World of Tanks Confirmed To Run At 1080p On Xbox One, DX12 Will Make The Console More Powerful

Also, cross platform play between Xbox 360 and Xbox One confirmed.

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GamingBolt recently caught up with Wargaming’s Creative Director, TJ Wagner to talk about the upcoming Xbox One version of World of Tanks. For those who are unaware, World of Tanks is an MMO that features 20th century vehicles with gameplay based on a freemium business model.

First of all, World of Tanks has been confirmed to run at 1080p but the game most likely won’t run at 60 frames per second since they don’t want to compromise the graphical fidelity of the game. “1080p support for sure. World of Tanks is not a twitch game though so maintaining 60FPS at the cost of graphical fidelity isn’t as critical as it would be in say a typical first person shooter,” Wagner said to GamingBolt.

Wagner also shared his opinion on the upcoming API, DirectX 12. He believes that it will have the same impact on the Xbox One as it will on a PC.”I certainly hope so. You can never have enough power in any console so it’s cool to think that in its second or third year the Xbox One will become more powerful.”  Again, this is rather confusion information since a few other developers think otherwise.

Wagner also confirmed that the game will support cross play between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions but he is not sure whether they will support cross play with Windows 10 in the future. “Right now we are focused on cross play between Xbox 360 and Xbox One which hasn’t been done by anyone else yet. Your account will play across the two platforms seamlessly. Is there a market for the Xbox One version on Windows 10? I don’t know. There are 80 Million people playing the current PC version of tanks right now. That experience is tuned for the PC, I’m not sure there’s a desire for the console version on PC. Time will tell.”

Wagner also explained their decision to release the game on Xbox 360 first, before the Xbox One. “We released the Xbox 360 version in less than 4 months after the Xbox One was launched. That meant there was approximately 80 million 360’s in the world and less than a million Xbox Ones. A Free-to-Play game of 30 players needs a big user base to play with.”

World of Tanks comes out later this year for the Xbox One One.

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  • Deeboy

    And the confusion around DX12 continues. Best let the native DX12 games do the talking on Xbox one and PC.

  • rudero

    This dx12 is turning out to just be a crow eating scenario.
    1. There is not a huge difference = crow
    2. There is a difference but not one single Xbox fan can say so since they will have spent two years saying you can not see a difference = crow
    I, as a consumer, just can not wait to see facts instead of key words “will” “believe” etc etc etc.
    Microsoft = key words and hype. Thankfully this gen, the masses are waiting for facts.

    • kma99

      if that’s the case they are waiting on sony as well. You fanboys would think otherwise.

    • rudero

      Outside of consumer reality and yourself talking like a fanboy in defense, waiting for what exactly?

    • kma99

      There is no reality because you are just some random idiot spouting off nonsense. You know nothing about dx12 to even make a semi educated guess but yet instill you come to complain and talk about what you think consumers want or believe.

    • rudero

      🙁 did your feelings get hurt. Poor baby. Here, have a tissue.
      How about NOBODY knows ie all the random articles day to day and all the fankiddies humping it like THEY know what it is.
      It is a software improvement. Most likely, knowing Microsoft, a way to try and to monopolize game designing to better suite their hardware by creating tools for pcs. a war that has been happening since the 80s.
      But that is ok, get whiny and obtuse… It suites you.

    • kma99

      Not even remotely worth getting any hurt feelings but you keep on believing that. Who’s humping over anything besides you? You were the first to chime in with your crap and you claim someone else has hurt feelings still waition that 1080p 120fps ps3 game they promised 13 years ago but you see that didnt stop sony from selling 80 million of them even with that bold face lie.

    • rudero

      Hey look. You found something from a competing console from ten years ago. There you go chief. Good job. Sick burn. I gotz served yo.
      Wow. Thank you for opening my eyes and making me believe in Microsoft once again. You are a scholar and a saint.
      :/ <— just incase you believed me.
      So are you going to hold 4k gaming over Microsofts head for the Xbox one? They made that claim. I expect to see you angry over that like, a year and a half ago.

    • kma99

      Im not holding anything over anyones head considering the fact that i bought a ps3 to play games not to see it run at 120 fps. Dx12 wont help a crap game be better and seeing a crap game in 4k won’t impress me either.

    • bardock5151

      4K gaming is possible. There is no restriction in the hardware, it just requires the game to be made with 4K resolution above all else.
      The “1080p/120fps” lie that Sony threw out there was just that, a lie. There was no way for the PS3 to do 1080p/120fps. One because no TV could support that, two the HDMI output couldn’t move that much data. So even though the game could be made to support 1080p/120fps, the console couldn’t show it. The Xbox can have the game made to support 4K, and it can actually put it on screen.
      Just as a disclaimer (because you don’t seem bright enough to have any real comprehension skills, or you’d try to twist things like a fool ), no console can put out a game like battlefield at 4K, or any graphically intensive game at 4K. The PS4 and X1 can do very graphically unimpressive games at 4K but limited to 24 Hz due to the fact that both consoles only support 1.4. A good example would be pong, maybe Pacman.
      If you assumed they meant 4K for big games then you are apart of the ignorant masses that shouldn’t even bother with any level of tech talk.

