. Fallout games have always had a great atmosphere, literally transporting you to a post nuclear world, and Fallout 4 looks to be no different. While Elder Scrolls games, and specifically Skyrim, did atmosphere well too – I felt transported to the game’s vision of a Nordic fantasy – I still daresay that Fallout’s mastery in this area remains to be beaten.

So those are the two areas that I would say Elder Scrolls needs to learn the most from Fallout. Of course, when Fallout 4 releases, we may discover yet more amazing mechanics or features that we want in Elder Scrolls 6.

What would you want Elder Scrolls to learn from Fallout? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Zod

    Just because Fans of Bethesda’s flagship products are regularly looking for news doesn’t mean you have to create fluff pieces a developmentally disabled person would make shake their heads at. Yeah, I get it. You tag F04, with Elder Scrolls 6 (ie Skyrim 2 for the player with no idea of the history behind the series,) and people like me will take the clickbait. We, also make note of the site the fluff originates from and will avoid that site in the future.

    • Will Brandt

      Yeah seriously, worthless article. Give me my 2 minutes back.

  • ShaneMcGrath

    Biggest change they could make can apply to either and it has nothing to do with skills or combat, Upgrade the damn graphics engine!
    I have my Skyrim looking like the best game I have ever seen, But it has taken over 100 mods to do so. There are games out there now that look like this as standard before any mods are needed.

    • Butch S.

      Agreed. Hopefully that’s the real reason Bethesda has come out and said ES:VI isn’t happening any time soon.

    • Somebody

      I’d be happy with a decent 3rd person camera and better gamepad controls. No point in a pretty game that doesn’t play well.

  • Kevin Broomall

    I like the pip boy app that you can use with the game (optional collectors edition) Really cool stuff. Fallout Shelter rules!

  • SteveInCali

    I don’t know about Fallout 4 but the next Skyrim should add a set of hotkeys (F1-F10) for most-used weapons and spells. It’s really a no-brainer; don’t know why it wasn’t included in Skyrim. I love the game but its interface and the number of bugs are very frustrating.

    • vivzZ

      You can assign hotkys to wepons in skyrim with the number keys i.e. 1,2,…..

    • SteveInCali

      I have played that game for so long and never knew it. Thanks.

    • Matt Deckman

      Um, there are hotkeys in skyrim. And it isn’t hard to figure out.

    • Joseph Gibbsey Gibbs

      There wont be a next “skyrim you fool” the franchise is elder scrolls, not skyrim

  • Matt Deckman

    If they want to improve upon Skyrim and learn from their mistakes, take a look at the top mods in the community. Afterwards, like others have said, upgrade the graphics engine. I have several mods that enhance the graphics (probably around 10) and not everything has been touched. And what would really make it cool, backwards compatibility. I’d definitely like to use my old character(s) with the new skyrim.

  • Aaron W

    Please for the love of god stop calling it skyrim 2…… has there ever been a “2” after any of the game titles? No, no there hasn’t.

    • Dravinski Goth

      hrm, elder scrolls 2: daggerfall was a lie then!!!!!

    • Aaron W

      Instead of calling you an idiot like I want to, I’ll just present the facts.
      That game was number 2 in the elder scrolls series. Just as 3 was Morrowind, 4 was Oblivion, and 5 was Skyrim.
      There has never been a daggerfall 2, morrowind 2, etc.

      Therefore it will be Elder Scrolls 6..

      Geesh some peoples kids…..


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