Witcher 3 Dev: PS4 and Xbox One Versions Will “Probably” Differ, Depends on Individual Hardware

Senior Level Designer at CD Projekt RED talks a bit about platform differences.

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

During Gamescom we caught up with Peter Gelencser, Senior Level Designer at CD Projekt RED to discuss all things regarding The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an open world role playing game and will be out on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2014. We asked Gelencser about the differences between the three versions, to which he replied:

“It depends on the hardware differences. The experience should be identical. The individual little tid-bits might be different of course because they are different hardware. That is the point of it. Of course we are trying and aiming to provide the same awesome experience  to everyone, with no compromises,” he said.

When asked about whether the differences between the PS4 and Xbox One versions will boil down to individual hardware, he said “probably.”

It will be interesting to see whether CD Projekt RED will be using all the extra memory on the PS4. Back during E3, Jonas Mattson, the environmental artist on the game had confirmed to us that they were discussing the extra gain provided by GDDR5 but were not sure whether they were going to need it.

Let us know your which version you’re planning to buy in the comments section below and stay tuned for our full interview soon.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Either Xbox One or PS4 version…unfortunately don’t got a rig.

  • Daniel Lawson

    Extra memory on the PS4? There is LESS memory on the PS4 if you include cache… having GDDR5 ram doesn’t magicly create more ram

    • extermin8or2

      *sigh* over any given period of tkme greater than 0 seconds the greater bandwidth of all 8gb’s GDDR5 allow the data to pass through faster and therefore more of it-so stuff like textures. Lets take a ten second period of time- 10x176GB= 1760GB max in that period of time. (It is running at 176GB/sec right? Not 180 something? Having mental block on this ffs) theb take the 8gb on xb1 at 68GB/sec x 10= 680 GB max data transfer over given times…+32MB x 192GB/sec for ten sec.dr…. sure you can see the issue there between which one transfers more data.

    • hakesterman

      IT doesn’t matter, It’s in the hands of the developer! Get over it already.

    • Daniel Lawson

      no 8 gigs is 8 gigs… you can only fit 8 gigs into 8 gigs… bandwidth doesn’t make it MORE… 8 gigs is 8 gigs… you want to talk about texture fill rate and other BS that’s fine, but you can still only fit 8 gigs in 8 gigs

    • Axe99

      Aye, but no game in existence needs 8GB of RAM at any point of time. Speed in and out of RAM is as important as amount.

    • extermin8or2

      8 gigs can hold 8 gigs when time is at 0 seconds.However because ots ram and the data isnt ‘stationary’ its always moving-being transferred around the rate at which the data os being transfers decides how mich data can go through the ram over any given period of time. Ofc if you freeze at any one individual moment 8gb is the max but ofc it doesnt work like that well not unless jts off-but ofc nothings stored on the ram unless the device is on…

    • Daniel Lawson

      that doesn’t change the size of a texture that can fit in there

    • extermin8or2

      I hope your trolling… because if you arent you are officially in the group “most stupid people I’ve ever had the misfortune to communicate with” as RAM doesnt “hold data” in the sense of storing it… it has rhe data for tiny fractions of a second for the cpu amd gpu-ergo the data within is always moving as its transferred… therefore it does change the size of textures it can hold… over a period of time.

    • Daniel Lawson

      >_> not sure if stupid or if ignorant… ram can hold data for as long as they want it to… there is software to will section off part of your ram to use as if it was a disc.

      edit: as long as it has power of course >_> just to be clear

    • extermin8or2

      However for a vudeo game… that is not how the ran willnostly be transferring data therefore my point still stands. The textures will be on the installation files/disc and when required will be transferred by the rm ti the gputo be rendered obto the neshes Some that are used loads might be cached I guess but for the most part higher bandwidth for games is a bonus. Its why gpus on pc often have dedicated vram (gddr5).