    • rudero

      Oooo you’re mean little turd aren’t you.
      To say something is possible is the same. Regardless. I get your point. About a ten year old fact. The long list of empty promises from microsoft for the last five years way out weigh the promise of ten years ago.
      Point being, 4k, hinted at, will also not happen. To protect one under “possibility” is what I would define as ignorant. Especially the crowd is begging for 1080p 60fps for indies and or last gen/cross gen releases are barely hitting that mark.
      Defend away though. The only one amused are the ones watching the fankids run around with goal posts making up excuses and defending hypatheticals.

    • bardock5151

      What broken promises? Kinect? Did what they said it would, and then went on to succeed outside of gaming too. Cloud?

      “If you look to the cloud as something that is no doubt going to evolve and grow over time, it really spells out that there’s no limit to where the processing power of Xbox One can go.”,22775.html
      They have been pretty clear from the beginning that it is an evolving technology. They have used it, they will continue to use it and they already have games in development designed around it. The most notable that will use it heavily is Crackdown. Forza 6, Halo guardians and Fable Legends have all had confirmation of the clouds use, to what extent has yet to detailed.
      I’ve already explained the 4K issue to you, and you’ve subsequently buried your fingers in your ears and scream like a fool.
      DX12 has alot to offer. As much has been confirmed by many highly experienced and respected developers. All major game engines are moving to full DX12 compliance. Microsoft haven’t been nearly as vocal about the effects of moving to DX12, mostly due to the large majority of arm chair devs playing naysayer and Microsoft knows the best advertising will come from developers and the “crow” those naysayers will be eating come game time.
      False promises? Hardly. Just haters and fanboys twisting things to suit there (maybe paid) agenda’s.

    • rudero

      A. If you think the overpriced voice control thingy called kinect lived up to the “hype”, I am not the one with my hands over my eyes. There is a reason the Xbox one flopped. A LOT has to do with the kinect.
      Cloud, dx12, you literally have only hope to make claims. There is no proof that they will benefit the Xbox one in any significant way. To say other wise is also to claim dinosaurs will again roam the earth due to leaps in science.
      The only thing you fanbabies know how to dye is defend Microsofts hypath future. Which is fine but, trying to puff your chest to more grounded individuals do not make you sound informed or intelligent. It just makes you sound like a religious freak with anger issues.

    • bardock5151

      You may want to go up.and watch the video GHz posted. Throughout the entire presentation the Xbox One is mentioned, and not just talking about “console level efficiency”. They specifically state more than once that benefits of DX12 will roll over to Xbox One.
      To deny it makes you sound like a fantard with no ability to think for your self, and you’ve just hitched your wagon to the anti-Microsoft club. Your instant dismissal of the Kinect and “the cloud” shows as much.
      Maybe you (like your close minded friends) are afraid that Microsoft will deliver (they aren’t the only guy’s investing in this space) and once again move the industry forward.
      A good example of cloud tech is the shinra demo. A good mix of game streaming, and a great example of “the power of the cloud”.

      You think you are the more grounded individual, but you popped up in this thread to puff your chest and attempt to scream down anyone who is interested in the possibilities of the new API. So please explain to me how it is that you are “grounded”, especially when you’ve been apart of the bunch of fools that started attacking a fanbase?
      Basically, f#ck off. You’re just here because you are afraid good news for Microsoft will result in better sales or something. It’s pathetic that you hate competition. So seriously, f#ck off.

    • rudero

      Such a crass human being behind the Internet safety walls.
      First off, little girl, you have to first list the long history of microsoft delivering advancements for any REAL consumer to build up faith.
      “Believe in the power of the lord for he shall deliver” that is exactly how you sound. Except, you are praising a bunch of marketing scholars which run around widely with huge wallets from monopolizing an os system and trying to look like they are “innovating”.
      Perfect example of microsofts “dreams”. Microsofts Sync. You would think for a technology that is over ten years old, not only it would work, at least advance.
      Get all troll tough. It only proves your educational level. Out of all your bully talk, your only facts have been “in the future”. Keep rolling with that skippy. It will come in handy before getting your teeth knocked in during a bar fight while you trying to convince the bigger guy that once you figure out how to work out and the build muscles, he wouldn’t be able beat you up as badly.

