Xbox Live Core Services Are ‘Limited’ On Xbox One, Microsoft Investigating The Issue

Hopefully it will be back up soon.

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Update: This issue has now been resolved but a new set of issues have occurred. You can check out that update here.

Microsoft’s online gaming service, Xbox Live is currently suffering from 0x80048834 error when players are trying to sign in to the service. The issue is only affecting Xbox One owners and this does not apply to Xbox 360 users. However Microsoft are already investigating the issue and hopefully this will be fixed soon.

The official Xbox Live status page shows the following message: Are you getting a 0x80048834 error when trying to sign in to Xbox Live? As we write this, our engineers are working to provide a fix. Thanks for staying patient, Xbox members! We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

xbox live issue

A number of users on Reddit as well as on Twitter are also facing from the issue, although for some users on Reddit the service has been partially restored.

Microsoft faced a similar issue earlier this week which they sorted out, so hopefully they’ll manage to resolve this as soon as possible. We will keep you updated when the service is restored.

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  • Wargreymon559 .


    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Like PSN? Oh wait.

      But then you prove that a fool and their money are soon parted by paying for these “services”.

    • Guest

      Oh look its the make believe PC fanboy, mysteriouslky getting all defensive and offended by somebody making a comment about MS, hmmm, hmm, hmmmmmm. Nobody even mentioned PSN and he try it in there anyways. Cuz he’s obsessed with Sony cuz he’s a MS fanboy. Keep making it obvious moron. Now go play your lower res lower framerate games.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Deflecting doesn’t make an excuse for poor service on either side, fanboy. Notice I never said Nintendo as well. Am I a Nintendo fanboy, hmmm?

      By the way. Steam didn’t go down. Steam is free. Has more features than both PSN and XBL, for free. Has free games and more. Why aren’t we talking about Steam being the best service if we want to compare. Even Nintendo Network is better than PSN.

    • drjonesjnr

      Well said

    • drjonesjnr

      Its better then “renting” a game from steam with its drm

  • Reason Freeman

    I’m online with 80 friends….

  • drjonesjnr

    So xbox live was down last weekend and it again down this weekend ? That doesn’t make sense xboners will tell you that xbox live never goes down

    • Starman

      Go play your crapy games , on your crappy PS4 network , that down 88% of the time … chew on that fanboy

    • Spencer

      I don’t know, Xbox Live has been down pretty consistently the past few weeks, and PSN went down.. Once for maintenance? Sounds like PSN is better than live to me, it’s having no issues right now, and it costs less.

    • Orion Wolf

      Once for maintenance? Not having any issues?!

      Yeah it’s indeed “better”.

    • Spencer

      A joke site? That’s the best you have? Lmfao. Try harder.

    • Orion Wolf

      “PSN went down.. Once for maintenance?”

      You tried way to hard mate.

      In regards to the “joke site”, no matter what site I used
      the result would’ve been the same considering the quote/joke up there.

    • drjonesjnr

      Yea ill go play the fighter within oh wait that a xbone game 🙁

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Just like Sony fanboys will never tell you that PSN has multiple periods of going down.

      Gloating about PSN is hilarious, honestly since it also sucks like a Dyson on steriods. Especially as of this post, it’s down again.

    • drjonesjnr

      Why do you think psn is crap and xbox live is better?
      is it because of the free games every month?
      is it because of share play?
      is it because you can send pictures messages?
      is it because you can record the last 15 minutes of gameplay?
      can you picture message/screenshot on xbox live? No?
      shareplay? No? What on xbone you can only record 5mins of gameplay? xbox live is so last gen 🙁

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      When did I say Xbox live was better?

      Steam is better, has free games available all the time, has share play, picture messages, can record an unlimited amount of gameplay.

      PSN and Xbox live are last gen. It’s an added insult they ask you for money for them.

    • drjonesjnr

      Yea if you like “renting” a game steam is great with its drm

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      What DRM? Most games are sold on steam without Steamworks DRM (Which is optional)

      I own my games. You don’t.

    • drjonesjnr

      Lmfao you pc gamers are so brainwashed haha how you gonna sell it mate? Or trade it in without a disk ? All my ps4 games gta 5 ect ect are on a disk i can sell on eBay or trade in at a gameshop 🙂 thats right ownership right there 🙂 can you do that on steam? Nope 🙂 how is it that i don’t own my games ? When i sold killzone shadow fall shortly after launch was i dreaming?
      please mate take your pc pr speak some place else you sound stupid lmfao lol
      steam invented drm hahaha thanks gabe
      heres a little vid to back up my argument:)

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Why would I want to trade in when I’m paying so little in the first place. Are you admitting PS4’s line up is so poor you have to trade it in?