    • ahlun

      Yes, 8gig is 8gig, if you take out the physical RAM and hold it in your hands, whether it is GDDR3 or GDDR5 or GDDR10 (I made this up), it is still 8Gig, but if the amount of data transferred is more, than that’s “more than” 8gig at any given time.

      A very simple example, if in 1 second the RAM can transfer 2x 8Gig of data (means 16Gig of data transferred in 1 secound), compare with in 1 second the RAM can only transfer 1x of 8Gig data.

      It still can hold 8Gig of data, but because one can transfer more data at a give time, it is like it has “more” Gig.

    • naki

      *sigh* last time I check ESRAM let’s the CPU and GPU have two ports instead of PS 4 one port so them means faster and with the cloud that Sony dose not have means that it will give it unlimited transistors hmm nice try with the GDDR5

    • extermin8or2

      I hate to tell you but anyone has a cloud if they have offsite computing rescources… sony already have games thos gen that use the cloud for stuff- Demon Souls for example and any game that has matchmaking etc. … and unlimited transistors are useless when there use is limited by the time delay…. unless ofcourse you can make the speed of light inside fibre optic cable….. please learn what you are talking about… and wtf are you on about Esram allows for two ports vs one.

    • ahlun

      In my opinion the cloud will not be used to process heavy processing, it will only use for light processes and/or some save states or something, it will not be use for actual rendering of the games, maybe little part of the graphics which is not obvious.

      I might be wrong.

    • Michael Norris

      DDR3 and Esram isn’t better then GDDR5 period.32mb vs 8 gigs….plus a bandwidth advantage with GDDR5 will make a difference.Also the cloud won’t provide a graphics upgrade.Just look atm every game that uses the cloud it’s used for AI and dedicated servers.Untill it actually does things graphics intense,i will have my reservation’s about cloud.

    • Daniel Lawson

      >_> not sure if stupid or fooled by math that doesn’t fit in logic

    • john smith

      You caught that eh. I miss the days of old where journalistic integrity meant something.

  • ps4life

    Dont forget about the 50% more GPU power the ps4 has. More GPU cores. 1.8 tflops on ps4 vs 1.3 on xbox done. THe GDDR5 memory in ps4 is far superior to the wimpy ddr3 memory in xbox done. GDDR5 memory will run laps around ddr3. Do you research xbot.

    • Megaman

      I think you need to do an updated research my friend….you should save this post an reply to me in a few months an watch how stupid you sound…i hope your not buying the ps4 because you THINK the PS4 has better GRAPHICS…..alot of people are gonna be very shock this soon about witch system is really the most powerful LMFAO

    • jamie

      25/29th september they will find out.. 😉 XB1 day one

    • Megaman

      Yup…and i cant wait to see the look on sony trolls faces

    • jamie

      😉 Can’t wait…….. Good to see a few more people out their that know’s . All we need now is a release date…

    • Megaman

      Yeah when do you think its gonna be???im going with before sony

    • jamie

      I think a long side cod;ghost 5/11/13…

    • Megaman

      me to good guess…..did u see the news is starting to get around about the X1’s real power….N4G just post it lol at sony fan boys its gonna hurt there feelings…..Cant wait for God of war tho 🙂

    • jamie

      haha yeah its coming…. some talk about the N.D.A agreement ends 21st sept ?….. microsoft I here is planning to reveil at sonys home turf T.G.S!!!! release date and the full specs their…. tgs 19th to 22nd 😉 what you think….

    • jamie

      11/22/13 confirmed at major nelson webpage 😉 all we need now are the full specs…. cant wait

    • Megaman

      holly i didnt see that….this isnt gonna be a game changing month a i think sony fans might JUMP IN lol

    • jamie

      lol good times ahead

    • hakesterman

      The Differances will not even be noticable. There hasn’t been a game produced to date that DDR3 couldn’t keep up with, it’s in all PC’s. As far as the GPU goes, it will probably be a 3 to 5 FPS loss on the Xbox1 which you wouldn’t even notice. As said before by many, get over the hardware, it all comes down to the Developers.

