Xbox One Backward Compatibility Was An Incredibly Hard Problem, Brilliant Set of Minds Working On it

It was an incredibly hard problem but Microsoft found a way.

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Integrating Xbox One’s backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games was Microsoft’s ace move for its current gen console. This feature which will be free for all Xbox One owners will be released as free update later this year. However, it was not an easy job developing a virtual Xbox 360 inside the Xbox One.

Ashley from Microsoft explains that Xbox 360 backwards compatibility is one of our most requested feedback from users. Ashley revealed that the “development team is working incredibly hard to bring it to our fans.”

The developer also confirmed that the backwards compatibility feature had been under development for quite “a while” and termed it as an “incredibly hard problemand that the “people working on it are the most brilliant set of minds.”

When asked whether it was something that Microsoft had planned after or before the launch of Xbox One, the developer stated that it was planned before the launch of the new console. “It was something that we wanted to do from the beginning but it’s incredibly difficult but the team never gave up and finally found a way to do it,” Ashley stated to GamingBolt’s Leonid Melikhov.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Are you happy that Microsoft made the right choice by including backwards compatibility for Xbox One? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Riggerto

    If they wanted to do it from the beginning why didn’t they include something in the hardware to make it less “incredibly difficult”?

    Answer: because it only occurred to them after launch when sales weren’t going as expected and their hand was forced to come up with it.

    • kstuffs

      Answer: Because additional hardware will make the console even more expensive and MS would be decimated by Sony. The PS3 had hardware BC and they had to remove it to keep cost down.

      Imagine XB1 + Kinect + Hardware-based BC = $600. Now, they could remove Kinect but that’s still $500. What happened when XB1 was $500 vs. PS4 $400????

      MS made the Kinect mandatory = higher initial cost => huge uproar against choice.

      MS makes hardware BC mandatory = higher initial cost => what do you think would happen?

    • Orion Wolf
    • kamilz

      I can safely say exactly my thought. They know it can’t be possible (100% like early PS3 did with hardware). Americans has a rule, “if you can’t make it, fake it.”

    • J GOOD

      Kamilz… The current list is basically beta testing the entire thing. When it is actually released in a couple months it’ll have over 100 games.. Not little additions, rather a huge assortment of some of the most popular games on the last generation system.

    • XbotMK1

      Microsoft really does love the smell of their own farts. They’re just damage controlling because they downplayed backwards compatibility at launch. Now they’re adding it and they look like fools.

    • bardock5151

      The only damage controlling going on, is yours.

    • kstuffs

      BC impossible. BOOM!
      Cloud Compute impossible. BOOM!!
      DX12 does nothing for XB. To be soon Mega BOOM!!!

    • XbotMK1

      Where did anyone say cloud compute was impossible? The only thing people said was that Microsoft lied about the “cloud” and they did.

      DX12 isn’t going to be a massive change for Xbox One. Xbox One already uses DX12 features. Phil Spencer’s words, not just mine.

    • Ben

      No, answer is because it had poor leadership before. And what about the PS4, making you pay to play your games. Can’t wait till XboxMK1 defends that as the “future”. Or his remasters being that as well! *Sigh.

  • Hannah Stacey

    Is the backwards compatibility gonna be in the form of a new console, or an update?

  • crizz1066

    Far too little too late. Maybe at the begging, but this is just another desperate attempt for M$ to gain a few more sales. What fool is going to fall for this???

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