    • bardock5151

      Now you are attempting to threaten me?
      Look bud, obviously you have no idea what you are talking about and now resort to a failing attempt to tear me down with insults involving physical stature and level of intelligence.
      You may want to look in the mirror, your insecurities are showing.
      You really should stop being so negative all the time. You obviously don’t own an Xbox, you obviously don’t intend to, and you obviously hate Microsoft. So why are you here? Are you a tough troll?
      You keep calling me crass, then with each extra post you make, your level of aggression just continues to grow. Settle down kid, it’s the internet, no need to act so “tough”.
      Now f#ck off, come back when you are willing to engage in a proper debate instead of attacking a fanbase.
      Now I’m going to the pub, for a fight. 😛

    • rudero

      Threatening you? By a use of a metaphor? I can see the connection now.
      Logical debates use discussions and facts. Your “shut the f@ck up” and “idiot” comments and lack of any history to back up your claims proves you do not have the ability to debate. You are debating staged demos and hypathetical futures with Microsofts “vision” against my view on microsofts history and how I would love for them to “shut the f@ck up” and just release their vision. Good luck in your pub fight. Hopefully it’s not a war with words. Not your strong suit.

    • bardock5151

      Show me where Microsoft hasn’t followed through. That’s what you’re entire argument is hinged on. That you believe Microsoft hasn’t followed through on anything.
      I’ve shown you, and directed you to tech demo’s, recent uses, developer statements (you’re in an article that contains just that) and educated you as to the difference between a lie and the truth. Just because you couldn’t be bothered checking up on those facts doesn’t mean they haven’t been provided. Just go back through this article, many others have linked up relevant information too.
      I came into an already aggressive discussion, your aggression.
      You’re first post was an attack against a fanbase and a technology you know nothing of. You have insulted and attacked every body in this thread who has bothered with you. All the while never providing any evidence to back up you’re claims….. At all. You have no facts, you jumped straight in with both feet trying to troll. Quite frankly you earned any and all aggression that has been directed back at you, deal with it.
      Now, go read up. Watch some videos. Actually pay attention and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two. I’m not holding my breath though, you’re the second most hateful troll in this article, derp is just in front of you. Keep going and maybe you’ll take top spot.

    • Orion Wolf

      Its pointless mate, the fear caused by dx12 is making people desperate and they don’t want to hear any positive news surrounding this “taboo” topic – I mean x1 is considered a flop even though it’s selling better
      than the 360 at the same point in its lifecycle?

      And this whole “they’re the same because they’re x86”.

      The CPU in the x1 has a BW of 30GB/s vs 20GB/s on the ps4. The ps4 games – thanks to the mantle like API – have already been pushing the CPU to it’s limits, unlike the x1 which has been using dx11 this whole time … you
      know how everyone is saying dx12 will bring better CPU
      utilization? Yeah.

      The move engines are present only in the x1.

      Then there’s the difference between the memory

      1024bit esram (the esram can read and write at the same time, which would imply 2x the bit rate) + 256 bit ddr3 vs ps4 256bit gddr5.

      There’s the audio block MS made themselves, there’s also 8GB (not Gb) of flash memory vs 256Mb in the ps4.

      Yeah the same. /sarcasm

      Now about this guy. What I find funny is him calling everyone a fanboy all while thinking he’s not one … because spreading his MS/x1 hate on an article talking
      about the dx12 is indicative of neutrality. /sarcasm

      Btw I remember arguing with him – it started with him bashing Ryse and trumpeting how the Order was a masterpiece – I simply said that according to every pre/review I’ve read/watched the game wasn’t that good (I mean: 3h-4h of gameplay, no replay value, no MP, unskippable cut scenes, black bars for the “cinematic” experience which is simply BS etc. yep masterpiece
      indeed) and that Ryse was in comparison a much better game … he went ballistic. I’ve seen him on a few articles where the order wasn’t praised or made fun off (because when Ryse was being trashed it was ok) well “trying to puff your chest to more grounded individuals does not make you sound informed or intelligent”.

      And about lies and broken promises.

      KZ 1080p MP – nope, actually they’re being sued over it; How about that free ps+ version of DriveClub? Still nothing. Or the “1080p makes you a better gamer” yeah that’s funny considering that there are sub 1080p games and even a 720p game coming to the “resolution or bust” console.

    • bardock5151

      Well said, all very good points.
      I should let it go, but I do enjoy watching them dig deeper holes for themselves. Their arguments and hypocrisy slowly sink with them.

    • Orion Wolf

      Well if nothing else it’s interesting to see what other nonsense they will come up with and what will they omit to make dx12 look bad.

      Talking about omiting, I’m still waiting for gamginbolt to report on how frostbites technical director wants dx12 to be
      the new standard for every frostbite game by end of 2016.

      They reported on an indie dev claiming that if devs use dx12 that game wont appear ps4, but a statement from a technical director of one of the best game engines out there is not worth the trouble? Yeah ok.

    • Pedro Oliveira

      You are just an idiot trying to distort information

    • rudero

      and you? Let me guess, an amazing iq with a witty personality. Cute.

