Xbox 720 Always Online – ‘Giving constraints to the gamers is a bad idea’ – Fuel Overdose dev

Valid points.

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Skandar Djerbi, executive producer of I-Friqiya–the studio that developed the PSN game Fuel Overdose–had a lot of interesting things to say to us about the the next gen Xbox and how an always online online requirement is akin to to giving constraints to gamers.

“As long as i don’t see a game that exploits such a feature I don’t see the point in forcing people to get connected every time their turn their console on,” he said.

“The main reason why publishers and console makers are pushing in this direction is to fight against piracy, but giving constraints to the gamers is a bad idea.”

He also mentioned that online infrastructure hasn’t developed yet, and sometimes these problems are even prevalent in the countries he is based in.

“Also keep in mind that there are gamers all over the world and in some countries you can still face internet issues.”

He also told us earlier that it will take 2 to 3 years to see the full potential of PS4 hardware.

“I appreciate the message delivered by Sony and I hope that the PS4 will be more developer-orientated, especially for those who cannot afford to assign tens or hundreds of developers on a single project, but I think it’s gonna take at least 2 or 3 years before we can see the true potential of the hardware.”

Will you be buying the next Xbox if it has always online connection? Let us know below.

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  • mattman878

    If that is how its going to be, then no. Between no backwards compatibility, and the always on connection, I can’t spend my money to play games how THEY want me to.

  • mike

    I totally ignored the x360 after the first one died.
    Even if it will be less powerful than the ps4(less bandwidth,slower ram, AMD said the ps4 apu is the most powerful they ever built), the difference should be minor, and I’d really love to give my money to Microsoft. A new halo in 1080p, I say yes.
    But Microsoft had the current generation to trial and error, and to test how far they can go. And with people accepting 50% failure rate, accepting paying for play online, accepting ads on their dashboard, accepting only a few releases and exclusives (we all know who they are), etc etc, they know they can go really far, people will follow them.

    That’s why a always connected feature wouldn’t surprise me. Microsoft know people will be moaning during a few weeks, but will still jump on the x720 as soon as a new cod or halo game is out.

    This always online feature really bothers me.they will be able to know everything the customer will do. For example, a couple watches a pr0n movie, the x720 will send to Microsoft servers: ‘console number x, visa number yyyy, at XXX street, first name xx, age:x, email:x, day xx,yy,zzzz, played game x, game z, watched 10 pictures labeled ‘young girl 01..10’, watched movie xxx, support:DVD. Kinect detected 1 guy before 8pm, 1 guy 2 girls between 9pm and 11pm.

    They could use that, and send you ads on your email address, they could display porn movies ads on your computer browser when you login with the same email, etc etc.

    Tracking your living room and you, to flood you and your computer,social networks, etc, with special custom ads, etc. They could also record your voice and video.

    Since People accepted everything, on the x360 generation, they are ready to push things ever farther. They could do this, and even more. And then FBI and NSA wouldn’t be against it, for sure. For those who say not everybody has internet, they could use a gsm card on the x720, not for downloading games, but for uploading all the activities, like games player, movies watched, etc.

    In this case, even if the x720 will have dozens of exclusive AAA games, its without me.
    My privacy still deserves respect and always will.

  • Luis López

    Will you be buying the next Xbox if it has always online connection? No, of course

  • Johnny

    It depends. If this always on connection is like a PC, where it just updates things in a low powered state when you’re not using the device, then no problem and yes I will buy it immediately (I know for a fact that this is the case). If it is used additionally for always on DRM, then no, I will not buy as that is a constraint I won’t accept.
    I have no problem with banning out the used games market through license keys attached to my profile and the DVD’s being nothing more than an installation medium (it’s been like this on the PC for ages), but always on DRM has proven to be nothing but problems and falls in the same league as streaming games (GaiKai)…’s just crap!
    On PSN for example it would just never work as I get frequent disconnects, it would be unplayable.

    • rahstar

      First of all fanboy, this is not like gaikai streaming games to other devices. Second you DON’T know anything for a fact as you claim you do. Bottom line is if Microsoft doesn’t show a wealth of new I.p’s, not just one or two. I won’t believe in there dedication to gaming, it will just be halo 10 and gears of war 9. Therefore I won’t buy there new system. All this extra talk about features and people always forget its a gaming system. Sony CLEARLY has not forgotten that.

    • Tyler Stewart

      So, there hasn’t been 9 gears of war games, so don’t call him a fanboy if you cant argue your point correctly either.

    • rahstar

      You took my reply as literal and missed the WHOLE point. Let me help you, the point I was making is there are a lot of sequels and shooters. Barely any new games, it’s financially safe to release more gears and halo games. It’s not safe to take the chances Sony takes, but it makes for some new and exciting games. In other words GAMES!

  • Converted Sony Fan


  • Over

    The answer is obviously NO. Microsoft doesn’t have the monopoly in this market, so they would just be shooting their own foot of they force always online. They’ll just loose the marginal lead they’ve got in this generation. Unless Sony does the same thing, I don’t think Microsoft could pull it off.

  • I told you so

    Always online is going to be a feature NOT a requirement, any sane person (and even some fanboys) should realise that MS are not going to destroy all that they have achieved with the Xbox in one stupid move.
    Remember my name when the new consoles launch because I’ll be the one saying “I told you so”.

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  • jozecca

    always on internet connection and a super kinect always watching you.what is MS thinking?they must be trying to find your info then selling it to advertisment CO. Oh wait they already do that. Thats a big NO for me.

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  • Russell Gorall



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