Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Includes Xbox 360 DLC

Microsoft just needs the developer’s OK to let the DLC go live.

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The news surrounding the backwards compatibility of the Xbox One just gets better and better. While the list of games that will actually be backwards compatible is still pretty slim, Microsoft says that same list will be growing all the time. Now the company has also announced that any DLC that came along with those Xbox 360 games will also be playable as long as the game itself is eventually added to the list.

Microsoft says it’s going to be handling DLC the same way it’s handling the actual games. As long as the developers and studios putting the games together are OK with allowing the DLC to be backwards compatible, Microsoft is fine with it. The news was confirmed by Xbox Support and that means that as long as the game you love is eventually made backwards compatible, everything you love about that game will be able to come with it. Microsoft had previously confirmed that cloud saves and achievements are slated to carry over.

Microsoft has to get kudos at this point for doing this backwards compatibility thing right. Certainly the claim can be made it should have had more games ready to go to populate the list but other than that, this could be something that helps them in the long run in the battle against Sony and the PS4. There are supposed to be more than 100 games available when the program officially launches this fall with more added every week. Those who are members of the Xbox One preview program are already getting to try out the backwards compatibility. It should be noted that no DLC is available yet, but that should be rectified soon.

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  • XbotMK1

    Degenerate Xbox fanboys finally have something tangible to cling on to after Microsoft raped them and got destroyed by the PS4. Not that it will change the Xbox One’s fate to lose anyways.

    • Premature Procrastinator

      Did that idiotic fanboy statement sound good in you’re head? Because it makes you sound like a pathetic immature little fanboy in writing.

    • He has no life.

  • fabio domingues

    The sony not want to do the same because recently lanchou a signature progam pra vc play games Ps1 Ps2 and Ps3 in Ps4 ie u will have to pay to play games of playstation old platforms in Ps4 ..

  • Terminator

    This Microsoft E3 was so great it has made the PS Dr*ne Defense Force all bu*thurt and go into full damage control. lol

    good example is XbotMK1

  • Mark

    Nice. Never got to play Skyrim’s DragonBorn DLC. Hopefully Bethesda okays it.


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