    • Pedro Oliveira

      I see you have the need to own an Xbox one… just save money to buy one.

    • Michael Norris

      The fact is DX12 is the Xone’s API period end of story.Sure MS can update the SKU’s make them efficient but MS can not change the hardware.I do wonder how many Xbot’s think DX12 will unlock another GPU….i ponder

    • kma99

      Ok so exactly whats up under the hood of the xbox 1? You dont know just like everyone else because Microsoft never spoke about it. All these so called experts and journalist tried to do was make an educated guess based on benchmark that’s it. Once you find out what’s up with the hardware then you can say what it will or wont do.

    • Samuel Sanchez

      The Xbox one hardware is not exactly that much of a difference compared to ps4. The Xbox one engineers mad certain choices different then ps4. For instance the cpu is much better then ps4 and was designed for multi threads. Remeber this point because it will make more sense why dx12 is a much bigger influence on the Xbox one. Currently ps4 has a few issues with certain cpu heavy games such as resident evil and tends to have framerste issues, tearing and choppiness.

      Next The Xbox one the chose to make two banks of memory one smaller bank that’s significantly faster then ps4 and another bank the same size but slower then ps4. Again this is designed for multithreading with the cpu and assigning data priority to the memory banks. Again dx12 will help with this. However To date the memory on neither system has been a bottleneck.

      The final major difference is the gpu. The Xbox one and ps4 have the same gpu architecture. The Xbox one engineers chose to have a higher clock speed but less shader pipelines. This has currently been a bottleneck for Xbox on obtaining 1080 resolution on certain games.

      Now what dx12 does is allow the cpu pipelines to work in both directions simultaneously. Previously each pipeline had to be wait between sending and receiving messages. As you can understand this is significant because it massively increases throughput. This allows the cpu and each of its threads to communicate with each part of the system faster. This includes the memory banks and the gpu. However even with this increase in throughput and communication between the cpu and gpu I doubt it’s enough to overcome the bottleneck of having less shader pipelines in the gpu.
      Will the gpu and its communication with the cpu be a quicker once devs optimize for dual traffic lanes? Yes however the gpu shader pipeline will still be the Xbox ones bottleneck. Unless Microsoft somehow can increses the gpu’s throughput and dx12 doesn’t do that.

    • ShowanW

      Microsoft has never once HYPED DX12 to the extent 3rd part devs have been doing…

      Microsoft has remained level headed when it comes to DX12 on PC and the One

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      DX12 will make a difference for Xbox One but it’s not going to be what desperate and delusional Xbox fanboys keep saying. They think Xbox One has some sort of special cell processor architecture like the PS3 had. DX12 is also not going to help Xbox One in the PS4 vs Xbox One graphics battle.

  • Illusive Man

    The only ones still confused are Sony fanboys. They want to continue to do apples to apples comparisons using hardware specs when both Consoles are very different. The Xbox One was designed with DX12 in mind. DX11 was always a stop gap, and doesn’t even take full advantage of the X1 hardware. It doesn’t even properly multi thread…… Of course there will be an increase in power once the Xbox One is no longer running a race with one leg.

    • Michael Norris

      Just shut it up,until we see games that blow Ps4 out of the water DX12 is only good for Pc.This game isn’t very good looking to begin with and yet it runs at 30fps.The mere fact MS didn’t have the numbers at GDC tells me one thing…the gains are minimal at best for Xbone.Pc gamers are the real winners here not Xbone players.

    • This Guy

      MS already officially stated DX12 wouldn’t really show any improvement on the Xbox one. It’s silliness articles like this that keep stirring the pot.

    • kma99

      Thats not what Microsoft said but you’re getting close.

    • Samuel Sanchez

      Correct Phil spencer actually said dx12 won’t make a difference on games ….. Until they are optimized for dx12. He has never said it won’t make any difference. The closest thing he stated to that was it wont have as big an impact as it will on pcs.

      Furthermore for those claiming to shut it until Xbox one games are better then ps4. Please take a moment and look up the issues with games such as resident evil running worse on ps4 then Xbox one with significant drops in frame rate. The ps4s bottleneck is its cpu which is worse then Xbox one. Not to mention the fact the ps4 is much much slower optimizing and updating its system then Xbox one. Xbox one honestly doesn’t have much of an issue with memory it split its memory into two banks one bank smaller but significantly faster then ps4 and another bank the same size but slower then ps4. Dx12 multithreads and shares this memory easier and quicker with the cpu and gpu making the memory actually better on the Xbox one. However the Xbox one bottle neck appears to be its gpu. its the same amd card as ps4 however Xbox ones card is clocked higher but has less shader pipelines. Which has so far proven to be a bottle neck for higher resolution. I don’t see how Xbox one can circumvent that bottleneck unless developers are somehow able to push more shader textures through those pipelines. The good thing with dx12 is it significantly speeds up the cpu and gpu interaction by allowing the pipelines to send and recieve files at the same time allowing for two way traffic. I don’t however believe that allows the gpu to double its traffic which is what Xbox one rewlly needs. Developers will need to offload some of that processing to the cpu because of this bottle neck. On the flip side ps4 can’t really do much to fix its cpu issue other then optimize its processing and just hold back game processing because a gpu will not be able to take any load off the cpu.

