Xbox Game Pass Will Take “An Eternity” to Reach Netflix’s Success – Pachter

Wedbush analyst says there’s “no chance”.

Posted By | On 22nd, Mar. 2017 Under News

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is currently available for Xbox Insider members and will be out this Spring, allowing Xbox One players to access over 100 games at the monthly price of $10.

However, this doesn’t mean it will hit Netflix levels of success anytime soon. Or ever, according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter on the latest episode of the Pachter Factor.

“Netflix has 93 million users as of the last earnings report, they’re probably going to be at 100 million by mid-year, there’s no chance Microsoft get anywhere near that. This isn’t the beginning of Netflix style programs, Gamefly was the beginning of Netflix style programs.

“Gamefly was exactly what Netflix was in 2006, DVD’s by mail. The price was a lot higher, twenty bucks and I don’t know their numbers today, but the last published thing I saw they had not got to 1 million customers paying twenty bucks a month. It’s a hard model to make work, and Gamefly had every game. The point is they had new games and even they can’t get a lot of traction at $20 a month.”

We’ll have to wait and see how it ultimately pans out but what are your thoughts on Pachter’s opinions? Let us know below.

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    Netflix has 93 million users there are 30 million Xbox One users so how would Xbox games pass reach Netflix’s level of success?
    Why is Pacther even trying to compare the two services lol

    • kma99

      To make the drones happy.

    • Mark

      S’my question as well…..was it asked of him to compare?

    • Mr Xrat

      You have nothing else to spend money on so it wouldn’t surprise me if it did well, Kirk.

  • Pachter is smoking crack again. For it to be a success, it just needs to exceed EA Access numbers, which wouldn’t be too bad or hard. Growth afterward will simply depend on the library…

    • Sp4ctr0

      This “Game Pass” will be great for Indie games. I never buy “indie” games because its hard to find any reviews. If I can try 100 games for 10 usd I will download all indie games and try if they are good or not.

  • Starman

    All this man does is bash MS projects every chance he gets ….at the same time suck Sony’s D!ck for every mediocre crap they come up with …like VR, he praises that and PS-NOW , just go’s to show how much of a d!ck riding Sony fanboy he is ….

  • kee1haul

    He’s a well known idiot.

  • Mark

    Where he’s wrong; GameFly is physical DVDs where u wait….GamePass is digital, like Netfilx.

    Where he’s right; the fact that you have to buy an X1 just to be able to subscribe to GamePass, ensures it won’t reach mass adoption like NetFlix, which is supported on almost all internet ready electronics.

    Question; who says it needs 100 million subs to be considered successful anyway?

  • Mr Xrat

    Of course it won’t. Games are not films.

    This is little more than an attempt to reintroduce 2013’s scummery by stealth. We all know Lying Phil’s true motivations when he says he wants to see games launch on it.

    • Patriciaavaughn

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