    • usrev

      except, for vram decent computers use gddr5. there are some ddr3 versions of graphics cards for vram but they are all low end.

      it’s worth noting that with APU’s on PC, faster ram makes it faster. 1333mhz ram with an apu will be slower if you have 2133mhz ram with the same apu. so honestly, it could be a big deal. though we won’t know until next year or so when developers are more used to each platform.

    • Wrong. There will be noticeable differences. Perhaps not in this game, but between the platforms. The PS4 got a lot of neat stuff that the Xbox One doesn’t, like proper raw performance. Their developer environment is pretty mature also.

      Now, what you don’t take into consideration is the fact that powerful GPUs (like the one in PS4, but also the X1) needs a huge amount of bandwidth. The GDDR5 shines here, and the DDR3 suffice. All high-end graphics cards use GDDR5 because of this reason, and not DDR3! So there’s a HUGE gain on the PS4 here compared to the Xbox One. And it’s just one of many.

    • Nathan O

      Are you really going to try and tell me that Sony’s development environment is going to compete with MS’s?

    • From what I’ve read and heard, so far Sony’s development environment is pretty mint, compared to more immature environment from Microsoft. Have no doubt about Microsoft or their software knowledge.

      They’re great when it comes to software, although they tend to leave products half-finished or rather un-optimized. Visual Studio… Oh… my.

    • Daniel Lawson

      amazingly Visual Studio is used to make Playstation games as well as Xbox games… one of those things that’s really useful over huge/multi team efforts

    • I saw your first reply. Please, don’t call me pathetic, because… that’s just pathetic. And, I’m not a fanboy. I love all tech, and Sony’s just better this time around, even though Microsoft got some nice stuff too.

      And that 1024 bit wide bus for the eSRAM you mentioned – the purpose of this chip is limited. It won’t be used to gauge the bandwidth like I told. It’s 32 MB. A lot of textures can’t be stored within it. Shadow or light maps? Nope. It will either be used by Windows, the hypervisor or post-process effects.

    • extermin8or2

      Ahhh thank god there is someone else on here with some knowledge and commone sense and not just chatting total shit. Like the guy up above that has Sony pegged as getting no games this gen lol clearly he’s been under a rock and not seen all the games sony have pumped out this gen-and that will continue this generation. The person blathering on about it having a worse develooment situations is clearly deluded as st the very least rhey are about even…

    • Daniel Lawson

      You going to cry about it… don’t make fanboy statements

    • XtraTrstrL

      It’s been mentioned over and over that this time around PS4’s dev environment started out very mature, while Xbone’s has been playing catch up. So, yes, PS4’s dev environment right now is not just competing with, but beating Xbone’s by a pretty good amount.

    • Daniel Lawson

      47 megs of cache… the 32 megs probably 1024 bit wide … you’re going to find that the two systems are much more comparable then your pathetic fanboy mind will allow you to believe

    • OMGitsSexyChase

      please shut the fuck up, you are just picking up bullshit from all these stupid articles you are reading, ram doesn’t have a massive effect on graphic performance, the actual power of the gpu does…The ps4 has a stronger gpu with more processing power plain and simple the ram will allow for bigger resolutions which is not gonna happen for gaming since the standard is 1080p or under, and hopefully it will keep from pop in textures.

    • Jack Slater

      Don’t forget microsoft will happily sign a nice 10-50 million $ fat check to any big studio, so both versions look the same, instead of having X version looking much better thanks to better hardware.

      They did it with the x360, studios were forced to match quality and content, most games weighted 8.5gb so they match the x360 DVD limit, instead of using the bluray capacity. Studios were forced to release extra content on the x360, and 90% of the time, the game or dlcs/extensions would release on xbox live first, like the citadel extension for mass effect 3, which got released like the 7th of April, on live, and the 8th, on the psn.