    • XanderZane41

      Phil said developers will have to develope their games using DX12 from the ground up for games to show a difference. Phil isn’t going to spill the beans right away. Microsoft wants to be able to show the difference with their games first before talking about what DX12 can do for the XB1.

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      The only ones who are confused are you delusional Microsoft fanboys. They hope DX12 will save the Xbox One’s weaker hardware. Xbox fanboys have begun believing their own delusions. The PS4 and Xbox One are not “very different”. I have never seen a more desperate, hypocritical, and fanatical fanbase than “Xbots”.

      Xbox One and PS4 have the same X86 architecture. Everyone knows this. The PS4 simply has a faster APU, GPU, and RAM. The PS4 all ready has a low level API similar to DX12 that first party PS4 games use. That is why PS4 first party exclusives trump Xbox exclusives and 3rd party games in graphics.

      3rd party games don’t take advantage of the PS4 or Xbox One. There is no secret sauce in the Xbox One. DX12 is an API. Any sort of software improvements done to the Xbox One can also be done to the PS4 because they’re the same architecture.

      People can see you’re delusional and they can see you’re lying because the whole point of DX12 is to bridge development between PC and Xbox because this generation PCs and both consoles have very similar X86 architectures.

      DX12 isnt going to make Xbox One stronger. The hardware is fixed. DX12 will allow 3rd party devs to exact more from PC. It will have less of an impact on Xbox One because Xbox One all ready has low level access.

      Xbox fanboys are going to each crow when DX12 games end up being portted to the PS4 , and the PS4 continues to trump Xbox One in performance due to it’s faster APU, GPU, and RAM.

    • This Guy

      From the horse’s mouth. Phil Spencer stating it won’t help the graphics 6 MONTHS AGO! It’s click bait articles that keep bringing it up and dangling it like around in front of people’s noses. You are lapping it up as well.

    • This Guy

      BTW, give it up with the “Secret Sauce” nonsense. No one says it anymore and it’s just obnoxious. You look like a fool when you say it.

    • Modi Rage

      You just said it. Xbots created the “secret sauce” nonsense.

    • Pedro Oliveira

      He is a fool!

    • Guest

      An xtremederp by any other name…

    • Ian Williams

      Dx12 will allow all cores of the gpu to talk to all the cores of the cpu, you work the rest out.

    • XanderZane41

      Let the clueless trolls say what. They will be speechless by this time next year.

    • bardock5151

      You are using bloodborne as a talking point in a technology focused delusional rambling?
      Bloodborne is far from impressive when talking visuals, techniques and developer prowess with hardware. The game looks like it has ties back to last gen. No AA, poor loading times, low res textures, low poly environment’s and NPC’s, all the while running with poor frame rates. The poster child for gameplay over graphics. Seriously, 3rd party games look and run better.
      DX12 eases development between PC and X1, through ease of development, better optimisation through time saved. Better visuals, better frame rates, better AI and so on.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Bloodborne may not have insane next level visuals but you’re wrong to say “its far from impressive” when it actually is quite impressive.

    • bardock5151

      Gameplay is apparently quite good. But visually it’s not a contender for top spot. Even other 3rd party titles look better.

    • False Promises

      Bloodborne beats every Xbox One game in visual technical prowess easilly. Bloodborne use a lot of physics, poly counts, and AI in a full native 1080p display at 30 frames. Framerate drops are mainly in multiplayer. That is because Bloodborne uses low level. Nothing on Xbox One compares.

      Since when does loading times matter when talking about graphics idiot? It’s clear you don’t have a clue.

    • WryMouthX

      I agree, Bloodborne is nice looking but nothing next level and horrid loading times and full of bugs. That game needs to hit PC for full glory of grafix.

    • archfiendx

      PC can’t run Bloodborne because PC doesn’t have the complex API. Name the bugs in Bloodborne and what does loading times have to do with it?

      Bloodborne is superior from a technical perspective than any Xbox One game.

      Bloodborne isn’t coming to PC because PC gaming is trash.

    • Kareem Lewis

      Lol at this nut they are not the same have you really delve into the specs and papers that have been released on both?? I don’t think so because if you did you wouldn’t be making these claims

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      “I have never seen a more desperate, hypocritical, and fanatical fanbase than “Xbots””

      There is one. They are called Sony shills who believe the POS4 isn’t tapped out already :^)

      PC still remains king. POS4 has already reached its potential. Oh wait, it never had any

    • Jeffrey

      Wrong, CDProjekt Red is pretty much taking full advantage of both consoles with the Witcher 3

    • Guy Incognito

      I say all fanboy are delusional.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Nope, you’re confused.

