Why ROBLOX is Exclusive To Xbox One, “Xbox Team Was Awesome To Work With”

Roblox Incorporation talks about bringing its MMO builder to the console.

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ROBLOX will be heading to the Xbox One soon, marking the first time the massively multiplayer online sandbox-style building game has ventured outside of its PC roots. But why opt for the Xbox One in the first place, especially when there’s competition like Minecraft?

GamingBolt spoke to the development team about influenced the decision to bring ROBLOX to Xbox One, “The vision of ROBLOX is to enable creators to build a game once and push it to all screens simultaneously. Since we already have the major desktop and mobile ecosystems covered, console was the obvious next step.

“In terms of why Xbox specifically, we’ve had a long history with Microsoft on the technology side, so there was already a great relationship in place when we began discussions for bringing ROBLOX to Xbox.”

It wasn’t very difficult to bring ROBLOX to the Xbox One, especially when it came to incorporating the interface and layout to the console. “Our platform is architected from the ground up to move from OS to OS and screen to screen. Remember, we’ve already ported from PC to Mac to iOS and to Android. So Xbox is just another extension for us.”

The development team is happy to work with Microsoft though. “I will say that the Xbox team was awesome to work with. They supported us every step of the way. Our community creators made tweaks to their in-game GUIs to take advantage of the larger screen size of consoles, but they didn’t have to rewrite their core code. So they loved it.”

ROBLOX will be out soon for the Xbox One. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime read our full interview on ROBLOX here.

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  • Kfal Balli

    I’m loving all the popup ads. Makes me feel great…

  • Michael

    Wait, I thought Microsoft were the evil ones…lol.

    • sdfu

      Hey, atleast my credit card info is secure with Microsoft.

  • GamerJudge

    Someone look up the article as to why that dev when exclusive with Sony.

    oh here it is… http://gamingbolt.com/the-witness-is-on-ps4-and-not-xbox-one-because-of-microsofts-policies-on-indie-developers

    • Alvina Thomas

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  • XbotMK1

    Sounds like this developer sidestepped the question and gave a cryptic bs answer. You should’ve asked why not PlayStation?

    My guess is that they either just flipped a coin for PlayStation or Xbox, or they decided to go with Xbox first because they favor the Xbox brand, or Microsoft aproached them and offered to help port the game in exchange for timed exclusivity.

    But we all know it’s NOT because Microsoft is indie friendly. Microsoft only helps those that Microsoft can use for their own agenda.

    • sdfu

      Can you even consider roblox an indie game?? It’s big AF. And its been around… It’s like callin cs go an indie game

  • Kellan Perreira

    In my country xbox 360’s are alot more popular and even if i wanted a new system it wuld be a ps4, wish they could make this available to bathe the 1 and 360.

  • Pinkiemena Diane Pie

    When is ROBLOX going to the PS series? Im asking due fact that the Xbox one and PS4 are coming together, so is roblox going to do the same?

  • Giordan

    with the stuff Micro$hit tried to do with the One, it’s deceiving


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