      So, if they did it once, why wouldn’t they do it again, with the xbox one?

      Why would they bother buying new studios and making new AAA IPS, when it’s so easy to buy developers and studios with fat checks, and have exclusive content, dlcs, or having the xbox one version released 2 or 3 days before the ps4?

      As long as they have 15-25 million gamers playing cod, gears and halo online, and paying 60 bucks for Live, it’s worth spending some millions for securing cod content. Live alone can make +1 billion. If they need to spend 20-30 million $ on cod exclusive maps, dlcs, etc, for securing the 10-15 million players who play regularly, online, and pay +700M for Live, well, those millions will be well spent.

      It’s clear a big part of the 1 billion they said they would spend on games will be used for these kind of deals.and no, buying servers doesn’t mean a gamer will get more AAA titles.

    • Papacheeks

      Actually that’s illegal, as it is almost soliciting. If they want exclusive content or timed DLC that’s fine. But they can not high jack the production line of a product that is being developed for multiplatform.

      But they can have them use certain exclusive hardware for features only available on a certain platform. Like voice commands for map, item screen access using Kinnect.

      But if your implying that they would throw money at a multiplatform game to make it look better on their system then there would be someone suing. I mean this by, if they threw 40-50 million at CDRED to basically nurf the PS4 version when it can run better. Than that is Illegal, it’s almost like rigging a car to not run at what’s suppose to in a race.

      It’s like what companies in pc space do like with Nvidia has PhysX and AMD has Tress FX. Both games look identical besides those 2 features. And they are features that are specific to each companies video cards.

      What your saying is Microsoft who on paper, has the weaker GPU and Memory write a check to CDRED project to not take advantage of the PS4’s available hardware?
      That is illegal and can go to court.

      EA’s whole BF4 debacle is because of Microsoft owning rights for using DX11.1-11.2. PS4 has DX11, but does not have rights to use DX11.1-11.2.

      That is legal because Microsoft help’s develop DX and is an OS developer. They own the rights to use and distribute DX, and BF4 for pc runs on windows 8 and uses most up to date DX 11.
      Other than that developer’s make games the best that they can be for each system. If system A has more memory they will try to make use of it, depending if it doesn’t cost them more production time and money.

      Will Battlefield 4 or COD take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud and server’s, most likely yea.

      Those games are bad examples because they were created to be on older systems as well.

      The witcher 3 is PS4, XBONE,PC only. The Witcher 2 made use of everything 360 had. Hence why it looked great for a console game.

    • Dirty Sanchez

      stop talking all that garbage you don’t know what your talking about. This is not 1992 anymore when sega genesis was 16 bits and nintendo had the inferior product which wasn’t true at all because they had all the games and genesis didn’t have jack. That’s what ps4 is looking like another sega genesis. I also think the ps4 is poor mans upgrade to an xbox 360. I mean it’s running on amd chips, the button triggers on l2 and r2 are like Xbox 360s, you have to pay for ps plus, and its gonna have cross chatting like Xbox so yeah it’s another Xbox 360

    • Megaman

      hahahahahahaha i been saying the same thing….100% agree with you…an dont forget the bootleg kinect they have now….only thing different is a blu ray player an graphics an did they even upgrade there servers???lol

  • pedmart

    The xbox version will probably have some useful voice commands.. If it works for skyrim, it will work perfectly for Witcher. That’s the One.

  • Crapgamer

    So basically no difference, this is just a poorly titled article looking for hits. Both the PS4 and Xbox One will have pretty much the same third party experiences, with the differences probably being Xbox One’s Dedicated servers.

    Will be nice for Sony fans to play a Witcher game, considering they couldn’t even get Witcher 2 running on PS3.

    • lagaret

      Oh my what a fanboy you are! Reading some of your text was one of the funniest thing i have ever done!! thx 🙂

    • Crapgamer

      You know you’ve really got under someones skin when they feel the need to check every comment you’ve ever made.