  • I’m Flat Out Right

    Gamingbolt is at it again with thrir DX12 click bait. This site is absolute garbage. It’s a cesspool of missinformation, click bait and poor comparison articles.

    Wagner never said DX12 will make Xbox One more powerful. He said, “I certainly hope so. You can never have enough power in any console.”

    Keep it up Gamingbolt.

    • Psionicinversion

      it will make it more powerful in terms of efficiency definately, probably not much but it will help. wonder if MS are moving away from deferred rendering with DX12 like i think was implied and going to object-space rendering like what stardock is doing with Ashes of the Singularity which is what animated films use.

      And of course its going to drop to A-bomb on PC… performance will explode

    • Ian Williams

      Fable legends is only using part dx12.

    • I’m Flat Out Right


    • stillwaitingforgreatness

      Something funny? Have you played it and spoke to a graphics dev on the beta? Thought not, lmfao

    • Ian Williams

      What’s funny about that?

    • GHz

      Dude you’re one to talk. All you do is lie and misinform. And it makes sense why you do cause you cant read & so never understand what’s being said. The man said in plain english is regards to the topic of XB1/DX12…

      “so it’s cool to think that in its second or third year the Xbox One will become more powerful.”

      How the h*ll did you miss that part? Yes its only his opinion, but why you have to lie about what was being said?

      Fable legends started as a DX11 game and moved up to DX12. In that instance performance gains will be little. For you to see the advantages in full, build from the ground up with DX12. That’s what they said.

      you said, “DX12 is for CPU performance which significantly helps framerates on PC.”

      That’s only half the truth and YOU WISH that DX12 is only limited to that one thing. But for us who can read and have an equal degree of comprehension, we also know that Nvidia went on record to state that besides extracting all possible performance from multi-core systems, developers also can take DIRECT ADVANTAGE OF ADVANCED GPU HARDWARE FEATURES, from which developers are currently insulated to provide fool-proof usage. DirectX 12 was designed from scratch to provide the infrastructure for these advanced applications! Thats what Nvidia said.

      Look that up and stop & stop with your d*mn lying, and halving the truth to fit your belief so you can mislead pple. Say the whole d*mn story!

    • Samuel Sanchez

      Dx12 has nothing to do with fixed hardware. It is universally hailed as a major improvement to all pcs including the Xbox one and potentially ps4 because it significantly increases the capacity of the cpu pipelines including the pipeline connecting the interaction of the cpu and gpu. I don’t believe it has much help for the gpu pipeline other then increasing the speed of interaction between cpu and gpu. What dx12 actually does is allow a single cpu pipeline to both send and receive messages at the same time instead of the old one way at a time it worked before. This sounds like it will double the traffic but it’s a bit more complicated the. That and it doesn’t. However its a significant increases in through put for a cpu and its interactions with both memory and gpu.

      Once developers program and optimize for this double traffic lane games will be better however even with the increase speed of interaction between the gpu and cpu and the fact the xboxs gpu is clocked faster then Ps4 I doubt dx12 will be able to pass the bottleneck of the Xbox ones gpu having less shader pipelines which is ultimately the Xbox ones current bottle neck.

    • GHz

      I have questions if you dont mind.

      1. Was DX12 built with PS4 in mind & vice versa?

      2. If DX12 was designed from scratch to help devs take direct advantage of advanced GPU hardware features, some of which aren’t yet announced by MSFT, and according to AMD themselves, dont have any knowledge of as yet, how does the ps4 hardware fit into MSFT XB1 plans?

      3. Why would MSFT collaborate with Sony to make sure that the PS4 can handle everything DX12 have to offer, hardware support wise?

      You said,

      ” I doubt dx12 will be able to pass the bottleneck of the Xbox ones gpu having less shader pipelines”

      4. Isnt that code specific? And isn’t that a problem games built on DX9-DX11 games engines face?

      5. What about other advance forms of rendering that will replace deferred? Does that apply to those games too?

      6. If you build a game using forward + rendering, do these bottlenecks apply?

    • Samuel Sanchez

      To be fair I am not the person you should be asking those questions too. Most of what I said above comes directly from an article by Xbox ones engineers about the Xbox one hardware and several articles about dx12.

      However the ps4 like the Xbox one is essentially just a computer and once updated by Sony should also see a bump to its potential with dx12 however ps4 was not designed as much for multithreads compared to Xbox one. So the potential is higher for Xbox one.

      Regarding my opinion that dx12 won’t be able to compensate for less shader pipelines. I base this on the fact that dx12 doesn’t make the gpu pipelines faster and the fact that the Xbox one gpu only has 10 pipelines compared to ps4 14 pipelines. The ps4 itself has issues on some games with lower resolutions. Even with the increased speed of cpu gpu interaction it’s not going to overcome those issues.

