Witcher 3 PS4 Looks Even Better With Color Correction, Compared With Pre-Release Build

Visually downgraded? Not a chance.

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Geralt Overlooking A Wide Vista

Over the last couple of weeks, several video game publications have reported that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has undergone a graphical downgrade. Since the game has been leaked by several retailers, the console versions are already available resulting into gameplay footage being uploaded to Youtube. This has resulted into players comparing console footage with pre-release PC build, thereby concluding that the game has been graphically downgraded.

witcher 3 ps4 vs pc

Click the image to see it in full screen.

This is obviously not the case. Reddit user killthealias compared some pre-release screenshots to the PS4 retail version of the game. Surprisingly, the PS4 version holds itself rather well compared to the PC build. Obviously, the PC build has better tessellation and high resolution textures, but this is expected since a high end PC will be able to deliver high quality visuals compared to a console that has static hardware.

killthealias also applied some color correction to the PS4 screenshots and in my opinion it makes the game look even better, although not everyone will like the impact of color correction. Regardless, a capable PC should be able to render the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in its full glory.

The game launches next week on May 19th.

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  • L@NCE

    How do u colour correct a ps4 game?

  • Mark

    I like the Release images best……color correction looks a bit dark and has less vibrant colors imo. The game looks sick tho.

  • TXWeasel

    Color correction? Is this a in game option or do you have to change something via system settings or TV settings?

    • Psionicinversion

      Colour correction will be using something like photo shop

    • TXWeasel

      So I’m guessing there is no way I can get the same effect by changing some settings on my tv?

    • Psionicinversion


    • TXWeasel

      Well that sucks…

  • justerthought

    Ofcourse the PC version will be more detailed. You pay for what you get, so no surprise there.

    The colour corrected PS4 version is a joke. The guy has just hit the auto contrast button in Photoshop resulting in burnt out highlights and crunched blacks. No subtlety at all with loss of detail in the shadows and highlights. Looks like what the 360 use to do to con people the image had more sharpness and more colour.

  • I want to get this game. ..but, im still waiting for about 2 weeks so all the “GAMEDAY” patches will come out and get the bugs fixed before i play it 🙂


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