      FYI, Sony created SecuROM, the first DRM system for gaming. So we can thank them for gaming DRM.

  • HisDivineOrder

    Every week, Microsoft is having some kind of problem with people logging into Xbox Live. At this point, if they gave a free week every time they had an error preventing people from logging in, they’d have given free months of Live time.


    This is a lesson as to why Microsoft could NEVER be trusted to manage an online-only console that limited single player experiences when not connected online. You’d be limited all the time and you can’t even be sure they’d have gotten their systems back up before that arbitrary 24-hour mark they indicated would have been up.

    And that’s to say nothing of when your ISP arbitrarily decides to go down or bad weather.

    Microsoft isn’t ready for an online-only console.

    • Starman

      Go home sony fanboy , you probably don’t even have an xb1 … I had ZERO problems this week … it’s only a few in those weak none fiber areas

    • Guest

      The service has problems every other day now. Stop being a pathetic fanboy and think that just because you’re not having problems, that there are none. Obviously there is, now face real clown!

    • Mark

      I’ve been playing all week every week. I did have a COD AW sign in issue the other day, but only for like 2 hrs. My friends had some issues too, but it was/is very short and limited. These articles should be taken with ease if they’re to suggest there’s a BIG problem with Live, such as being down for a day……or more. Live isn’t perfect, but it’s been pretty darn reliable almost all the time when I wanna get on and play mp matches. Gotta disagree with ur conclusion here.

    • Guest

      Its happening all the time now, you moron. It was never this bad before. And you think be denying it, that its gonna get better? You dumb defensive clown fanboys are the problem. With that attitude nothing will get fixed. Its obvious a lot of people of having issues. Let them fix it. And stop trying to defend/protect them like its your job

    • Mark

      Eh mr hide behind a guest account, I’ve been playing on Live (along with friends – Madden and COD) for the past full month while supposedly Live is down…….again it was only down temporarily for about 2 hrs for me a day or 2 ago. Friends list didn’t work too.

      Anyway I don’t have to damage control for Live lol. Ur taking these articles about this, way too serious.

    • drjonesjnr

      Very well said

  • Jessika S.

    Xbox Live has been having trouble all week, I’ve had trouble with media apps signing in getting booted off line all week. I hope they get this under control every day for this week the service has been limited.

    • bigshynepo

      It seems like there are problems reported every few days with Live right now and it’s been like this since Xmas.

  • supersungin

    steam works all day with zero subscription XD.

    • Starman

      Who cares … fanboy

    • supersungin

      yes you care,you replied

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Everyone should care as Valve are providing a service with a better feature set than either XBL or PSN for free.

  • Starman

    Some one is lying , because I’m on and nothing is giving me problems … if anything it’s services that aren’t used by most , little stuff like , I can’t see my friends achievements … GTFO with yet another attempt to defame MS and make Sony look good , give me a break …

    • rudero

      So you are saying Microsoft is defaming themselves because the news is coming directly from their website. It is just like all the boners that try to make it sound like the psn is always down. Only boners say that. But an official notice from Microsoft its “conspiracy”. Ok

  • corvusmd

    It seems like every time there is an article about this it’s only affecting a very small group of people.

    I love the part about “a number of users on reddit are complaining”…after 7 hours there are 200 comments…and about 80% of those comments aren’t even talking about “having issues”

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Lets face it. Paying for either service at this point is disgraceful when both companies can’t have their service working correctly and Valve can offer a free alternative with a much bigger feature set and no paywalls at all.

    Steam Music is free. Playstation Music and Xbox Music is paid or ad-supported.
    Steam remote play is free. Playstation Remote play requires a PS Vita or PS TV.

    It’s really just a massive scam at this point when one company can offer a significantly better service and for no charge while others charge for worse.

  • Fay_Z

    xbox live is never down, if it is, it’s off for probably 5 mins then back on again, i feel sorry for the sony fanboys who feel the need to hate on such a superior service. i can’t remember an hour never mind a full day without xbl… psn on the other hand….

  • Guest

    I thought that Live was bulletproof. I see problems with these pay service all the time now. Its ridiculous. Far from stable.

  • Guest

    Yeah, I’ve been having problems signing all week, along with friendlist problems. Sort it out MS.


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