    • lagaret

      Just had the feeling it would be awesome and i’ve never been so right! peace out, wish you the best with your xbox one and of course its dedicated servers 😉

    • Jhg,uygmhgvmhgvmhggmhgvmhgvmfc

      Hahaha watch you back buddy fagstation fans are just that fags lol but hurt fags they will learn how crap the ps4 will 3 months after launch. Lag lag lag lagstation.

    • OMGitsSexyChase

      dude have you even played fuckin witcher, its a fuckin single player game why the fuck would you need Dedicated servers, and two your pieces of shit are acting like your lord and messiah Microsoft created this new fuckin thing with dedicated servers…..they have been around for ages…and you know what at the end of the day your fucked because dedicated server means you rely on microsoft to play online….when microsoft decides to pull the plug on a server of a game you love what probably didn’t sell all that well then bam your fucked…or the game just gets old and in 7 years your can’t just go back and play it, look at monster hunter tri on the wii, the servers are already taken down after just like 2 years …..

    • Randall Johnson

      Capcom doesn’t have the resources that Microsoft does, especially the thousands of servers around the world. And Microsoft didn’t make EA close the servers to their older games. Microsoft doesn’t control the servers if they’re being used by another company, and they’re not going to shut down the massive amount of servers they are going to have up.

    • OMGitsSexyChase

      Too humans servers are shut down and thats a game published by Microsoft….Servers will be shut down with time…and if you have dedicated servers on your favorite game to bad…you won’t be able to boot it up in 10 years and play. Microsoft isn’t going to keep them up forever(also the servers arn’t free companys still rent them…so they will be shut down.

  • This game is a thing of beauty.

  • tech

    So funny when articles are written with such bias. You realize x1 has 2 data streams compared to ps4s 1? And esRAM provides 200gbs every process when needed, meaning 268gbsec available compared to ps4s 176gb/sec? Oh and also has double the bus cache bandwidth, 1024gb throughput, compared to ps4s 512 cache. Not even mentioning gddr5 having almost 3x the latency of ddr3. And ps4 limited to 4.5 gigs of ram for gaming, compared to x1s 5 gigs. Ya. So much more ram on ps4 LOL

    • DOOM

      EACTLY!!! I only wish people would realize this already…

    • Guest

      the ps4 is more powerfull! The microsot must be very stupid if have more power machine and not advertise.

      GDDR5 is the big diference

    • Megaman

      lol you no there is such thing as strategy and contracts right???there alot of time left for microsoft to promote there product an that time will be soon an then you will wander why in the world you think because ps4 has GDDR5 makes it more powerful then the X1 lol

    • Mitchings

      You just seem to be throwing a lot of numbers around to boggle lesser informed minds.

      First of all, the main 8GB DDR3-2166 RAM is just 68GB/s Theoretical Peak and the higher speed T6 eSRAM is limited to just 32MB of capacity; you cannot add the bandwidth of the two together, it does not work like that, ever.

      The cache is looking more like 30GB/s on Xbox One & 20GB/s on PS4. And the only other notable advantage for the Xbox One in addition to that is a known GPU clock of 853MHz vs the PS4’s very likely 800MHz GPU clock.

      The GDDR5 latency is nowhere near that bad under normal circumstances (and even if it were, in a games console the bandwidth is the priority); but what everyone forgets to mention is the inherent special memory controller/s in the HSA/hUMA architecture which neutralise this issue.

      The RAM amount on the PS4 has seen conflicting reports from 4.5GB to 5.5GB of base RAM available with an addition 512MB-1GB available with some special BSD-specific functionality and close co-operation with Sony. Either way, 4.5GB+ GDDR5 > 5GB DDR3 + 32MB(?) eSRAM.

      Now let’s look at the advantages of the PS4..

      50% additional GPU power (shaders)
      100% additional ROPS (fillrate)
      50% additional texture units

      Compute Queue Granularity is incredibly fine.

