Xbox One Celebrates 1st Anniversary In Japan With Unimpressive Sales Numbers

54,000 units sold in Japan in the last year.

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This week, Microsoft celebrated its one year anniversary in Japan. Celebrate might actually be too strong a word, considering that the console has had rather moribund sales numbers in the Asian country over the last 12 months. The total number of Xbox One units that sold in Japan over the last year totals 54,813. If that number does scare you when it comes to the future of the console, keep in mind that’s quite a bit less than what the Xbox 360 did in its first year on the market in Japan.

Even worse is that it’s not as though the Xbox 360 was kicking butts and taking names when it hit the Japanese market either. There are a number of factors that people have pointed to as the reason why Microsoft can’t get a foothold in that market. The biggest and most obvious reason used is that Sony dominates the market because Sony is the “home team.” While that might have been the case when the Playstation first got released, Dualshockers points out that Japanese youth are plenty willing to try foreign electronics products these days.

It’s possible the solution is as simple as not having a marketing team that has really managed to find the pulse of the consumer over there. Whatever the reason, the one year anniversary celebration isn’t much of a celebration with those weak sales numbers. Those numbers also aren’t going to help Microsoft hit its goals of getting Windows devices into two billion hands over the next two years.

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  • XbotMK1

    Last week alone, PS4 sales in Japan were about as much as the Xbox One lifetime sales there. This is one of the major reasons why the PS4 is so far ahead in exclusives. There are still Microsoft loyalist fanatics who don’t admit Xbox One has less exclusive games or now think Japanese games don’t count.

    It’s a shame Xbox One has to suffer such dismal sales but Microsoft should pull Xbox One from Japan to sever losses or take a hit to their wallet to get some Japanese multiplats. Letting Xbox One flounder in Japan like that isn’t doing them any good short term or long term.

    • Tina Jones

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    • Tech junkie

      You have fun talking to your self or is it like 2 different voices in your head

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      They deleted who we were speaking too

    • Tech junkie

      Or its because the Japanese are more patriotic than Americans and would never support an American company. I don’t think Chevy and Ford do to we’ll over there either.

      I’m going to guess some of the Japanese still remember the Americans dropped a nuke on them. They just put on a happy face while they roll around in giant piles of American money.

    • XbotMK1

      Apple disagrees with you.

    • Tech junkie

      What Japanese company makes a smart phone and OS to compete?
      Sony might make Android phones but they are just as American as Apple.

      You are comparing apples to oranges.

      Look at American car sales in Japan vs Japanese cars.

      What’s wrong with you by the way. Did Bill Gates kill your dog. Or were you sodimized with an Xbox controller as a child. I’ve never seen such hate for an inanimate object.

    • Michael Norris

      MS had no chance in Japan…never did in the first place.

    • Tech junkie

      I know. Neither does Chevy, Ford or Dodge. Japanese are smart and support their own country. Americans tend to be dumb. They don’t understand basic economy and don’t care to keep their money in their country. Would rather make other countries rich. And wonder why they are losing a lot of their good jobs. In their consumer based economy.

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    Like Phil said, sales weren’t the goal and we never asked them to be.
    And we aren’t worried either, they can keep the Chinese dating simulators exclusive.

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