      But you are correct of developers render thier game by offloading some of the resources into the cpu instead of the gpu then the gpu bottleneck will become less of an issue. I’m not exactly sure how feasible that becomes and how much harder that becomes for developers as well. The truth is a lot of the issues you see in games framerstes or not hitting 1080 resolution could be negated with better optimization. This is why you see games get better each update. Dx12 makes optimizing these games easier because there is less wait time between sends and receives and less of a need to optimize the order of sends and recieves.

    • GHz

      Fair enough! Do me a favor if you don’t mind. Cause I just LOOOOOVE to read, please Link me to your sources. Thanks in advance.

      Now I do believe the PS4 engineers are hard at work in getting more performance out of it. That’s only natural for a console. But I doubt PS4 has anything to do with DX12 in FULL because of the specifics in hardware you need to fully exploit it. Its obvious MSFT modified XB1s GPU to better fit their needs for when DX12 drops. Sony got nothing to do with that because they built PS4 to do what they believe will keep them competitive. We just found out that PS4s API is even closer to the metal than Vulcan, and Sony already said that their API is mantle like. I just don’t see how DX12 fit in. One thing I know is, either way, gamers can start looking forward to not only visually impressive games, but more importanly bigger and more complex in behavior. There are no losers in the end.

    • Samuel Sanchez

      This article was good at explaining the systems differences I’m no sure it’s the exact same one I read before with more of the Xbox dev quotes.

    • GHz

      Good read! Back when that interview was done, DX12 on the XB1 was still a myth. We found out later that DX11 API’s were not so friendly with the XB1 hardware, and still the improvements allows cross platform games to be near identical today. The latest in the form of Darksouls 2, where according to DF, the difference was 10 frames @ an average of 6.19% of the time, in favor of the PS4. The situation changed dramatically for the better for the XB1, even while still under the stress of DX11+ today. A difference of 6.19% in performance. That’s nothing.

      Thanks for that link. Much appreciated. 🙂

    • Samuel Sanchez

      Ya by rereading it now it makes sense how Xbox one utilize dx12 better since many of its parts were designed not only to multithread and talk to each other quicker but each piece Is clocked faster then the ps4 parts.

    • stillwaitingforgreatness

      It has nothing to do for the ps4,ps4 has its own api.

    • Nathan O

      If it wasn’t for Gamingbolt where would you spend all your time??

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Xtreme Derp your meltdowns are so delicious. Your mind imploding when the 60FPS version of GTA V releases on PC will be epic to behold.

      Oh and PS4 has already been tapped out too. Your games will still suck.

  • This Guy

    Rashid Sayed, I hope you kept the receipt for the Dollar Store you bought your journalism diploma from. This would’ve been more aptly titled “World of Tanks for Xbox One supports cross platform play”. That would draw clicks on it’s own, but instead more click baiting with useless buzzwords that no one cares about. “1080p”, “DX12”, “More Powerful”. The sad part is we all still show up to tear the author a new one, when in the end that’s all they wanted to begin with. Clicks equals money. Come one, how hard is it to take the high road?

  • Michael Norris

    Wait so they are touting 1080p but at 30fps….I played this on my Pc at 60fps and it felt damn good now they are saying 60fps isn’t good for this type of game? LOLOLOL oh god what a bunch of bs.

    • This Guy

      Lol I know reminds me of the devs of Bloodborne saying how it’s best at a variable 30fps even though Dark Souls 2 is 60fps.

    • bardock5151

      They promised 60fps for Bloodborne didn’t they?

    • Cinnamon267


  • Fay_Z

    not exactly a demanding game..

  • GHz

    Yup like I said before in regards DX12/XB1. Developer opinions will vary. How such a thing confuses gamingbolt is a mystery because not all devs are created equal. Not all games are coded to behave the same. My guess is DX12 will enhance what the XB1 can do in proportion to its hardware strengths.

    • This Guy

      This isn’t confusing Gamingbolt. They don’t care if DX12 allows the X1 to crap leprechauns, it’s a new buzzword to generate clicks. Nothing more.

    • GHz

      what buzzword?

  • GHz

    For the trolls who are persistent with spreading lies and rumors about the XB1+DX12 because they believe that they are smarter than devs and the engineers who built the tech, here are the facts coming from the horses mouth… 😀

  • Xepher

    DX12 will improve Xbox One’s performance like for sure, but make it more powerful? That’s complete bullshit.

    • GHz

      I agree, but How do you define powerful in this situation though? I always ask, “what can the PS4 do that the XB1 cannot?”

    • Xepher

      The Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U could be more powerful just with hardware upgrades. Stuff like drivers and, in this case DX12, can improve and/or boost performance but not make them more powerful. Isn’t that hard to understand, is common sense.