      Faster, simpler ram configuration which is known to act as a unified address space.

      And Sony have done it with a smaller, cheaper, more iconic box with an internal power supply and I’m guessing (due to X1’s eSRAM) a smaller (and subsequently cooler) chip die.

    • tech

      First off, I was talking about RAM specifically. The author likes to throw around ‘so much more RAM’ in the article as if the PS4 actually has more than X1, which is false. In fact, we know the PS4 has LESS RAM allocated to gaming, on the lines of 4.5GB compared to X1’s 5GB. those are facts.

      RAM Speed? With double the bus cache, 1024gb vs 512gb, double the data stream pipeline, 1 vs 2, and the esRAM buffer with read/write simultaneous capability moving info FASTER than GDDR5 RAM, 200gb/s vs 176bgg/s, it has yet to be seen if PS4 has ANY advantage at all, vs the X1 setup.

      x3 Latency in GDDR5 is actually a factor when your console does more than just play a game and render graphics. This is why DDR3 is the current main stream go to for even the highest priced gaming rigs on a PC. Guess what? X1 and PS4 are staring to do ALOT MORE than just playing games and rendering graphics. They are full on entertainment hubs with all kinds of tasks to perform. X1 moreso than PS4, which is probably why the DDR3 makes much more sense with the triple OS and snapping capabilities along with the voice and gesture controls which are really what make the X1 standout.

      In all reports, including from the genius John Carmack, they machines will be basically on par with very little differences performance wise for games.

      The real differences between the consoles will be the user experience online in massive worlds in the future, and server tech and software is what will set them apart. 300k dedicated servers vs Sony’s 12k is going to make a massive difference there.

    • extermin8or2

      Actually the 4.5 thibg was never cobfirmed as the actual value but othermwise I agree they have the same amount of RAM (infact I believe it was made more lijely that both had the same amount reserved for OS)

    • tech

      With a little research, Sony all but confirmed it. Not surprising though if they are planning to ship with such similar features to Xbox One.

    • Megaman

      your 80% right…..alot more your gonna find out soon about the X1 an see how much more powerful it is then ps4….theres alot thats been said an alot that hasnt so stay toon

    • tech

      lol. Ya. Waiting till end of September before I start commenting on ‘other’ things 😉

    • Megaman

      go to N4G its starting to leak out

    • tech

      Give me a link?

    • Megaman
    • Megaman


    • Megaman

      lol if you go on N4G you will start to see something …..Guess you dont no that much

  • kreator

    XBO FTW!

  • Reaper2170

    Well Xbox its losing in its home country US pre-order wise, wonder how bad its gonna do in Europe and Japan. Plus Microsoft cant manage their exclusives, releases all of them early on and then they run dry, unlike Sony where they keep a steady flow which doesn’t get boring. Fanboy? I don’t care what you call me, I go to whatever system I think will be more successful. Success means u’ll get the most titles. Brand loyalty is pointless. And OHH! dedicated servers, what so when your not connected to the internet your game is going to be worse? WTF?

  • Guest

    Well Xbox its losing in its home country US pre-order wise, wonder how bad its gonna do in Europe and Japan. Plus Microsoft cant manage their exclusives, releases all of them early on and then they run dry, unlike Sony where they keep a steady flow which doesn’t get boring. Fanboy? I don’t care what you call me, I go to whatever system I think will be more successful. Success means u’ll get the most titles. Brand loyalty is pointless.

  • Dakan45

    They play on using everything, meaning that they will max out both consoles, pc ofcourse will look superior but it will take a uber pc.

  • Paupersmustdie!

    Definitely not best on $0n¥ PauperStation 4.

    • Zanten

      Oh, look. Someone else who completely forgot that the 360 was the cheaper option this generation. 😛 Shall we be calling it the PoorBox360?

    • Daniel Lawson

      >_> double money sign for Sony <_<

    • Paupersmustdie!



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