Xbox 360 Cannot Handle inFamous 2, Sucker Punch Thinks

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Sucker Punch game designer Darren Bridges thinks inFamous 2 cannot be done on the Xbox 360. He says the PS3’s Cell processor gives PS3 unmatchable power, and that it will be tough to replicate inFamous 2 on any other console, despite the fact that it uses only 50% of the power of the PS3.

“For Infamous 1 we were only using 20/25 percent of the power, now we’re hovering over 50/60 percent of the power,” Bridges said. “When we say it probably couldn’t be done on the other console, we’re talking strictly horsepower.

“Maybe it can be, but we just don’t feel like the other console has the horsepower to carry this off.”

When asked if the 50% power that inFamous 2 uses of the PS3 already exceeds what the Xbox 360 is capable of, he said: “Well, yeah. Yeah. I mean we’re still a way away from launching so we’re probably going to throw more stuff on that Cell processor.

“So yeah… Do you think [Xbox 360] could pull off Uncharted 2? Everyone’s comparing us to Uncharted 2, so if you think you can make Uncharted 2 on Xbox then OK maybe you can make Infamous 2 on Xbox.”

“It’s pure speculation, Sucker Punch has no idea of whether we can do it because we don’t work on Xbox or any other console,” he continued. “That’s good for us because we don’t have to play to the lowest denominator of the consoles. We’re playing to the PS3 and we’re making a game that we can make, technology isn’t limiting us.”

He carried on: “We can focus on the specific things that the PS3 provides and tailor everything on the technology specifically for it so that we can squeeze every drop out of it.”

“And I don’t know if we could make this game if we had to go cross-platform.”

Well, inFamous 2 sure looks way better than the original inFamous. Check our our HD comparision video over here.

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  • that is tru the ps3 has fetures non other consel has and even if the xbox 360 has that power no way hozay it is an exclusive to and will remains to sony but if sucker pounch made a good quality of another infamous sequal then it can be in only on psp ps2 that would be cool however ihope infamous 2 has a free mode and when on hard more experience not minus well keep up the good work sucker pounch

  • They know they can bring Infamous to the 360 but they just don’t want to do it so what i think is that prototype 2 should only before 360 not PS3 I mean i have both the 360 and PS3 but I’m a bigger fan of the 360. there is another thing they can do is bring the first Infamous to the 360 and leave the second on PS3 that would be fine with me. I liked the first one any ways and according to the developer the first one had lower usage of power so that would be perfect.

    P.S. they are bringing Uncharted to the 360, so YES it is possible Sucker Punch and you know it is.

    • What the hell are you even talking about? Uncharted on the Xbox 360? That’s like saying Skyward Sword will be on the PS3. Don’t start talking all retarded in front of all these people, they’ll get to know your reality.

    • UNCHARTED ON xbox360!!!!!! were are you from? keep dreman sony has de IP of UNCHARTED


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