    • GHz

      You’re not getting me. Yes the ps4 is more powerful. Now what do that power means for the ps4? What can it do that the XB1 cant? That’s how you measure that power. If you can measure it you can define it. Again, what can the ps4 do that the XB1 cannot? You speak of common sense, then use it.

  • efnet

    I think the main question that should be asked here is
    If you don’t own a xbox one why dose it even matter if dx12 improves the performance of the xbox one or not ? And another question is why is it you want dx12 to NOT bring improvements to the xbox one ?
    Why is it you want the xbox one to fail?

  • Glass

    Gameplay > Graphics

  • Aaron T. Starks

    Choosing 1080p over 60fps? What kind of idiocy is that?

  • XanderZane41

    The reason why devs say DX12 won’t do much is because they are basing their opinion on the current hardware in the XB1. There more to the XB1 then meets the eye and once DX12 is installed on the system, all those other components that aren’t being used by DX11.3 will suddenly start up and BOOM. I’m so tired of trolls saying DX12 features are already on the XB1. Sure there are a couple of DX12 features currently on the XB1, but they are running using DX11.3 API and not the DX12 API, which will make a big different, especially when it’s using multi threads and additional cores. DX12 features running using DX11 is crap. The fact that Epic, EA, Square and many, many other developers will be using DX12 with their graphic engines, the games are going to look even more incredible on the XB1.

    • GHz

      “The reason why devs say DX12 won’t do much is because they are basing their opinion on the current hardware in the XB1.”

      Actually they base their opinion on the foundation of the current software’s for game development. We’re talking graphic engines & developer code when they harness these outdated engines to build their games. These old methods are no longer sufficent compared to newer ways of doing things. The situation is that MSFT build XB1 with these newer methods in mind. DX11 was always meant to be just a step leading up something bigger & better. Just like mantle for some devs, was just a step towards something bigger and better (DX12). DX12 gives access to GPU HARDWARE features & infrastructure for more advanced applications. Keywords being hardware for advanced applications. That’s pretty much telling that their is parts of the GPU that devs are locked out from because they don’t have the right tools to access them. That’s where DX12 come in, granting access to more advanced features. Its all there in black n white.

    • i3myX1

      Very good point! DX12 delivers the tools to access the hardware in a different way and more efficent. Some features in which devs may have to invest a lot of time may now be done in a fraction of the time. It is not about making the hardware magically more powerful but getting an other level of performance out of the same hardware.

      This informative video of Asynchronous Shaders from AMD is an example of how you improve GPU tasks on the same hardware just by programming in a different way:

      Clearly PS4 also has ACEs and they even got more of them but DX12 may be a tool to make it easy accessible to devs. Further this is just one example on how to improve usage of current hardware.
      DX12 will alter the way game engines are programed, thus reaching a new level of performance on the same hardware and most importantly on PC and Xbox (and PS4 if they create/use an DX12/Vulcan like API).

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    “He believes that it will have the same impact on the Xbox One as it will on a PC.” LOL, um no.

    For the record he never says it will, he says “I certainly hope so.” that’s hardly a confirmation, but I’m sure the Microsoft fanboys will get all lathered up over it.

    • kma99

      looks like you got all lathered up to come and comment on something you know nothing about. Typical fanboy doing fanboy crap.

  • Jecht_Sin

    No SW can make the HW “more powerful”. It can only make it more efficient. Obvious clickbaits are obvious.

  • Orion

    My God. What is the issue here? DX12 will allow the Xbox to do things the PS4 can’t do, due to needing special hardware. No dgpu. No 2nd gpu. But a small performance increase on the hardware because it hasn’t been used up until now.

    However, the real gains are with the new developing techniques. Ray tracing, object-space rendering, tier 3 tiled resources, etc. So there is a version of this story where games on the Xbox One look better than on the PS4 even though the PS4 is more powerful. Just doesn’t have the special hardware to pull off the new techniques. AND there was a reason Microsoft low latency RAM over GDDR5.

    Get over it fanboys. Xbox One may be less powerful but…maybe it doesn’t need that power to win. Or you could say the developing techniques will be “more powerful” on the Xbox One. We’ll see with whatever new games take advantage of it, the first being Halo 5.

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      Are you retarded?

  • Triton

    This game wont be coded for DX12, he’s only talking about that smaller increase in performance which comes by going from DX11 to DX12.
    Not that complicated to understand really.

    The real potential wont show until you dedicate the game fully to DX12 and these new game engines that is being developed right now.

  • GHz

    The trolls are saying that XB1 will not get the same benefits PC will get when DX12 hits, but AMD says different. Who to believe? AMD or lying a*s trolls?

    AMD themselves had laid down the facts a while back! Whats good for the PC is good for the XB1. With DX12, XB1 wil see the same benefits the PC gets in proportionate to its hardware strengths. PROOF!

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